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Our medical aesthetic clinics in Manchester and Liverpool provide cutting-edge age-preventative treatments, laser hair removal, dental treatments, body shaping, direct hair implantation, and so much more.

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Offer – Direct Hair Implantation at Tracey Bell

The Tracey Bell Clinic offers Direct Hair Implantation to tackle male balding and male pattern baldness

Wayne Rooney stunned his fans earlier this year, Tweeting: "I was going bald, so why not?" when he revealed he was opting for a hair transplant. By being honest with the public, he is the first, of hopefully many, who are helping to improve the perceptions of androgenic alopecia.

DHI at Tracey Bell has a track record of 100,00 elated clients, from over 30 affiliated world wide sites. We have become a true global leader in hair restoration technologies, over the past 40 years.

The procedure

DHI at Tracey Bell involves taking out individual hair follicles, mostly from the back of the head – genetics ensures men seldom go bald in this area. The hair from this donor area is then transplanted back into the recipient areas of the scalp. With immediate transplantation, the minimally invasive nature of the new technique diminishes the fatigue factor of hair follicles and therefore increases their overall long-term survival.

It also has the additional bonus of being virtually painless. You can expect a little bit of discomfort and bruising and the procedure can be complete within a day.

The DHI procedure at Tracey Bell can start from £3,000; a tailor-made package is arranged for each individual case.

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Advantages of DHI at Tracey Bell

DHI's exclusive patented technique is more advanced than strip and FUE techniques. The DHI Direct Hair Implantation Technique does not involve FUE, strip, scars or holes. It is a simple and yet advanced medical procedure with outstanding and natural results.

Minimal post-operative medication is needed as the whole procedure is performed efficiently and painlessly. The need for reception holes is eliminated as the placement of new hair follicles is performed using the DHI Implanter. Medical assistants no longer need to handle hair follicles during the procedure; therefore a greater success rate is achieved.

  • Smaller diameter punches (0.7-0.85 mm) lead to faster healing.
  • Direct implantation of grafts without receptions results in less trauma of the skin, less damage to the local blood supply and no scarring.
  • Less invasive.
  • Less traumatic.
  • Significantly reduces bleeding.
  • Minimal risks of infection as the hair follicles are transferred immediately from the donor area to the recipient area.
  • Less scarring after the procedure.
  • No microscope needed, so that the exposure of the hair follicles in intense light and heat is avoided.
  • No handling of the grafts is required, thus increasing the survival of the hair follicles.
  • Less tiring for the patient.
  • Hair spends minimal time out of the skin.
  • Less anaesthesia and less medication is needed.
  • Increased graft survival.
  • Early hair growth as most transferred hair follicles enter the anagen phase immediately.

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