Barrat Homes Development In Manchester (typical), P Unsworth Sugden
If successful, the Cowm Top development could look like this typical Barratt Homes residential scheme in Manchester. Credit: via Unsworth Sugden

Barratt plans to build 550 houses at Castleton

Julia Hatmaker

The housebuilder has launched a public consultation for the Cowm Top project in Rochdale, alongside WSP and landowner GLP.

If the scheme follows Barratt Homes’ proposal, there will be up to 550 family homes on the 49-acre site. There would also be a large linear park as well as pedestrian gateways and links. Barratt proposes planting more native trees and hedging on the site to complement the houses it wants to build.

The land itself is to the south of Cowm Top Business Park and between the M62, A627(M) and Leander Drive. It’s open land, but not designated as Green Belt. In the draft Places for Everyone spatial framework, it is designated as available and deliverable for residential development.

The houses described in the scheme would be predominately semi-detached and townhouses.  They would largely be either 2.5 storeys or three. Each property would have a mixture of side and front parking.

The linear park outlined in the proposal would stretch alongside the length of the site. It would ideally be used for leisure and recreation while also increasing biodiversity in the area.

Consultation on the Cowm Top development ends on 20 August.

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We need houses but for the love of all that is good in this world can they please stop imposing this rubbish on us. Hire an architect – please

By Daniel

Why is it always cheap house builders? Castleton need high quality executive housing it already has enough affordable housing. The area needs bringing up

By joe bloggs

Dreadful banal boxes. Just another proto-slum for future generations to sort out.

By Moomo