Poynton homes move forward despite local objections

Persimmon looks set to receive Cheshire East’s backing to deliver 134 homes on a greenfield site west of Poynton, despite opposition from residents and the area’s MP.

The housebuilder is proposing to build a mix of two, three, four, and five-bedroom homes along with apartments on the 20-acre plot off Hazelbadge Road, along from Lower Park Primary School and its playing field.

The site is allocated for housing development under Cheshire East’s Local Plan, with an allocation of up to 150 homes.

Plans were first put forward in 2017, and two rounds of public consultation have taken place; one in January 2018, and another in February 2019. While plans were originally for 146 homes, the numbers have been cut slightly following consultation with the Local Authority; Persimmon is now proposing to build 134 homes.

Of these, 40 will be designated as affordable, with 26 for affordable rent and 14 as intermediate tenure.

However, there have been significant objections from local residents; the scheme attracted 99 letters in opposition in January’s consultation, and 159 in February 2019.

Opposition hinges around the loss of green space and the impact on the neighbouring school, particularly around traffic and parking. These objections have also been supported by the area’s MP, David Rutley, the member of parliament for Macclesfield.

Despite these objections, planning officers have sided with Persimmon, arguing the scheme complies with Cheshire East’s Local Plan.

The project is recommended for approval subject to a Section 106 agreement; this is to include an education contributions of £260,311 primary and £310,511 secondary, along with a healthcare contribution of £133,344, and £737,000 towards the Poynton Relief Road.

Mosaic is acting as planner and will represent Persimmon at next week’s committee, which meets on 26 June.

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Horrified. I live nearby and this will be a disaster

By Peter Crampton

Allocated site, seems a logical place to expand Poynton.

By Davey Mc

Yes, horrified, but only at the delay in approving, since the houses are so urgently needed and they are approved by the Plan.

By rogers

Wonderful news, the more the merrier, let’s get Poynton as big as we can.

By Anonymous

If every scheme with local objection didn’t move forward then there would be no development unfortunately, particularly in places like Poynton.

The site is allocated for housing and is located close to the train station and town centre. Should be an absolute no brainer.

By Anon

The only access road leads past to a school, disaster waiting to happen

By Eddy

@Eddy:- But, the kids on the new Estate will be able to walk to School – that’s a result in my book !

By Tha' Knows

Should MP’s keep their noses out of planning and keep them in their troughs where they belong?

By Anonymous

Yes, Poynton needs houses, but the neighborhood plan identified enough Brownfield or equivalent sites a number of years ago, to satisfy the 650 needed. Let’s not kid ourselves, this is all about maximising profit, and the easier building option, as that’s what former greenbelt land does for the developer

By Anonymous

134 houses is a pretty small development. Poynton residents moan at anything.

By Adam Adamson

“Of these, 40 will be designated as affordable…”

If that comes to pass I’ll eat several hats.


People wouldn’t object so much if developers actually developed attractive, well-built, decently sized housing and proper infrastructure.

It really is time greedy listed house builders and land promoters were legislated out of the process and the public sector took the lead again.

There’s a nice article in the Guardian today about just how good the latest generation of council housing is (with a limited number of private houses included to help finance it). If ever scheme was as good as those people wouldn’t be nearly so hostile to housing development and we might have a chance of achieving our targets as a nation.

By Housey

Great, more traffic queues at the roundels and more potholes on the shared space unfilled.

By Mr Fussy

Everybody say how good it is wait till your stuck in traffic, when they build them, and getting in and out at school time. Also these people will be bringing and having kids. Nuisance youths a plenty with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Wonderful result glad I moved out. Short sightedness by Cheshire East.

By Neil mac

Absolute joke – traffic is a nightmare !!! Kids are at danger!

By Anonymous

Please, please, please someone tell me what affordable means – affordable to who can afford it. Certainly not first time buyers who reside in the Poynton area. This term is the biggest cop out to grant over profiteering construction companies easy access to land with no strategy for community or the people who live there.

By Alan

Hazlebadge Road is already packed with cars at school start and close times. It will be gridlocked with a further 150 or so cars going to and from the new planned housing. This new estate needs a new access road.

By Jack Taylor

How can the roads of Poynton possibly cope with any more traffic. It’s bad enough as it is at the moment. This’ll be a complete disaster.

By Rana

Well planned development within walking distance of a school and train station. Not much to dislike about this one. Well done everyone involved

By Anonymous

It’s all about money. Total disregard of the objections, especially the traffic having only one exit. Has area been subject flood? Notice the embankment to southouse in front of the side road.

By Garden. Birdsall

We already have problems with traffic on Hazelbadge & Wayside. It’s very scary seeing so many children & vehicles exiting these very narrow roads at the same time. Think about the safety of the children and not greedy building companies for a change. There is ample Brownfield that was identified a few years, build there and stop taking away OUR GREENBELT.

By Anonymous

AFFORDABLE HOUSING in Poynton, where ??? That is a ridiculous statement unless you are earning mega money. Then you can afford one of the 4 three story houses squeezed onto a plot of land that had one house on it originally or one of the 4 luxury properties squeezed onto the land that had 1 bungalow on it. Then there are 2 massive houses on another plot of land that originally housed 1 bungalow . Six AFFORDABLE houses could have been built there. There are many, many more like that. So please where are the AFFORDABLE houses in Poynton.

By Anonymous

How will the doctors, dentists ,etc fit all the new people in , they haven’t got room now !!! Ridiculous

By R R

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