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One of the main priorities for financial advisors when establishing their marketing strategy is to present a trustworthy image. As consumers have become more and more wary of financial organisations and individuals in recent years, a key challenge for the sector is to create an authentic and honest brand image.

Here are my top tips for those in the financial sector when setting their PR and marketing strategy.

Communicate using accessible language

Drop the jargon and make sure you address your target market in language they understand. Often, in the financial sector, complex and technical language can be a barrier to reaching your consumer. Clarity is important when talking about finance.

Make your marketing messages concise and clear, always having your target audience in mind. Use technical language only when absolutely necessary. Technical language can confuse people and can make your service seem less trustworthy. Communicate your trustworthiness through clear messaging.

Think about your potential clients – what do they want to read?

Make each social post, news item or blog, relevant and targeted towards your audience. It is a good exercise to do some customer profiling ahead of beginning your marketing activity. What kind of content does your potential client read? What do they want to hear from their prospective financial advisor? What do they need advice on and how can you give them a taster while positioning yourself as a thought leader on the topic?

Make sure you do your research before beginning your marketing activity and build your brand using the most popular channels for your target market. Where are your audience consuming their content? This is where you should be spending your marketing budget. Maintain an authentic and consistent tone throughout all your channels.

Social media and the financial sector

First impressions matter… and social media should be viewed as your shop window to reach out to potential customers.

In the past, industry legislation in terms of compliance has often held back financial advisors from being active on social media. As long as all messages pushed out on social media are clear and not misleading there is no reason not to use social media as part of the marketing mix.

The financial industry is beginning to wake up to the benefits of effective social media marketing – It does not have to be boring! Make sure you establish a tone of voice which will differentiate you from your competitors. Consider using creative tactics such as dreaming up a fictional persona to help you market your services.

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