Liverpool Lime Street October 2018
Lime Street 'unable to cope' with HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail trains, according to Rotheram

MIPIM | Liverpool Mayors make £6bn station plan

Jessica Middleton-Pugh in Cannes

A station commission chaired by the chief executive of Everton FC has been created to co-ordinate the delivery of a new station in Liverpool city centre, with Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson telling the Government “to put its money where its mouth is” to fund the project.

Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, announced the commission, and Denise Barrett-Baxendale’s involvement, at the property conference in Cannes.

Earlier this year, Transport for the North’s Strategic Transport Plan included plans to ensure Liverpool City Region benefits from full connection to both Northern Powerhouse Rail and HS2, and included suggestions of a new station to accommodate more modern trains and the extra capacity brought about by increased passengers, with journey times between Manchester and Liverpool reduced to 23 minutes.

The cost of delivering the scheme, including development, design, construction, new lines and supporting infrastructure, is estimated at £6bn, which includes 30km of train track to connect to HS2. The construction phase is expected to take 10 years.

Rotheram said: “Connecting the Liverpool City Region to HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail will both cut journey times and increase capacity, boosting our economy by £15bn.

“In order to make that connection happen we will need a new station in Liverpool city centre, capable of accommodating HS2 trains, NPR trains and linking in with our local transport infrastructure. Lime Street will simply not be able to cope.

“What we envisage is more than just a station and a world-class transport hub, it has the potential to be a destination in its own right, architecturally stunning and featuring leisure and recreation facilities, commercial, retail, high-quality office accommodation, residential facilities and much more.”

According to Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, the city will be seeking Government funding to support the project: “We know we will need a new station in Liverpool, with all the major new benefits and opportunities that will bring, because Government, and Transport for the North, have accepted the economic case for HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail to connect to our city. We now need Government to put their money where the mouth is and commit to funding the project, while the Commission takes forward the exciting work of making it happen.”

The commission intends to bring together a range of experts from across the worlds of transport, business and the public sector. Its remit will be to take forward all the key considerations in developing the project such as the size, functions, location and orientation of the station. The City Region is giving Barrett-Baxendale the remit of putting together the team, which may at a later date involve full time roles.

Steve Rotheram

‘Liverpool has been let down too many times’

Speaking to Place North West in Cannes, Rotheram said that “I believe Government will back this” as part of the £39bn requested for full Northern Powerhouse Rail connectivity.

However, he wasn’t confident about whether that would be funding from the current Conservative Government.

“I’m never confident with a Government that says it will work with you and then doesn’t deliver, but I don’t think this Government will be here for much longer.

“I’ve been talking to the Shadow Transport Minister, and John McDonnell, and they’re very, very keen on working with us.

“We need to redress the transport funding ratio, the North-South imbalance can’t continue ad infinitum, and Labour know that.”

In terms of Rotheram’s other large transport projects, which he has been promoting since becoming Mayor in 2017, he said the focus was now on “the delivery phase”.

“We’ve given £1m for the tidal barrage to move to the next stage, delivering a business case which will demonstrate that renewable energy can be cheaper than alternative forms.”

At MIPIM UK in October, Rotheram gained headlines by hinting at the possible reinstatement of Liverpool’s long-closed monorail. However, when asked if there had been any progress, he said that he “had to concentrate on things we can actually deliver, the people of Liverpool have been let down too many times.”

Denise Barrett-Baxendale already has a lot on her plate delivering the £500m relocation of Everton FC to Bramley-Moore Dock, although Rotheram said that he expected the bulk of work for Everton would take place over the next 18 months while “this is more of a slow burner, and will be coming through afterwards”.




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Pie in the sky! Hahahaha dream on!

By Anonymous

At last, talk of serious rail investment in Liverpool. Now talk to Westminster and put aside petty party politics for once, for the benefit of the whole city.

By LEighteen

If you don’t ask you don’t get, it’s about time Liverpool put itself in the mix. Liverpool in the coming years is going to get a lot of momentum whether this happens or not, but changes are afoot.

By Anonymous

This could be built behind Lime Street connecting to the Knowledge Quarter and linking to the existing station; HS2/3 at the back and City and Wirral lines to the front at Lime Street. This would still give you the grand entrance to the city at St. George’s Plateau. On, the other hand, and this could take more work, if you create a new Liverpool Exchange behind the old Exchange Station facade you would connect to the Northern, Wirral and City lines – better airport connections – there would be more spare land, you’d be close to the business district Liverpool Waters and the cruise terminal, and also not far from the old Waterloo Tunnel from Edge Hill to Princes Dock which could be used for feeder services. A stunning new district could be created around Pall Mall and Leeds Street.

