Plans for a cruise hotel were lodged in 2019. Credit: via planning documents

Peel hunts developer for ‘most prominent’ Liverpool Waters plot

Global Port Holdings last week signed a 50-year lease on a plot at Princes Dock to pave the way for a cruise terminal. Peel Waters is now on the lookout for a developer to build at least one hotel on a neighbouring plot.

Liverpool City Council announced last year that it had opted to pull out of plans to deliver a new cruise terminal building within Peel’s Liverpool Waters.

GPH then picked the project up but there was uncertainty around plans for a hotel, which had previously formed part of the scheme.

However, Peel has confirmed that the hotel will go ahead now that the cruise terminal’s future has been secured.

“The cruise tourism industry is very important to our city and this deal brings greater certainty of its future with a huge investment in infrastructure,” said Chris Capes, director of development for Liverpool Waters.

“Liverpool Waters now has greater certainty over the new cruise liner terminal, and we are actively looking at all of the fantastic development opportunities this presents at prime locations within the Princes Dock neighbourhood.”

He added: “We are shortly to go out to market seeking a hotel operator to develop the site opposite the proposed cruise terminal site. We are also in discussions with leisure operators to develop complementary activities alongside what we already have with the sauna and open water swimming.”

Plans for the hotel are in the early stages and Peel was unable to say how many rooms the scheme would feature or a figure on the value of investment required when approached by Place North West. 

Capes said that it is important Peel chooses the right partner for the hotel scheme given the prominence of the site, which currently houses the temporary cruise terminal.

“This is the most prominent plot in Liverpool Waters so it is essential we work with an operator who will deliver a high-quality development to benefit Liverpool Waters and the wider city.

“The footfall that the cruise liner terminal brings will be a huge benefit for developing this plot. Our master planning supports the opportunity here for at least one waterfront hotel to accommodate the growing number of tourists expected to visit the city over the coming years.”

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If the new operator is aiming to dock two large cruise ships at any one time then any hotel will need to be larger than the one proposed previously by the City Council. Peel has the opportunity to make more of the Liverpool waterfront by way of restaurants, bars, and other leisure, and this can be all linked to the new cruise terminal and hotel. Meanwhile, one way or the other, there is going to be a large plot, directly on the river front, available soon for Peel to market for offices or residential.

By Anonymous

So much space so much potential ???
where is the movement here its an very attractive location am confused

By Anonymous

I agree with Anonymous 11.54.
There are usually two types of shore visits by “Cruisers” 1) Those who take organised shore excursions and maybe spend several hours touring the area. 2) Those who enjoy a short walkabout the port/city (Liverpool ideally situated for this) and tend to keep close to the local amenities etc.
The Port Market building in Montevideo, Uruguay would be my ideal bench mark for this.
Regarding the Hotel size, yes that could be reviewed as most passengers often arrive a day or two before sailing and spend time in the embarkation port.

By Liverpolitis

More positive news starting to emerge. I am starting to believe things are changing in a positive light for the City of Liverpool. I think the changes will be truly transformational and significant around the cruise liner terminal. It’s such a shame so many years have been wasted whilst the previous useless incumbent was in charge, LCC.

By Stephen Hart

If LCC have anything to do with the hotel small very low key not too high poss red brick and nothing fancy !!!! after 50yrs of consultation.

By Anonymous

Yes things are looking good lately for Liverpool please LCC do not interfere .

By Anonymous

A sharpened up version of the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. Could be a bit larger on that basis.

By WayFay

Re anonymous 1.30 …I understand the point you are making but it’s a bit misguided for this site . Brick is correctly used in the baltic and other warehouse areas . The buildings which surround this area are more modern and light in colour …so no doubt the planners and architects will go for a modern building with a light stone facade similar to nearby buildings. As regards height the original plan for 4/5story’s is appropriate on the site the higher buildings ( which I agree should be very high ) should be further back . The king Edwards triangle a perfect spot for high buildings

By George

George 2.40pm doesn’t do irony, but he does make a good point about the buildings needing to be light, to reflect the Portland stone of the commercial district. I recall Packaged Living taking that on board for their two mid-rise towers on Old Hall Street.

By More Anonymous than the others

I quite liked the old design, bit unusual, I hope they keep those architects onboard!

By Dr Ian Buildings

Look how 99 panned out in hong kong.

How is leasing a port a good idea?

Would you lease your heart valve for 50 years?
Look how 99 years planned out on HK

By 50 years?

Great news. As this is the site of the current terminal and not the site shown in the image, a height about the same as the Cunard building would be appropriate. Material wise, hopefully only keeping in keeping light stone colours will be used in something that is contemporary and cutting edge, as done in the museum. A keeping in keeping building with keeping in keeping materials will subtract from the Liver building next door. I’d rather have something in the same black glass as Mann Island than that, or even much maligned brick. There’s nothing wrong with brick being used, or where it’s used, only how it’s used. However, unless the new hotel is a portland stone neo classical, art nouveau or neo rennaisance masterpiece, designed to complement the 3 at the Pier Head, as envisaged in the plans of the 20s and 30s, I am hoping for sonething really modern and contrasting.

By Anonymous

Manchester gets world class skyscrapers on the side of a motorway. On the banks of the World Famous Mersey we’ll be getting an average looking hotel building that wouldn’t look out of place on a industrial estate.

By Blue boy

@Blueboy Manchester’s skyscrapers are not a good look sadly they all look the same and futures ones are the same design – Liverpool’s one are going to be modern .

By Anonymous

Any skyscraper built in Liverpool will likely be square and boxy and u imaginative simply because they’re efficient to build that way. And the difference in residential values between the two cities means that there is even less margin for developers in Liverpool to spend on imaginative design .

By Anonymous

@11:04 Here we go !!! Waked around Manchester last week Liverpool looks better and feels better and yes there is a market for Skyscraper in Liverpool and as stipulated in the report of the developer they are going to be world class also a lot of high end jobs in the City region of Liverpool . A lot of office located jobs are based in Manchester city centre are more call centre based where in Liverpool are spread out into the boundaries so your not better

By Anonymous

Manchester is full of call centres… is that what we’re telling ourselves because Manchester has essentially grown its own economy?

By Get Real

@11:18 residential and commercial values tell their own storey. There seems to be some wishful thinking going on here.

By Anonymous

This news is certainly is good for Liverpool and no we dont want to be Manchester in anyway shape or form.
We are Liverpool and we will do what good for our city and the people that live here.

By Anonymous

Any hotel, or hotels, needs to be a good-looker, as the previous council effort was a bit underwhelming. It will be on a famous waterfront and, hopefully , near to Hugh Frost’s proposed towers, and if these are as inspired as One Blackfriars then we are in for a treat.

By Anonymous

Yes .. let’s bring more of these enviromentally damaging cruise ships into the river, moot point; if passengers have cabins on board why is there any need for another hotel ?

By Anonymous

@Anon 10.35am, April 1st was 2 weeks ago, but just to make you aware that many cruise passengers stay in a hotel a night or two before their sailing because they choose to. As regards cruise ships in the Mersey, is it just the cruise ships you object to or all ships, in other words would you like to close the Port of Liverpool, or in fact all UK ports.

By Anonymous

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