What is The Cloud and do I actually want some?


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How can your company make the most out of ‘The Cloud’ and capitalise on the benefits it offers for flexibility, cost-savings and increased productivity?

The Cloud in its simplest form is all the computer data that doesn’t live in your office but that you can access via an internet connection.

So book a train, or buy anything online and when the purchase itself happens on their servers, which is on the internet, this is all happening in The Cloud.

So now thanks to The Cloud, businesses can now do all of their accountancy, manage complex processes or send emails to thousands of people using Cloud ‘apps’ and ‘services’ rather than you having to install all the tech on your own machines or owning a big data centre.

So start exploring how you can cut costs, increase efficiency and fast-track your companies success by downloading this handy ‘Guide to the Cloud’ here.

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