Steve Rotheram with train, p LCRCA

Rotheram is going big on transport in a bid to secure a third term. Credit: LCRCA

Rotheram promises hat-trick of train stations if re-elected 

Woodchurch in Wirral, Carr Mill in St Helens, and Daresbury in Halton could all get a transport boost by 2030 if the Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor is voted in for a third term in May. 

If it comes to fruition, Steve Rotheram’s election pledge means that every borough of the city region would have had – or had plans put in place for – a new station since he was first elected in 2017. 

Maghull North and Headbolt Lane are already operational, while Liverpool Baltic is due to complete by 2027. 

“I know that in some parts of our region, Liverpool can feel as distant and inaccessible as London,” Rotheram said. “I’m working to put that right, bringing local people closer to each other and to the opportunities we’re creating.” 

The three-station promise is Rotheram’s first policy pledge in the lead up to the mayoral elections in May. 

“Any modern, thriving region is only as good as its public transport,” Rotheram said. 

“Since I’ve been mayor, I’ve worked around the clock to give our region what Londoners get to enjoy every day: a reliable, accessible, affordable and integrated network that helps, rather than hinders people getting about.” 

Rotheram also took a swipe at the Conservative Party’s recent record on transport. 

“My record is in stark contrast to the Conservatives in government,” he said. “While they’ve stripped back investment in decent rail infrastructure, such as HS2, I’ve opened two new stations already – with one more under construction and three more about to join them.  

“We’ve bought half a billion pounds worth of brand new trains and are taking back control of the local network too.” 

Local Labour reaction 

Cllr David Baines, Leader of St Helens Council 

“Improving public transport in St Helens is a top priority for us all, and bringing Merseyrail here is a key part of our ambitions. Carr Mill will be a game changer not just for the Haresfinch and Moss Bank area but wider communities too, connecting our borough to the Merseyrail network and making travel easier for residents. It’s an exciting opportunity and Steve’s commitment to it – in partnership with our Labour Council – shows what Labour in power can achieve.” 

Cllr Mike Wharton, Leader of Halton Council 

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen how new train stations in our city region can be a catalyst for regeneration and connect people with opportunity so it’s fantastic that Steve Rotheram has announced Daresbury is in line for a new station on the Merseyrail network.  

“While the Tories run down our public transport network – our Labour council, working with a Labour Mayor, are working together to revitalise public transport in Halton and across the city region.” 

Cllr Paul Stuart, Leader of Wirral  Council 

“Woodchurch has long been identified as a prime location for a new train station and I am delighted that Steve has announced this addition to our local rail network. This project will support the wider regeneration work in Wirral to further improve access to public transport across the borough. 

“Trains provide our residents with a vital transport link to the outside world and it is great to see Steve demonstrate his and our ambition for our area with an investment that will connect people to jobs, training opportunities and each other for years to come.” 

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These announcements are welcome but Steve needs to be a bit more open and communicative about the Baltic Station, like what are the latest plans, when will the planning application be in as we’re all waiting. Also he says large swathes of the region have no rail station, but we have an idle outer Loop Line passing through Gateacre, Childwall, West Derby, Walton etc which he never mentions, and would benefit the East of Liverpool as well as link Halewood and that side of Knowsley and Halton to North Liverpool and Sefton. So come on Steve isn’t that more like a London style rail system rather than pepper-potted station locations.

By Anonymous

What’s happening with a station for the new Everton stadium ? Also why has the dock road which passes the ground had imposed a significant reduction of its capacity for a oversized cycle lane that is sparsely used at best.

By Paul M - Woolton

These new stations and others should be a matter of policy and not tied to his political campaign.
His record on transport is not very good.
Hydrogen buses not in service , battery run trains not running effectively. The time delay over making decisions and implementing them very slow. His history with Hs2 more or less ineffectival.
What we need is a person of vision and political kudos.
LCR is crying out for a real leader.

