MIPIM Manchester Pavilion 2017

Manchester announces MIPIM programme

The Manchester at MIPIM Partnership has revealed its full schedule of events for the conference in Cannes, which takes place over three days from Tuesday 13 March.

To date, the city has secured 107 organisations within the partnership, and has announced its largest programme yet, with 27 events as it looks to build on the momentum gained in 2017, when for the first time it operated from a pavilion rather than in the main Palais des Festivals.

Following Sir Howard Bernstein’s retirement, city council leader Sir Richard Leese is to be the delegation’s figurehead.

He said: “MIPIM is a vital opportunity for Manchester to promote itself on a global stage. For us to effectively capitalise on this opportunity, we need to make sure that our activity at the event is as wide-reaching, diverse and inclusive as possible.

“It’s with this in mind that we’ve made Manchester at MIPIM’s 2018 events programme the busiest and most varied yet. We’re looking forward to welcoming industry insight from some leading European cities, as well as private and public sector speakers from across the Greater Manchester region.

“We’ll be discussing science, tech, education, housing, health, sport, culture, environment, transport, diversity, devolution, and the Northern Powerhouse, along with all the latest on the city-region’s upcoming developments. It’s sure to be an exciting week, and hopefully one Greater Manchester will look back on as a significant milestone in its growth strategy.”

The city is to hold ‘European Breakfast’ sessions again, featuring speakers including Miguel Pinto Luz, deputy mayor of Cascais Municipality, Lisbon; Dr Philipp Bouteiller, chief executive at Berlin TXL; Anna Gissler, chief executive of Invest Stockholm; Lluis Gomez, economic commissioner at City of Barcelona; Øyvind Såtvedt, managing director of Oslo Region Alliance; and Rob Van de Velde, vice mayor of City of Antwerp.

Manchester’s panel sessions will include a session featuring Gary Neville and Bruntwood boss Chris Oglesby on how higher education is changing Old Trafford, while ex-cricketer and director of Logik Developments Andrew Flintoff will speak at a session on Bolton’s masterplan. Other sessions will cover the Northern Gateway, St John’s and The Factory, Manchester’s emergence as a tech hotspot and East Manchester’s regeneration, featuring Marty Edelman of City Football Group.

Salford, Trafford, Oldham, Bolton and Stockport are all members of the partnership. The closing event will see the Manchester and London Pavilions join forces for the first time at MIPIM.

The full events schedule is available online.

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Let the MIPIM based drivel articles begin.

By Digging Deep

“Digging Deep” drivel, author obviously not attending!


Imagine if Council Tax payers knew their Council wasspending funds on stands and drinks dos on the French Riviera. Meanwhile, Consultants went all that way to engage with people from their own region on the premis of worrying about ‘missing out’ if they weren’t there? Surely a concept from the 80s perpetuated in its relevance by people who go, and keep going, as a jolly?

By Big Bryn

Is there ‘pan european conference’ for ‘ how to run a city council’?
Surely that would be more relevant.
I wouldn’t mind my council tax going on that.

By Mr Creosote

Councillors, like most politicians, do not have to sit an exam or take a course to be judged qualified enough to make decisions for policy making etc… I know there is full-time professional staff in finance and planning, but it’s the politico’s who dictate policy, or so I am led to believe?
So maybe they should sit or attend some form of Civic training, *apologies if they do already.

By Liverpolitis

There is an argument for professionalising local councillors but you’d have to pay them accordingly and I cant see that being popular. At present councillors do not receive a salary as it is essentially a voluntary role (although they do receive a small allowance plus expenses).

Personally Id rather see fewer MPs and slash the cost of the central government machine with the money ploughed into local government given the fact that proper local government can have a much greater impact on our lives than central government, although you wouldn’t know it given how over-centralised our political system is.

By Mappin

Digging Deep, have you ever even been to the event?