People are more productive in the digital workplace


Four of the UK’s largest investment banks stated that they see a hybrid of working taking place in the long-term. Not 100% of people working from home, or the office, but a flexible combination of the two.

Getting a better balance is crucial to success

So what’s the digital workspace – sounds cool?

The chances are that you didn’t have any of the component parts in place for a digital workspace before the pandemic and now you have it nailed.

You have also probably realised that your staff are being far more productive than ever before and are much happier and relaxed, as they have the balance right now working from home. However, you need to make sure for the long term that you have all the right parts in place to give the right support as time progresses.

The length of the working day hasn’t changed, and as technology has also ramped up, your staff are becoming far more productive and you have to achieve the right balance, how do you do that? You do that by working smarter, which is where the Digital Workplace comes in.

The Digital Workplace

A Digital Workplace removes all the technological boundaries around us and unleashes tools that allows us as employees and CEO’s to get the job done and more. Your staff can work how they want, where they want and from any device they want which makes them far more productive.

If you can get this strategy in place, statistics go well in your favour.

  • An 83% boost in activity
  • Resulting in a 61% increase in profits
  • You achieve 43% more productivity from remote workers than office workers
  • Absenteeism is 69% lower
  • Morale is 80% higher

Source: O2 Digital Workplace

So as you can see, there are huge reasons why you should be looking at transforming your employees working place.

You have a business case to do so.

The drivers of a Digital Workplace

The Cloud – Take advantage of the cloud. You can achieve massive savings by taking advantage of this technology that all huge corporates do. Businesses like Amazon offer a great service here for individuals and SMEs and everyone can access information as they need to according to their level of security and authority in your company.

Mobile and Mobility – Take full advantage too of giving employees mobility solutions. Allow them to use their own mobile phone to do business calls across platforms that you provide them. This allows them to make calls to clients, businesses and personal calls from their own device so they don’t have multiple devices, again, increasing efficiencies and saving you money.

Security – Security platforms are critical to both individuals and companies. This has to be in place as a matter of high priority. Safeguarding you, your employees, your company and its data is crucial.

Collaboration – Remote working can be lonely sometimes if not organised properly. Make sure all your people communicate on a regular basis and put in solutions that allow regular catch ups and team calls so everyone is kept in the loop on communications and activities going on within your business so people feel valued, trusted and empowered.

At ClearFibre, we can offer you solutions that can deliver one or more of these services to help prepare you and your business to success. We have over 180 years of combined experience in the IT Communications industry in both the commercial and residential sector. We are experts, please take advantage of our knowledge and get in touch with us, whatever your connectivity requirements are.

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