Stanley Park Golf Club 1
Part of the golf club, founded in 1926, would be turned into an Adrenalin World adventure park under the plans

Doubts cast over Stanley Park Golf Club sale

Dan Whelan

The proposed sale of 39 acres of the golf course off East Park Drive in Blackpool to deliver 250 holiday lodges and an adventure centre was approved last week but a councillor has requested that the decision be reviewed.

Blackpool Council’s executive last week voted to dispose of the land to United Kingdom Adventure Parks, a subsidiary of real estate investor Holmes Investment Properties, which wants to bring forward the £45m project.

UKAP’s plans would see the construction of an Adrenalin World centre, a brand headed up by tennis player-turned-leisure mogul, David Lloyd.

The plan would result in the golf course, which opened in 1926, shrinking to nine holes from 18.

Around 8,000 residents who opposed the scheme signed a petition calling on the council to pull the plug on the plans.

That petition was disregarded by Blackpool Council in a meeting last year but, following last week’s approval, Cllr Tony Williams has asked that the matter be referred to full council for consideration.

He said there had been “inadequate consultation” over the plans and that the council’s executive committee had failed to take into account residents’ concerns when it made its decision to approve the land sale.

Stanley Park Golf Club Plans

The council’s executive voted to dispose of the land to United Kingdom Adventure Parks

At the committee meeting last week, another Blackpool councillor, Cllr Neal Brooks, said he supported the plan to sell the land but that the move could see the council “cast as villains”.

Brooks claimed that the council had been “propping up” the golf course for years and allowing the land to be redeveloped provided the opportunity to create a “viable venture”.

The council dismissed such objections on the grounds that they would not be relevant until a planning application for the scheme had been submitted.

However, Cllr Williams criticised this approach, saying that some of the objections raised should have been taken into account at an earlier stage, before deciding whether or not to sell the land.

“Whether there is a need for the proposed development, or whether this is the place for it, seem to be clearly relevant to [the question of ] whether what is proposed is necessary for the proper planning of the area, as well as for any planning application [that may be submitted],” Williams said.

In particular, the loss of open space “has the potential to [disproportionately] affect particular groups with protected characteristics”, including the elderly and those with disabilities, he added.

The council’s tourism, economy and scrutiny committee will meet to discuss the request to call in and review the decision on Thursday.

If the committee sees no grounds to reverse the decision, it can choose to take no further action and the decision to dispose of the land will stand.

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I think it would be a Terrible mistake to build on the golf course, why cannot people Leave green
Land alone why do they always have to build on it and spoil a lovely golf course that has been there for so long l have lived on the Fylde Coast for years and am so much against it be being built on .

By Christina Croft

The planned site is .next to a hospital. I find this really inappropriate and inconsiderate
placing of an adventure park

By Irene Leak

hi. I feel its a much needed Greenland for blackpool. Also
Its so close to our district general hospital. There may be excessive noise pollution that could be detrimental to patient care / recovery. There surely must be other land that could accommodate this. Many thanks for reading this

By Jayne Hunt

You are doing yourself and the town a great injustice
By developing this lovely golf course
Where is your pride in this lovely bit of green environment
There are enough places of interest for visitors
Please think about all the residents
That is why you are put on the council for the good of us all
Not to just make money
Yours sincerely
Mrs o I Moore

By Mrs olive Moore

This course was designed by the same person who designed Augusta in America and it is a disgrace that local people are denied the opportunity to enjoy it’s lovely setting

By Steve brooks

This is just plain wrong in the wrong place to start with , the golf could be a real asset to the town with a little support, gorgeous club house so much history and potential so short sighted

By Alan Crane

Only 5yrs for the course to be a 100 yrs old .I believe a famous golfer has been interested in buying into and improving existing course would this not be a better option.

By Ralph Goss

To continue with this scheme would be a travesty. The potential profits would go to the operating company, not to the council. The scheme will not help the regenation of Blackpool as it is in the wrong area, totally insuited to an adrenalin world or lodges. If the golf course was managed efficiently with a golf pro and shop, then it would be more profitable as it is the only municipal course locally. This is a short sighted decision, as once it’s gone it will be gone forever.

By Christine Crompton

Half the golf courses are closing all over the country. Most of them are being turned into concrete .. housing estates.. Progress they call it.

By Darren born bred Salford

There is nothing wrong with making the site into a center parks type facility.
It will still be suitable for all with nature walks and country side .
Love the idea better than amusement arcades.

By J benett