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BCEGI confirmed for Middlewood Locks phase two

Scarborough International Properties and FairBriar International have officially appointed BCEGI for the construction of the 550-apartment second phase of its 24.5-acre Middlewood Locks development in Salford.

BCEGI – Beijing Construction & Engineering Group International – completed the first 570-home phase of Middlewood Locks in October 2018 and has been lined up for the successor phase since 2017, when Scarborough chairman Kevin McCabe told Place North West that the contractor “can produce the product on time, on cost, and with the minimum of fuss, and they will be our partner here for a long time”.

The second phase was granted detailed planning consent by Salford City Council in December 2016 and will consist of four separate buildings of up to ten storeys, providing 546 apartments, with two of the buildings connected by podium gardens.

Phase two will also include ground-level parking and landscape gardens providing connectivity with public realm and park space surrounding the Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal, around which the development is being built.

In total, Middlewood Locks is slated to provide 2,215 homes and 900,000 sq ft of commercial development including offices, hotel, shops, restaurants, a convenience store and gym at. what the developer is billing as the “western gateway to Manchester’s CBD”. Two weeks ago, a joint venture between Delancey Oxford Residential, APG and Qatari Diar confirmed the forward-purchase of more than 800 rental homes at the scheme.

Simon McCabe, deputy chairman and joint chief executive of Scarborough said: “We are delighted to again be working with BCEGI which was our contractor on phase one, which has been a great success. The new contract will support jobs and will provided much needed residential space to the local region.

“Our commitment to phase two is further testimony to Scarborough’s collaborative approach and our strong track record in delivering large-scale projects throughout the country.”

Dongwen Yu, lead director at BCEGI, said: “Having successfully worked together on the first phase of this fantastic scheme, we are proud of our role in helping Scarborough to transform the Middlewood Locks area from a plot of empty land to one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in the city.

“This project has not only witnessed the true partnership sprit in action at all levels between BCEGI and Scarborough, but also with the local council, schools and the wider community. We are excited and confident, that together, we will make this development a successful story for many years to come.”

FairBriar is the joint venture set up by Scarborough, in which it holds a 50% stake with Metro Holdings of Singapore and Hualing Group of China each holding a 25% share. BCEGI is also a partner at Manchester’s Airport City, with other projects including a tower in Liverpool and work on Bolton’s town centre masterplan.

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Salford is becoming soul-less, mundane blocks of rabbit hutch dwellings with little at street level. No community anymore!

By Salty boy


By Half the world away

Community spirit died 30+ years ago …
These areas are largely full of ‘economically inactive’ people(putting it politely!).
They need new ‘blood’ to reinvent themselves..
The land that Middlewood Locks is built on has been undeveloped for over 25 years since they demolished the old Cathedral High School. I’ll take a ‘rabbit hutch’ any day than a dumping ground eyesore !!

By Tony C

This area is simply Manchester city centre over the Irwell. It serves a similar purpose to the South Bank in London.

By Elephant

Yet more ugly buildings that aren’t social housing, that are priced far higher than what people of Salford can afford, so that rich can buy and rent out at extortionate rents. These companies are killing Salford and destroying communities.

By Stephanie Wilson

I quite like the look of Middlewood Locks, I’d rather see this across the whole site than one big tower on the corner of the wasteland.

Glad to see the back of a huge chunk of wasteland myself and putting a bit of life back in to that section of canal.

By .

The Southbank is in London, Salford is not in Manchester, it is in Salford, who do we pay our rates to and where do the local councillors sit in their council chamber?

By Salford 4 ever.

I’m amazed they mention Salford. Usually developers leave out the word Salford and pretend it’s elsewhere so that people aren’t put off. It’s like Hulme and Ancoats. No mancunians would buy there.


Salford 4 ever – South bank is the in the City of London? And there was me thinking is was Lambeth. Maybe if we weren’t so parochial up here, we might not be light years behind London…

By Loganberry

Stephanie ..
I’ve just moved into my new apartment at middlewood and yet I was born all of 5 mins from there.
My Mother still lives in Ordsall where I grew up so your assessment is far from accurate ..
The people that are killing Salford are the feral youths who cruise round the area on scooters whipping mobile phones out of people’s hands who ironically all live in social housing !!

By Paul Ordsall

@Loganberry, may I kindly refer you the original post from Elephant. I thank you.

By Salford 4 Ever

@Loganberry, it’s in Lambeth, the square mile dosen’t cover it, it’s London,even though most taxis don’t go there!

By Cockney Geezer

Too many inner-city wastelands in Salford and Manchester didn’t do you any favours. You have got to start somewhere and kick out the tumbleweeds. Give the cost-cutting businesses, scrapyards and endless cheapo car-parks somewhere else. This is prime real estate hopefully trickle down who help less advantaged communities but that does not justifying leaving it like Sarajevo. Get Salford Central Station, a key to the area upgraded to the 21st Century as an inner city station with range of destinations and platforms longer than the 4 car ones and more platforms. While they’re at it put an overall roof over it to match New Bailey so it doesn’t look a poor relation, franchises on the platforms serving commuters coffee and a top-of-the-range information system. Middlewood Locks and Vimto Village on one side and New Bailey on the other surely new customers. What happened to that old rail tunnel at New Barnes giving access to Salford Quays (near Exchange Quay)?

By Mark.

It’s nice to see a consortium really roll their selves up and see something for it. It could have stalled like the Angel Gate project on Dantzic Street Manchester. Lots of jazzy websites about with video run-throughs giving hyperbolic artists impressions that rarely feature people under 22 or over 32. Like Manchester’s own version of Logan’s Run. I should have mentioned Fred Done’s Local Blackfriars which should breathe and give life to Chapel Street after decades of neglect.

By Mark.

The consensus seems to be it’s better than a waste land so I’m all for it! Such low aspirations, I despair for cities in the UK.

By Sad Times