By Liverpolitis

Station ar Daresbury…great but what’s the location. A discussed station at Moore but that’s about a mile away from the darebury science park which people need to access for jobs …also assuming a big park and ride would be important ….but overall good news if the 3 stations can be delivered…will take at least 5 years

By George

All rail investment is welcome, but those locations are chosen for purely political reasons and not because they represent the optimal location for new investment. Baltic is far more pressing.
Consider Woodchurch: residents have to walk more than half a mile, negotiating a busy motorway to reach the station. The physical realities of that walk more or less guarantee sub-optimal usage. Then factor in that it’s on the infrequent, slow line between Wrexham and Bidston and that users will have to change at Bidston to join Merseyrail. Frankly, the 471 bus is far quicker and more convenient.
Put another way, a typical political decision made to suit politicians, not the needs of people nor any sound economic rationale. What’s the point of having other people’s money if you can’t blow it on pet projects, eh?

By More Anonymous than the others

@Paul M – Woolton. Paul, you need to leave the south end and head north. When you do, you’ll notice that there’s a Merseyrail station about 500 yards from Bramley Moore on the Northern Line. It’s called Sandhills and it’s only a short stroll from the ground.

By Anonymous

We need to widen and resurface the roads before the selfish yuppies get their way with other schemes

By Anonymous

Every body who writes a letter complaining about some thing. Must from now on commit to actively doing something positive to change at least one thing that needs doing, and must include that commitment in their letter.

By Anonymous

@Anon 1.27pm, why do you want to widen the roads, isn’t that a bit “selfish”.
You seem not to like upwardly mobile people, who you label “selfish yuppies ” or is it that you are ok with the unselfish yuppies. Of course an element of the working class are selfish too while plenty are fair and open minded. As regards the trains I would love to see Merseyrail expanded right across our region with more and more of those impressive new trains.

By Anonymous

The city region could also rediscover the benefits of light rail as well, seeing as developments in the city centre seems to always feature acres of tarmac. They’ve probably gone cold on it after their unsatisfactory previous experience.

By WayFay

I’m a big fan of railways, and especially urban trams, but I do wonder what the point of at least some of these new stations are and whether they represent good use of resources. For instance Woodchurch. The Bidston-Wrexham line is a basket case (for reasons too long to go into here) and incapable of reliable improvement without unaffordable infrastructure investment and transfer to Merseytravel (which isn’t going to happen). It is similarly sited in relation to its community as Upton, currently the worst performing station in Merseyside. It is unlikely that a Woodchurch station would offer a quicker journey time to Liverpool than the current bus, and the train service is only one or two trains per hour, depending on whether the 40 year-old converted Underground stock is available on any day.

By Peter Black

@ More Anon, 12.48pm, if the Woodchurch proposal doesn’t work I would suggest a station at the West end of Moreton, as the town is elongated so much that Moreton station is a trek for those at this end. The stops between Meols and Moreton are a fair distance that’s why a station at the Western side of Moreton would attract many passengers within walking distance who currently aren’t tempted.

By Anonymous

Baltic station must be the priority. It would have far more users than all these stations put together. A new station is also needed for the regeneration of the Ten Streets/Vauxhall area of the north docks.

By Anonymous

Is it just me or does anyone else get a bad back sittin on those hard new train seats!

By Anonymous

@Anon 6.58pm 5 March, the seats on the new Merseyrail trains are amongst the better ones I’ve experienced on a metro system, have you tried the ones on the New York subway, or the Barcelona metro. These trains are for local journeys mostly and don’t need padded seats, furthermore some people have complained there’s no toilets but the London Tube has no toilets and you could be sitting on a tube train for well over an hour from say, Heathrow to Cockfosters ,that’s just the way it works.

By Anonymous

‘Selfish yuppies’ ! 😂straight out of the 1980’s Rodney ! The world has moved on, some people need to move on with it. Overall this is a good thing even if Gove will actually claim the high ground. We just need more and higher ground.

By Del Boy

How on earth does Daresbury get on the Merseyrail system?

By Eastwood

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