North Leigh Park Wigan

Countryside plots next 500 Leigh homes

The housebuilder has submitted planning applications for the next phase of the 1,800-home mixed-use North Leigh Park project, predicting a £250m construction investment over the 10-year build programme.

Advised by planner Lichfields, Countryside has put in plans for 507 homes, a new link road and a local centre to Wigan Council.

A reserved matters application includes details of 257 units in a mix of 50 two-bed, 195 three-bed and 12 four-bed family houses.

Out of these, 161 would be delivered as affordable housing, made up of both shared ownership and affordable rent options.

A second hybrid application, including both outline and detailed proposals, has been submitted for 250 homes and a link road, from Leigh Road to Atherleigh Way.

The development would be a mix of 44 two-bed, 165 three-bed, and 41 four-bed family homes, including 59 affordable homes.

This application also seeks outline consent for a local centre which could include shops, cafés, restaurants and health uses, to the north of the link road.

Lichfields said it estimates the total construction cost of the development will be £250m, and the scheme is expected to create 426 full-time construction jobs over the 10-year build programme.

Outline approval was granted for the North Leigh Park development in 2013.

The site to the south east of Wigan is made up of mostly vacant land and is bordered by two main roads, the A577 to the north and A578 to the west with Westleigh High School to the south east of the site.

Countryside acquired the site in a process run by CBRE in 2018. The site had been promoted by North Leigh Park Group, part of Guernsey-based Long Port Properties, but Long Port put the business into administration in December 2016.

Last year Lichfields secured approval for the first phase made up of 199 homes.

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What a shame, wonder how many years until there’s no greenery actually within Leigh anymore. Then I wonder how long until expansions outward start chewing up the land.

By Brad

No. Leave our Country side alone.

By Yvonne

We need new roads in and out of Leigh before any more housing site’s start, crazy trying to get into Leigh most times especially tea time.

By P,O'Toole

@Brad I think you’ll find part of this site was landfill previously.and the site is to provide a new bypass to relieve traffic in the area.affordable housing and public open space.

By at home

All these houses are needed, but what about new hospitals.

By Roy warren

I think they should stop building now that most people from euro have left and mean there more home free now

By john

And where’s the railway line? Manchester still not getting it, are they. The rail line should be reinstated and housing build along the route and into Leigh. London can’t operate well without railways but Manchester seems to not use what they’ve got well at all and then permit building where there aren’t any. If you don’t have a car, it is impossible to live here. London developed with rail companies turned housing developers – learn from history!

By Richard Woodward

Disgusting-. As if our roads are not congested enough-. Pull down all the crap in the town centre before building on our countryside

By H Dewhurst

No longer there will be no green land left in this small town. I live on Wigan rd and in the morning I’m queuing in traffic for twenty minutes to get passed the parsonage retail park it’s a joke. So I ask what about the drainage / schools and doctors etc

By Anonymous

Well the A5225 will be sneaked in by Wigan in sections, eventually.

By Mike Norris

My childhood play ground. Great memories of fishing, playing, riding my bike, walking the dogs and sledging.

By Ash

We really do need these houses. I live not far from there and I am not opposed to any new development. Bring on more houses.

By Sheli

Such a shame, they are going to have their way by hook or by crook, this road will be congested like the one they claim to be relieving every house they build will have on average 2 cars which will access the A5225.

By Joan waterworth

Dear By Ash, Apparently children are not supposed to play outside any more. I think property developers and town planners reckon nobody has children any more or they must lock them in mini-bedrooms. Fields and large parks for children within walking distance of their homes? You mean these things actually existed, whithin living memory. But how did developers make profits? Surely that is the sole purpose of human existence?

By James Yates

No go idea roads crammed as it, and more crime what’s going on All our countryside is disappearing all I think about is building more homes not happy, I’ll stand and Fight against this, NO GO PLEASE

By Bill

Thats all we need you can,t move in Leigh now. Is there no land in Wigan.

By Steve

Just look what’s happening to tyldesley,! It’s roads we need, not houses, greed, greed, and more greed, why don’t councils listen?!

By Brian Heaney

All this,where are the plans for some new schools to cope with all these homes?.

By Pedro

Greenheart! Where’s it going Wigan?? Our paths & green areas are disappearing. All we have is bricks & concrete. Another 1000+ cars on our roads. Look at Westleigh lane & Wigan rd at busy times. 199 houses extra on Tiverton ave already adding to traffic. This the wrong time to submit these plans!!!

By Lesley Kenworthy

You can’t even get a direct bus to Manchester from this area !!!!! A577 is one long car park most of the day, crazy to add to the congestion.

By Julie

Absolute madness!!!. Take a look at nearby Tyldesley to see an example of this kind of planning that doesn’t work. I just can’t get out of the the town to get three miles to Leigh nowadays. Leigh has become a ghostown because of this kind of stupid building, with its market a complete joke!. Re generate the town centre with proper public transport first instead of a comical bus way that goes from ghostown to nowhere!

By Thornleigh

We like our green space please leave it alone, build somewhere else

By Carole

When the site was being cleared by previous developers (who went bust) they said they had cleared it of Japanese knot weed, only the surfaced was sprayed. I have noticed new attempts have been made to clear, but only again surface level. I have previously counted and photographed 39 seperate patches of JKW, apparently the only way to clear successfully it to dig it out 5 meters down! Beware if you are contemplating buying a property on here.

By Billywizz

Please note that tge house holders adjoining this area are whole against it.. the traffic is horrendous in this area already.

By Steve beever