Fallowfield Loop Map
Consultation on the Fallowfield Loop#s enhancement runs until 21 August

Fallowfield Loop consultation opens

With cities under the spotlight as commuters monitor their support for active travel, consultation has opened on a £4.9m improvement plan for the Manchester cycle route.

Manchester City Council, which was criticised in June for not taking the opportunity to install pop-up cycle lanes, as other cities including Liverpool had, said it plans to enhance the 14km route, creating a safer, more convenient and accessible cycling and walking network. Although popular and well-used, the route has also sometimes hit the headlines due to assaults on users.

The overall plan is to “improve the Loop’s connections to surrounding neighbourhoods, creating a more welcoming and attractive environment with revitalised habitat and landscaping. Upgraded access points are proposed to make entry and exit points clearer, plus transformed open areas, which will provide better places for people to stop, relax and for children to play, including seating areas along the route”.

The Fallowfield Loop runs from Chorlton in the west, through Fallowfield and Levenshulme and on to Gorton and Fairfield in the east. The route runs past several parks and open spaces and links to other cycle and public transport routes, making it a vital project.

The launch of the consultation comes shortly after a bridge for people cycling and walking over the A57 Hyde Road was opened.

Angeliki Stogia, executive member for the environment, planning and transport at MCC, said: “We’re working to bring forward a series of ambitious projects which will significantly improve the city’s cycling and walking infrastructure, helping to change how people in our communities travel and benefitting our neighbourhoods for the long-term future.”

The consultation is now open, and closes on Friday 21 August 2020.

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How old is that drawing? It shows the Ashton Metrolink line as under construction

By Manc

What about Bobbies on Bikes and CCTV? Oh, I forget. Because the banking system collapsed and the private banks had to be saved by society, now society has no money left. The capital sector collapsing and being saved by society for the, how many times is it now? Gideon Osborne and the Tory media told us that for years and years and years there is no magic money tree in Austerity Britain. There is no money. Full stop. So no police, no public safety. Then cycle around the under-class fringes of Man at you own peril. And if at all, in groups, and get home before dark. I have experienced this myself. A true story of PLACE.

By James Yates

Would be great to see serious investment in safety measures e.g. lighting and CCTV.

By female cyclist

…and it’ll need armed security guards every 100m before its safe

By Pip

It’s hard to input into this consultation because there’s so little to criticise.

The Fallowfield Loop is a fantastic piece of urban infrastructure and our aim should be to match it everywhere we can. Beelines and cycle “highways” with good junctions are making what they can of a poor situation – but we should aspire to networks of cycle-only tarmac like this all over the country, including into our cities.

It’s tragic that new motorways, bypasses and rail lines are built all the time without spending the relatively tiny sums needed to add segregated bike paths parallel to them.

By W

Safety is the only drawback of the loop, we are scared to go there with our kids at times when there are few people around. It would be great if these enhancements improve safety, we would go there much more often.

By M G

seating areas on the loop where local scallys can hang out smoking and drinking.Sounds like a fantastic idea.

By jack

A good start would be to remove the anti-cycling barriers which are dotted along the length of it. To be fair, the last time I went, some of them had been left open but, even so. Tsk!

By Bob Allatt

James Yates the labour government left Britain near bankruptcy, everybody knows that now

By Lol

I run a lot on my own and hav rarely had problems on the loop. The only issues I have had have been unsavoury males hanging around the kingsway entrance/bridge as the visibility is very poor around here and this is the part ifeel least safe.
I feel it is much safer to walk kids to school than negotiate levenshulmes drivers and I a lucky to be able to access the loop easily .

By Kate