UK Coal approves Peel waste portfolio

Peel Group subsidiary Peel Environmental announced that plans for waste infrastructure developments on UK Coal sites have been approved by UK Coal's shareholders.

Peel Environmental will now push ahead with plans for waste infrastructure developments on 11 UK Coal sites across the North of England and the Midlands.

Myles Kitcher, director of Peel Environmental, said: "The UK needs to invest in waste infrastructure developments if we are to manage our waste more sustainably, provide renewable sources of energy and, generally, contribute to the low carbon economy. We have identified 11 sites across the North of England and the Midlands, all of which are UK Coal owned, which we feel present great opportunities for the development of a range of waste related infrastructure."

Peel is the largest shareholder in UK Coal. The only North West scheme is a business park on the Cutacre colliery straddling Bolton, Wigan and Salford. Mining at the site is due to finish in March 2011, following which 9m cubic metres of waste will be removed to reclaim the site for development.

Kitcher continued: "The plans for the UK Coal sites are at a very early stage and no firm plans or decisions have been made. However, we hope to make an announcement of some exciting projects soon.

"Plans for the sites have still to be properly developed and be put through the subsequent formal planning process before any work or development of any kind can begin. We are also committed to ensuring that full and effective consultation with the local community is carried out for any schemes brought forward. As we develop proposals, we look forward to discussing them with the local councils, councillors and the community."

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