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It is a well-known fact that developing a presence on social media is absolutely essential for your business to flourish. Social media enables you to engage and build relationships with key contacts and get your brand seen by a targeted audience.

The property sector particularly benefits from an active social media profile – with constant development updates to talk about, USPs to share and a large network of Manchester businesses to interact with, your opportunity to grow and develop your brand on social media is extensive.

In this blog, we are going to look at ways to ensure your Manchester commercial property scheme is using social media to maximise its objectives.


Know your platform

It’s important to realise that each platform has a different audience and therefore a different tone of voice.

On Twitter, for example, you should be engaging with local businesses as part of a placemaking strategy to cement yourself as part of the neighbourhood, whilst sharing photos and videos of your development from the planning permission stage to the first resident’s/tenants moving in, whilst LinkedIn is where you should be targeting potential occupiers with strategic advertising, highlighting key USPs.

Read our latest resource LinkedIn for the property sector: securing pre-lets to see how to effectively utilise LinkedIn.


Build your audience

Looking for individuals and businesses with large followings and building a social media relationship with these will also stand you in good stead in the social media sphere.

Follow Manchester property journalists, influencers and industry experts to get your commercial property scheme on the map – journalists are always looking for new stories.


Keep up with what’s going on

Getting involved in existing social media conversation is just as important as creating new ones, so make sure you follow both industry news and local news and react to relevant conversations as quickly as possible.

Look out for company mentions to find out what people are saying about your property scheme as well – your online reputation is important so make sure you’re constantly searching for yourself and assessing what the sentiment is.

In the same breath, you should check on your main competitors – see what they’re getting involved with and decide whether this is something that’s relevant for your audience.


Don’t forget your objectives

You need to make sure you’re ‘selling’ on social media. Your property scheme will have objectives that your social media presence will help to achieve, so always keep these in mind when you’re planning your next campaign.

You don’t want to oversell as this will turn followers off, but by creating interesting content on your commercial property scheme you will grab people’s attention and aid buyers in their decision making.


And that’s it

If you need help with your own commercial property content efforts & strategy or would like to discuss other PR and marketing activities, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield and we’ll be able to help you out.

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