Old Post Office, Blackpool, Ashall's Property
The post office redevelopment is being led by developer Ashall’s Property and is expected to cost £24.8m

Blackpool picks projects for Levelling Up cash 

Dan Whelan

Conversion of the old post office on Abingdon Street into a boutique hotel and an upgrade of the town centre road network are among schemes the council has put forward for a £20m share of the £4.8bn Government fund. 

Also earmarked for levelling up funding is the creation of a new convention space within the Olympia Building, part of the grade two-listed Winter Gardens. 

That project is earmarked for £4.1m under the council’s bid. 

Nearby, work to create a £28m conference centre at Winter Gardens is due to complete in November.

The post office redevelopment is being led by developer Ashall’s Property and is expected to cost £24.8m, according to Blackpool Council. 

However, an independent review carried out by consultancy CBRE identified a £7m viability gap. Therefore, the authority intends to spend the Levelling Up Fund cash to fill the void. 

The £9m highways upgrade aims to improve capacity and reduce congestion on approaches to the town centre. The project also features public realm improvements leading down from Adelaide Street to Hull Road to support an enhanced entrance to the £300m Blackpool Central development.  

In addition, Blackpool is also looking at schemes in Blackpool North ward that could benefit from a cash injection if the council qualifies for a second Levelling Up Fund bid. 

Other funding avenues, including the upcoming Shared Prosperity Fund, are also being considered to take forward schemes in Revoe, Claremont and the Waterloo area, the authority said. 

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How does building another hotel in Blackpool or conference centre benefit the majority of residents in Blackpool? It’s always the Holiday trade that gets cash. Just like the tram extension.

By Dianne Worthington

Let’s hope this happens. When you build and improve areas the whole make up of the town changes. Progress will always be unwanted by a few but the majority are all for it well done to our council.

By Anonymous

Yeah because Blackpool isn’t built on the ‘holiday trade’.

By Anonymous

I feel that blackpool is missing independent quality shops and we’re about to loose the last fabulous boutique..blueberries on topping st after 37yrs …blackpool should cater for it locals first and if they get that right visitors will come !! It definitely could be another brighton ….with its qurkie shops that’s in the lanes in Brighton…the crowds would definitely flock from far and wide !!!

By Elaine Stewart

So called investment will only benefit the operators and holiday makers with more low paid jobs for local people. It’s no surprise were the towns problems lie when there’s no decent jobs. There’s nothing of quality in Blackpool , reduction of green space , neglect of Stanley park, look at the pedestrian areas in town, cost the earth to lay and tarmac over because they haven’t thought of maintaining them. It’s all one coat of paint I’m afraid cos bet your life it will all look tired in a couple of years. Blackpool needs some proper business people running it.

By Chris

Let’s get the town centre sorted , no more charity shops. Let’s get shops that bring in paying punters into the town centre, if not, were going to loose the town centre for good.

By Jimmy

With relation to Elaine Stewart, Blackpool has quirky shops and more are opening up, for traders we need to local population to see there is a shopping centre further than the Hounds Hill. Church Street is reemerging with independent traders! Beau Belle Boutique, Pink Poison, Moments in Time, Lingerie Lounge and Mankind to name a few. Plus independent coffee shops and quality restaurants throughout the town

By Jon Beaumont

I have never understood why Blackpool does not promote its hinterland more? The Fylde is unique and has villages with thatched cottages and greens which wouldn’t be out of place in Surrey.How many people even in the North West know about Wrea Green for instance?

By Elephant