Airport video launched as redevelopment begins

A new video has been released following the start on site of the £1bn Manchester Airport Transformation Programme yesterday.

Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling was at the airport to witness the start of works and launch public consultation on a national aviation strategy for the next 30 years.

Charlie Cornish, chief executive of Manchester Airports Group, said: “Today, work will begin at Manchester Airport on a £1bn investment programme that will provide passengers and airlines with world class airport facilities, and deliver a major boost to the UK’s growth prospects and international competitiveness.

“We welcome the Secretary of State’s recognition of the important role that airports across the UK will play in driving economic growth, and commitment to looking at how airports like Manchester and London Stansted can make best use of their existing capacity.”

Laing O’Rourke is the main contractor for the transformation programme, which includes:

  • The expansion and reconfiguring of Terminal 2 to become the airport’s primary terminal building
  • Improvement of Terminal 3 to cater for increased demand and an expanding flight schedule
  • The introduction of new and enlarged airside transfer facilities, including direct linkage between Terminals 2 and 3
  • Introduction of the latest technology in two new security halls
  • The introduction of customer-friendly enhancements, including self-service check-in facilities and around 50 food, beverage and retail outlets
  • The opportunity to introduce a US pre-clearance facility, allowing passengers to clear immigration, customs and agricultural inspection by US Customs and Border Protection before boarding flights
  • An operational airport environment that provides greater flexibility and resilience to cater to evolving airline and security needs
  • The introduction of new stands and piers, offering better departure gate facilities
  • Improved surface access road system making it easier for customers to come to and from our airport

Grayling said: “Our new aviation strategy will look beyond the new runway at Heathrow and sets out a comprehensive long-term plan for UK aviation. It will support jobs and economic growth across the whole of the UK.

“Our vision puts the passenger at the heart of what we do, but also recognises the need to address the impacts of aviation on communities and the environment.”

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If they do the work at the same pace as the roadworks near the new Amazon depot which normally involves a total of 2 men and a digger, one of whom is normally drinking coffee or on the phone whilst watching the traffic jams … then I can confidently predict that this work will be finished by the year 2150!!… the kid doing the voiceover will have been long dead of old age.

By constantlystuckintraffic

Well overdue. Manchester’s pathway to the world has been lacking for so many years. This will be great if delivered. Shame to be playing catch up.

By Mike D

Looks great….love the reference to the worker bee and the honeycomb in the interior design

By David

Great, Manchester Airport is now a national asset with more destinations than Heathrow, 15th most in the world, a large emerging hub not just for the North but for the whole country.

By Simmo

This is a total missed opportunity and a complete failure of joined up planning between MAG and the DfT. Only in Britain would a new airport terminal be built over 500m away from a new HS2 station. How embarrassing!

By Mancunian

Stress free? I don’t think so. Miles and miles of walking before you get anywhere near your plane.

By Martin

Do we really need this?

By Mr Bolton

Yeah… Airports are big… You have to do lots of walking… Newsflash…

Fantastic news. The Manchester revolution continues!


Mancunian, do you have a list of the walking distances from all HS rail stations to airport Termini around the world to support your claim please?

Otherwise, we might be forgiven for think you’re making an uninformed simplistic statement that ignores the myriad of technical and practical challenges to providing less than 500m separation between a new HS rail station and an airport terminal. Would also like a reference as to why 500m is an important distance rather than an arbitrary figure.

By Spock

Constantlystuckintraffic may have a point.Can Chris Grayling explain why the Smart,for want of a better word motorway, around Manchester,seems to have ground to a halt? Or was this just another means of fleecing motorists doing sixty on a three laned motorway? I notice the speed cameras are up and running,but the gantries are half finished and this road is still inconveniencing taxpayers on a daily basis.Any news on when that might be finished Minister?

By Elephant

Spock – pop over to China and you’ll see that airport terminals and stations can be much integrated, with platforms and check-in just a few seconds apart.

Unfortunately what’s proposed here is an HS2 station on the opposite side of a motorway. The new terminal, instead of being as close as possible to the station where the current car parks are, will be a tram ride away. Totally disjointed planning on all sides.

By Mancunian

In China, you are talking totally new motorways and airports, as well as new rail lines. This provides the luxury of being able to integrate everything strategically, whereas in Britain we have to work around what we already have in place.

By Spock