Princes Road

Work starts on £4m Liverpool road improvements

Dan Whelan

Liverpool City Council will take advantage of the quiet roads to carry out improvements to Princes Avenue and Princes Road which connect Toxteth with the Georgian Quarter. 

The roads, which are divided by a tree-lined footpath, run parallel to one another between Upper Parliament Street and Princes Park.

The works include new pedestrian and cycle paths, toucan crossings, carriageway resurfacing and improvements to drainage and footpaths. Seating, lighting, improved public artwork and tree planting also form part of the project. 

Starting today, the works will require a number of streets to be closed for certain periods up to the scheduled date of completion, 22 May: 

  • Princes Road, from the roundabout at the entrance to Princes Park to the junction with Upper Parliament Street, will be closed from today until 29 April and again from 18 May to 22 May 
  • Princes Avenue, from the roundabout at the entrance of Princes Park to the junction with Upper Parliament Street will be closed from 30 April until 15 May 
  • Both Upper Warwick Street and North Hill Street junctions will be closed throughout the period 

The scheme aims to stimulate the wider regeneration of an area created during Liverpool’s Victorian maritime hey-day, according to a statement from Liverpool City Council. 

The boulevard-style avenue was built for the city’s merchant class and is home to the grade one-listed Princes Road Synagogue. 

The project is being funded in part by the Sustainable Transport Enhancement Package which is providing £2m, with the other 50% being funded through the council’s £500m Better Roads programme.  

Cllr Sharon Connor, Liverpool City Council’s cabinet member for highways, said: “The Princes Avenue/Road scheme will help breathe new life into this area. 

“It’s going to revive the most beautiful boulevard in the city and transform how the wider Toxteth community interact and use this reimagined space. 

“We know the roads are much quieter than normal due to the current coronavirus restrictions which means there will be a much lower impact than usual. 

“This is classed as essential works and we will be making sure that contractors abide by the rules around social distancing and PPE.” 

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It is about time they spent something on Liverpool. Will it happen? I wont hold my breath.

By Michael McMoanalot

Princes Boulevard contains not just the Grade 1 synagogue but also the beautiful Byzantine Greek orthodox church, then there’s the ‘Welsh Cathedral’ and two other historic churches including St. Margaret’s. Just beyond on Ullet Road is the Grade 1 Unitarian church with the Burne Jones windows. Princes Park itself was one of the first parks in Britain and was designed by Joseph Paxton. The Princes Boulevard area really should become part of an expanded city centre cultural area with more of the infrastructure to allow it to be much more fully appreciated by visitors and locals alike.

By Liverpolitan

Why was there no mention of transport distribution. That is normally instructed on requested bus stops. As this lead to passengers questing where are the buses. Knowing that timetable had been scrapped.?Due to the present crisis.

By Peter O'Connor L88LA.

Toxteth is a gem. And not just regionally. Long term it will be what Clapham was in the 1980’s


Not today we is on lockdown…

By Billnobagins

They already have started and I think it’s going to be beautiful

By Michael Crabbe

Long…long overdue…..I suppose had Liverpool acquired a tram system…this central strip would have been track…..thank God for small mercies….also don’t forget we have a world class sculpture by a world class sculptor….along this boulevard

By Tercol