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GALLERY | Designs revealed for Urmston Market

The McGoff Group has revealed detailed designs for its proposed £3.5m redevelopment of Urmston market into a food hall, scheduled to open in spring 2019.

The designs by architect Street Design Partnership outline the plans for the site, centred on a new-build food market, which includes indoor and outdoor children’s play areas, private dining, a mezzanine level with additional seating, and space for pop-up stalls and events.

There will also be a co-working space with free WiFi.

The market, dubbed Market 41, will be operated by WMC Retail Partners, working alongside Northern Restaurant & Bar Show chief executive Thom Hetherington.

Outline planning consent has already been confirmed, and McGoff said it hoped Trafford Council would decide on the detailed planning application by this June.

Subject to planning, work is due to start in August this year with a proposed opening date of early 2019. The site was acquired by the McGoff Group in August 2017, and the company is currently building three five-bedroom houses alongside the market.

Chris McGoff, director at the McGoff Group, said: “Anticipation is already mounting in Urmston for the new food market hall, with lots of interest from locals in terms of timings and enquiries from potential operators, which is great to see so early on.

“We want M41 to reflect Urmston’s vibrancy and increasing desirability as a great place to live, work and play, and have worked closely with the local community to establish their views and understand their feedback regarding the concept, building design and product offering.”

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If these renders are anything to go by: this isn’t going to be Mackie Mayor or Altrincham Market!

By Karly Morgan

Seems an interesting use of space but pretty darn ugly. Doesn’t have the character of many other recent market renovation projects.

By Josh

Well, it won’t be like Mackie Mayors or Altrincham Market it will it?! They are both listed/existing buildings that have been repurposed. This is a new build development, and whatever it looks like it’ll be better than the eyesore it is currently, surely?

By Andy

M41 is that in homage to E20? What a load of pretentious rubbish. A market should have stalls selling stuff people need.

By Elephant

Brilliant. I love it and think of the increasing property prices should keep the freeloaders and scum bags out of the area

By Lee

Looks fantastic from what I can see from the drawings, this will only further improve the area and personally think it has a positive effect on the area.

By Bud

Urmston is a nice in between sort of place. It isn’t full of Home Counties wannabes like Altrincham nor is it a run down milltown like Rochdale. Why fix something which ain’t broken.

By Elephant

Fantastic news!!

By Cristina

Looks amazing. A real positive for Urmston.

By Judith

Looks like a prison

By Marian Ward

I just don’t think it sits well with the surrounding area architecture. Edwardian terraces and 1930s semis and, er, this. Other developments in the area have gone to great lengths to fit in with the surrounding buildings. This just looks like a blob.

By UrmstonResident

Fantastic pictures and scope but where’s the parking , sadly Railway road and surrounding roads , probably gridlocked oh use Sainsbury’s , why not tarmac golden hill park ? Really Urmston needs more carparks surely not an accomodating place for the new development

By Col h

Looks interesting but very big.Hope the people who paid £400,000 plus for the houses knew this was coming.

By Barry

This looks ugly and not in keeping with surroundings. Urmston has some beautiful older houses around the market and this building will detract from the charm of this part of urmston, much like those awful new terraced being built.

By Lynne Chatterton

It doesn’t look at all like I was expecting it to, considering how many people were comparing the whole idea of such a market to the existing one in Altrincham. I know that Altrincham is an existing building that has been repurposed, but I thought that the developers would be sympathetic in their design in relation to the surrounding area. As others state, it is not at all in keeping with the majority of Urmston architecture. It looks like a leisure centre or a new school. Ugly. Go back to the drawing board!!

By Alison

I think the M41 bears reference to the post code possibly? Hardly pretentious….

I think it looks an exciting prospect for the community. People can get carried away with aesthetics, it’s the people that will frequent the market that will make it a success (or not)…. cant wait to see it open

By T Major

Wasn’t M41 a very short, and shortlived Motorway in London?

By Rubber Duck

I actually think it’s a really good idea An I’m excited for the plans ahead

By Neelam

A real milestone for Urmston. A private company that wants to build something innovative, different and ambitious in our little town. Wow, can’t wait to see it finished.

By Noc

Great stuff, about time the site was updated. Won’t be liked by some, but I think it’s lovely.

By Jan

A truly dreadful contemporary design. Totally shabby, looks already like a graffitti magnet. Give us a classic victorian design in keping with the high street. Just google it if you’re unaware. A sloppy design indeed.

By Paul Regan

better public transport needed
more frequenc
later night services

By Anonymous

M41 is the designation for an American Tank with a 76mm gun.

By Sergeant Blast

E20 also bears reference to the postcode.Just call it Urmston Market Hall because that is what it is.

By Elephant

Sgt, why on earth would you want to use an Abram?

By CitySpotter

Design isn’t brilliant, but think that’s been compounded by the poor graphics, which have done the unusual job of making the proposed development look worse than it would probably actually be!

By Town Planner

The new M41 for Urmston looks fantastic and is another great addition for the re-invented Urmston.

By Kathryn H

Looks like its been covered in glue and ram-raided a 1990’s B&Q. This scheme needs to go before a design panel, Trafford council take note! Hopefully they have the right operators with legacy.

By David