Public realm set to remain at Hardman Square

Allied London is preparing to submit a planning application later this year for The Field, a redevelopment of The Lawns plot in the centre of Spinningfields to include permanent green space and a four-storey timber Pavillion.

Designed by Sheppard Robson, The Field will have interlinked footpaths and planted areas, while bar and restaurant operators have been invited to pitch to trade out of The Pavillion.

Spinningfields The PavilionThe Field will be developed at the base of No.1 Spinningfields, the 19-storey office currently under construction on the former site of Quay House and due to complete in 2017.

The plot in the centre of Hardman Square was initially earmarked for a commercial building in the Spinningfields masterplan, but was given a temporary use as public space during the last downturn when development plans stalled.

The Pavillion will feature landscaped ledges and trellises, tiered seating and street furniture, enveloped by a green veil.

According to Allied London, the public realm has been inspired by Eleanor Byrom, a young Manchester-habitant whose health was transformed in the 1700s by a field opposite her home, which is now the location of Hardman Square.

Michaell Ingall, Allied London’s chief executive, said: “A place of this calibre was always envisioned as part of the original Spinningfields masterplan and will become a home from home for resident workers at Spinningfields, especially those based at No.1 Spinningfields, who will have this iconic new structure on their doorstep.

“We hope it will be a legacy, not only to the remarkable story of The Field, but also to the financial crisis of 2008, a crisis that put a stop to the development plans for several years. Out of crisis comes opportunity. In this case the overwhelming success this area enjoyed as temporary public realm with The Lawn Club seemed to add more value to the place than any building could ever do. It has ensured the opportunity to keep it free for people to enjoy and continue something exceptional and striking.

“Now seems an apt time in the wake of Brexit to reinvigorate that sense of hope and in true British style, to keep calm and carry on.”

A planning application is set to be submitted shortly with work due to start on The Field later in 2016.

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Can this article title be renamed “Some” Public Realm set to remain…?

By Percy

Is Mike trying to recreate a scene from Predator? This is God awful, whoever designed it was obviously “extracting the urine” !! All you need is Arnie to come stomping through the undergrowth, toting a sub-machine gun, smoking a cigar and you’re good to go!!

By CitySpotter

If it bleeds, we can kill it

By Percy

“Iconic” apparently. I’d have gone for “very unique” myself.

By Gene Walker

looks fantastic. great addition

By Professor Property

Manchester is to nice open spaces what Oldham Athletic is to the European cup.

By Elephant

Is this the ‘Blade of Grass’ Museum?

By Gracie Field


By Popcorn

An inspirational story behind the thinking and design. I like it, and think it will fit in well. A bit quirky too. Will be another great addition to Spinningfields. Well done Mike and Allied London.

By Phil

Oh for some nice green lawns…..

By Schwyz

Looks like the Greenhouse in Media City! Good addition!!

By Charlie

Another visionary addition – keep ’em coming……..!!

By George Smith