Eccles regen Salford p.SH via SCC

The proposed regeneration is expected to be residential-led, and will feature new civic and green spaces, as well as community facilities. Credit: SimpsonHaugh via Salford City Council

SimpsonHaugh on board to shape Salford’s Eccles vision 

The Manchester-based architecture studio is working with the city council on early-stage visualisations of the major regeneration scheme, following the authority’s £4m acquisition of the town’s shopping centre late last year. 

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett confirmed to Place North West that SimpsonHaugh’s appointment was aimed at “bringing to life what Eccles could look like in the future and spark further discussions with the local community”. 

Consultation with local stakeholders over how the scheme will take shape is ongoing and Salford City Council expects to appoint a development partner for the project in the near future. 

The proposed regeneration is expected to be residential-led, and will feature new civic spaces and community facilities.  

The project will involve the demolition of much of the existing 200,000 sq ft retail complex and the accompanying multistorey car park. 

The city council bought the asset from Columbia Threadneedle for £4.15m late last year, paving the way for the wholesale redevelopment of the town centre.  

At the time, Dennett said: “It’s time to accept some hard truths, that the centre as it stands now isn’t working for the town or the community.” 

Ian Simpson and Rachel Haugh, co-founding partners of SimpsonHaugh, said the acquisition of the shopping centre was a “critical step in bringing forward opportunities for the community of Eccles”. 

“We are delighted to have been working alongside Salford City Council to develop a vision for Eccles town centre,” they said. 

“[The vision] responds to the public consultation and the community’s expressed desire to establish a sense of place that reinstates the historic streetscape and not only encourages visitors to the town but also achieves a sustainable environment where people work, live, and enjoy leisure time.”

Eccles regen Salford p.SH via SCC

The scheme aims to breathe new life into Eccles. Credit: SimpsonHaugh via Salford City Council


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Wow!!! Fantastic news

By Anonymous

It’s the year 2083, and the weary remaining members of the ‘Resistance’ stand guard around the perimeter of the last morsel of land yet to have been “revitalised” by SH Architects..

By Anonymous

The next GM boom area and it’s already started. So well placed and connected.

By Bob

Huge potential. Tram into the city centre nearby and only 8 mins into Victoria on the train. Could catch some of that Monton vibe with enough long term investment.

By John

Come on Eccles everyone is rooting for you. There’s some fine buildings around there and as mentioned by someone else hopefully some of Monton’s vibe will trickle down.

By Anonymous

Great to see some vision. Let’s get started.

By Mr Watts

Does anyone live in Eccles who places these comments, has anyone tried to get in and out of Eccles recently it is a total traffic nightmare, with the new Peel resi development at the Trafford Centre, how are all those people going to get around and don’t say public transport because that is yet another issue. Nice idea but get your basics sorted first.

By Anonymous

Let’s hope they’re able to attract a proper developer here, urban splash, capital & centric have both done great things in salford in the past, more of their approach to design would be a huge leap in the right direction

By Andy Vale

It is a big job to turn that centre around. It was dire last time I went with nothing only charity shops. Good luck.

By Elephant

Massive potential here, already multi-modal and not far from fantastic greenspaces too

By CityCentre

@Anonymous 1.11 – We need more homes so that spiralling rents and house prices don’t start forcing people into homelessness. Sorry if that means you have to wait an extra two minutes while bobbing around in your car. Maybe get a bike instead?

By Anonymous

I am an Eccles resident. Although it sounds like a great project the likely outcome will be massive hike in Council Tax which is already a poor service.

By John Carter

@ Anonymous 1:11

Walk or cycle

By Duh

Get the basics sorted? As has already been pointed out Eccles has a tram station, a train station and a bus station how much more do you want?Fixing traffic issues in the Uk is not what this article is about, that requires a mindset and more investment. Eccles needs a lot of work but the basics have already been sorted.

By Anonymous

A little if this “tlc” being focused on Eccles would be very welcome AND is long overdue for Irlam & Cadishead – a much neglected and ignored area of Salford. There are dozens of (bomb) sites screaming for housing which have been waiting 20+ years for development. An utter and shameful disgrace.

By Okeefe

It is about time something was done with Eccles, as it looks now it’s the pits. Who in the right mind would even consider shopping there.
There are no decent shops to talk about. It’s not an area you feel safe walking round and again why would you when there is nothing there. Just hope Salford City Council dont get involved they ruiit 1st time round

By Another

What are you going to do to improve the current neighbourhood? Lots of poverty, criminality, hostels, litter, rundown dwellings

By James

Will this development attract some real shops not charity shops, bookmakers and pound shops, because there is nothing at the moment to entice people to shop in Eccles

By Kay Lenegan

It’s nice to think that changes are coming but as long as it’s not another student city got enough of students in the quays and precinct and if there’s any property’s being built please consider the locals first for rental not just students . But yes I’m looking forward to the changes.

By Fran

Access accessibility and disability accessible.
Think no steps, contrasting surfaces, and clever innovation to ensure disabled people have access built in from the design stage.

By Anonymous

Yes I live in Eccles. All I can say is about time. Always known how well placed it is. Just too people a long time to wake up to the fact.

By Bernadette Griffin

More monstrosities to join the four 23 storey monstrosities already being built on site.

By Anonymous

So it’s going to be flats with some grass nobody will use in the middle? How unique.

By Mike

Go on then Mike, give us all and the developers your considered insight . What’s the big plan for regeneration and how will Eccles gain?

By Anonymous

Everyone saying “walk or cycle” perhaps people dont want to cycle?

Pretending cars are going away is stupid, it is and will remain the primary transport unless our public transport system is brought into the future like Japans.

By Anonymous

If you don’t want to walk or cycle then unfortunately that’s your problem because everyone else like you has the same idea and keeps jamming the roads up even more. You’re adding to the problem, you deal with it.

By Anonymous

Lot of typical selfish cyclist zealots here “eff cars eff anyone but us” what about people like me who are disabled so cannot walk or ride, I suppose eff us too huh?

By Anonymous

Disabled access would still be provided throughout the layout though. I thought it was the traffic congestion that was the problem, not accessibility? As someone who is actually a disabled driver, designing spaces that is open and not full of congested roads is far more appealing.

By Anonymous

National surveys have shown that towns thrive when there are fewer shops and more houses in the centre, so this proposal is spot on. As transport is one of the strengths of Eccles I hope that more can be made of the current tram, bus and train stations (all currently rather forlorn) and more emphasis put on the importance of Church Street as the spine joining them together.

By David

Everyone saying walk or cycle? Just one comment as far as I can see. A little proportion please. It has been pointed out that Eccles is very well connected but that’s just a fact, it is and it’s that which helps makes this redevelopment so appealing.

By Anonymous

I do hope some of those commenting will turn up to the public consultations. Yes, it’s sad what has been allowed to happen to Eccles, but it’s up to us to make our voices heard and contribute to improvement.

By Steve

lots of tall glass towers with chequer board facades incoming!

By manc

This looks amazing! Eccles deserves this!!

By Kelly Jemison

What on earth are those blocks showing on the central car park, do you not think 23 storeys are enough!!

By Anonymous

What about the traders who are going to lose their livlihood are they going to offered alternative space or is it case of out with the old and in with the new

By Christine walker

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