By Roscoe

This will happen Liverpool is the place to invest cannot believe the changes in the city every month , the buzz is electric , it’s better than London.

By Anonymous

This is definitely happening possibly Lime St end by the nee Paddibgton Village and Fabric district

By Sam

20 years ago it was about reversing dereliction. And working towards massive regeneration schemes.
The last 10 years have been about brand awareness, changing the narrative of the city, smartening the place up and filling in the gaps.
The next 10 years really NEEDS to be about TRANSPORT.
The commercial stuff will follow.

By Outcast

This upgrade to rail is a must for the region overall. Liverpool has been throttled for too long. Addition of HS2 can only be the dream. And expense will prevent the addition of services to limestreet and the old exchange. More likely we will see services enter the city along the south past the airport, cutting out the current virgin depot which slows services through the curving track dramatically. That way there is little tunneling required but property purchase instead, and the airport could be better serviced. The current southparkway venture is too far removed and stunting national growth of the airport.

Let’s hope the committee getting involved will involve architects, user experience designers, health and wellbeing reps too, as this will truly add value to such a wide reaching scheme.

By Wearthe

“the buzz is electric, its better than London” I do love the hyperbole on this website.

By Anonymous

If it goes on a southern route it would create a dual airport system for the North West 10 minutes apart, unique in the country. But the south end of the city centre is not currently where the business is at. A tunnel to the north end is better.

By Roscoe

Liverpool is proven the place to do business ,good living standards, vibrant city the list is endless third most visited city in the country after London and Edinburgh not bad going considering 5 years ago and it wont stop there .
Every day the City of Liverpool just keeps getting better.

By Dan

Good news Liverpool focusing on Transport this is vital especially modern rail links which I prefer , not that fussed on tram connection except for Liverpool and Wirral Waters and the museum of Liverpool .

By Anonymous

I thought tidal had been abandoned? well off the cards? And we have spent a million on it – is that why Liverpool has one of the highest council tax bills in the country because its being frittered? Wasn’t South Parkway meant to be the answer to a lot of questions – but the virgin trains did not want to stop there?

By A Nan

@Roscoe, well said old chap, I suggested this a few years back to connect the two airports along with others. It makes sense if they can co-operate(Heaven only knows) we could have a first class region to attract inward investment for all of the NW (Even for Heswall).

By Man on bicycle

Some odd comments by the mayors.

Firstly the government should ‘put their money where their mouth is’: well the government has never said it wants to build a new station, extend captive HS2 infrastructure to Liverpool let alone splurge £6bn quid on it.

Thee you have Rotherham’s odd assertion that Liverpool has been ‘let down too many times’. No Steve, Liverpool has been at he front of the queue for ever single government regeneration programme since urban and regional policy was invented and has had benefitted from government largesse than anywhere else. It’s the local politicians that’s let it down, time and again.

By Reality

@Reality How wrong you are , stick to what’s going on in your own city and keep out of Liverpools affairs thanks!

By Anonymous

Joe “Maplin” Anderson speaks again in his suave dipolmatic tone.

By Eat more pies

Why isn’t a rail connection direct to Liverpool John Lennon Airport part of the Northern Powerhouse Rail Project? All other Northern Airports are. At present proposals languish in the “20 years time” category in the Liverpool City District Rail Strategy . By that time all the possible routes from Liverpool South Parkway will have been built upon, meaning expensive tunnelling as the only option. It is recognised that a 3 mile loop off the West Coast main line, plus connectivity to the Merseyrail Northern Line at Liverpool South Parkway would make “a remendous difference” and” increase significantly” the 5m passengers that currently use the airport. Manchester Airport is at the hub of HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail. Leeds Bradford Airport, with less than 4m passengers, plans to have a raiil link in 5 years, and Doncaster -Sheffield Airport with only 1.35m passengers has been allocated £280m by Transport for the North for a 7 mile link from the East Coast Main Line, Why is Liverpool John Lennon Airport being left behind? Is it because the polititions in Liverpool lack ambition and don’t put forward properly costed proposals? If you don’t ask, you don’t get.A rail link is essential to further boost the tourism industry in both directions, to/from Liverpool. Soon it will be quicker for passengers from Liverpool to use Manchester Airport.

By Deep Thinker