Chalon Way Car Park Pic
The multistorey car park offers 700 spaces

St Helens car park to be cleared for development

The council is to spend a £1m Government grant demolishing Chalon Way multistorey car park as a “statement of intent” to progress the town’s future regeneration.

St Helens’ cabinet members approved the measure on Wednesday. The grant will come from the Town Deal Accelerated Fund and must be spent by the end of March 2021, which limited the options for allocating the money.

A further £25m bid to the Town Deal Fund is expected to follow. Details of how this would be spent were not put to the cabinet yesterday.

Lisa Harris, executive director of place at St Helens Council, told the cabinet the 700-space multistorey car park was a “barrier to the town centre and conceals the canal, which is a key feature in the town’s heritage”. The demolition would create a development opportunity that could enhance the area. In the interim, it could provide a platform for other ‘meanwhile uses’.

The future use of the car park will be set out in a town centre masterplan currently under development and due to go to public consultation later this year.

A study of car parking in the town found that there was sufficient capacity in other town centre car parks to allow for displacement from Chalon Way.

The council chose the demolition project as it was deliverable within the timescale. Other options considered were increased CCTV and improvements to the council’s Victorian Gamble building, but these would have taken too long.

Also approved by the cabinet was another £1m grant to be drawn down from the Liverpool City Region Town Centre Fund. This was originally planned to be used to subsidise the occupation of vacant units. However, the council decided it is better to support existing businesses.

The £1m will now be split into seven projects, the largest of which is £500,000 for small business grants of £5,000 each to support businesses as they attempt to continue to trade. The other projects include place marketing, business hubs in St Helens and Earlestown centres and town centre animation. This second million pounds must be spent by October 2021.

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Sufficient capacity in other car parks? Have they taken into account parking requirements when spectators are allowed back to watch rugby league matches? Chalon Way has always been full when the Stains are playing at home….

By Anonymouse

Very poor permeability exists for pedestrians in and around St. Helens town centre due to the 1970s and 1980s redevelopments. Primarily function-dominated, the multi-storey car parks, indoor arcades (Lagrange, Tontine, etc) and also the Hardshaw Centre that was built slightly later on the former Greenall’s Brewery, all combine to create a physically domineering townscape that feels quite unwelcoming, and draining to navigate around on foot.

Similarly, the whole George Street Quarter, which the Council are overly precious about, and the Hardshaw Centre completely sever the main rail station from the central shopping area such that the station feels like it’s beyond the outskirts of the town centre.

By North by North-West

obviously took no account of the dire one way street system and pedestrianised dead zone in the town centre when deciding there was enough car parking available , there probably is overall but not where anyone can get to or would find useful to be iin So how many overpriced flats ars they going to squeeze on to the cleared site

By Ap

Has the main contractor been chosen for this work and if so is it a local company?

By Kev Reilly, RT Diamond Drilling Ltd.

Another example of this council being reactive rather than pro-active. Spinning round like a rudderless ship. This plan might actually work, but down to good fortune rather than good management.

By Dori

They’ve just spent money doing it up?

By Dickson

Another great carboot bites the dust

By John navarro

So they need to spend money knocking a car park down so that we can see the canal! . Have they seen the town centre. It’s a disgrace, full of empty shops, money needs to be spent bringing the town up to scratch so that people might actually want to come here to shop/eat out etc. That’s not going to happen with it in the state it is now, it’s an embarrassment

By Anon

I could think of better thing to do with that kind of grant it would be better spent on the inferstructure of the town shopping center..and surrounding areas..

By Darran

I must say, that that car park is the easiest to drive and park in, all others are on the other side of town. It also has excellent view if you stop and look.
They need to concentrate on regenerating the town centre, which they have been promising for I don’t know how long know. I’ve never known a council to talk and plan so much, but never able to actually put anything into action.
Its seems to be an easy free ride working for them.

By Doris

St helens has a lot of canals and water features .but nobody sees them due to no new developments the town centre needs knocking down .and rebuilding .bring the heratige back in to st helens some beautifull building let visitor see the town hall. Were glass was made put statues up in the town centre .

By Collette boardman

Where do we park when the Saints play at home ??

By William Ball

Fantastic! Please don’t tell me it will be for more housing . Let’s hope this will be for more local businesses and leisure facilities.

By S Ainsworth

I’m excited for St Helens in what I hope will be the start of a fantastic regeneration of the area. Please plan very carefully, St Helens, and use this opportunity to create a fantastic place that families will want to visit. Hopefully this is where it begins…..where St Helens becomes an appealing and vibrant town centre again. Looking forward to seeing it all happen.

By Joyce Fairclough