Elizabeth Tower 6

Image shows Elizabeth Tower in foreground, with Deansgate Square to the right and Beetham Tower to the rear

Renaker readies designs for next Crown Street skyscrapers

Renaker Build is moving forward with two 51-storey towers as part of its large-scale redevelopment of Great Jackson Street on the edge of Manchester city centre, including more than 850 apartments.

The two high-rise buildings, designed by SimpsonHaugh, will form the second phase of Renaker’s Crown Street scheme. Between them, the buildings would include 865 apartments, a primary school, with a public park and public car park planned alongside.

The plot is next to the Chester Road roundabout and Mancunian Way, sitting beside the first phase of Crown Street, where Renaker is on site with the construction of Elizabeth Tower. The 52-storey building, and connected 21-storey block, total 664 apartments, and were also designed by SimpsonHaugh.

Last month, it was revealed that Maslow Capital had backed Crown Street with a £123m development loan.

Crown Street is one of the first phases of development within the masterplan for the Great Jackson Street area. This includes Deansgate Square, Renaker’s four-tower cluster currently nearing completion, and sites owned by DeTrafford, with planning consent for towers of 32, 26, 18 storeys on Olympia Trading Estate, also designed by SimpsonHaugh.

Overall, Great Jackson Street is earmarked for more than 6,500 apartments across 23 towers, as well as lower-rise blocks and townhouses.

Renaker is hosting a consultation event on the latest proposals on Wednesday 27 November from 3pm to 7pm at the Deansgate Square marketing suite.

Deloitte is the planner advisor.

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Boom just 2 more 51 storey towers to add to the list, n o stopping the place atm. Cant wait to see the designs

By Bob

When are DeTrafford going to get their project moving, Anyone have any updates on that one?

By Bob

Brilliant…can’t wait to see the next addition to our mini Manhattan!

By Steve

Looking forward to the design reveal, phase one is stunning! Good to see more city centre schools too!

By Karl

That’s it where New York now lol

By Anonymous

Manhattan has a waterfront Manchester does not have any qualities of NewYork

By Anonymous

I’m all for this I really am…but where are the people coming from to buy/rent these apartments? Have i missed an announcement of 3000 jobs paying over £75k a year?

By Pineapple Chunx

Looking forward to the designs? Let’s not pretend that they will be anything but bland, rectangular glass boxes as per every other SimpsonHaugh designed building in this city. Yawn.

By New Wave

We need another doctors and dentist too! Where are £6,500 people going to go when the existing ones are full up.

By Steve

A landlocked skyline is never beautiful. They are just blocks.

By Liver guy

Agree with Pinapple Chunx!

By Anon

That’s ok, we have the backdrop of the Pennines and the Quays to go with the ‘proper’ Skyscrapers. Twin towers, nice, keep them coming.

By @LiverGuy

What about the poor , Manchester has the highest crime and deprivation rate in the UK, these ugly blocks cannot resolved the real Manchester, the homeless and dirty streets are priority,

By Salfordlad

What about people on min wage average wage in Manchester is 900 cal month

By Salfordlad

Food banks

By Anonymous

We’ve made it we’ve won the lottery, Manchester has more ugly blocks than Liverpool ,Birmingham , London . Wonderwall

By Anonymous

I love Manchester, best city in England, skyscrapers are just the icing on the cake

By Tom

Looks great

By Lenny1968

Taxi took me into Manchester last Thursday via Chester Road to piccadily train station, couldn’t believe the number of buildings be built – very impressive. Per the MANChattan skyline that’s obviously just a little bit of fun – self deprecating.
And, per Salfordlad (or is it scouse lad) I’d check your crime figures before you ‘contribute’ again.

By phildered

I bet the designs will be……just like the previous schemes!

By Oscar

As an American living in the UK, Manchester is the best city to be part of outside of London.
Its a tough, gritty, diverse and vibrant city, for better or worse. It’s leading the way and will be for a while.
It’s just got more balls, sorry everyone else but you suck!

By Kia

And a 1bed apartment 250k way to much, who’s buy them?, need to be more affordable for Us working class.

By P

Great 2 c our great city continue to make our way in the world and cement its place as as UK’s 2nd city , long may it continue

By Proud manc

@New Wave I couldn’t agree more, I can already tell what designs will look like… SQUARE and BORING

By Anonymous

they will look fabulous and many more to be planned built. So to the Trolls, get back under your bridge ,your misery sustains me!

By Nve

It’s Simpson Haugh. It will look the same as everything else. People seem to have this ideal that as long as its 50 stories its an a great building, superb, amazing, fantastic. Most of the tower are pretty dull visually. They give massing, but apart from that they’re nothing special to look at, at all, however you want to dress them up.

By Jabba

To all those saying that these apartments are “unaffordable”. They’re clearly affordable to someone else they wouldn’t be viable. Some people will just always find something to moan about, and it seems Place North West is the new place to go for people to have a whinge about things they know very little about.

By Anonymous

Pineapple Chunx makes a good point. How many people are earning the wages to buy these? The thing is a semi in Old Trafford regularly costs £300.000 these days

By Elephant

Interesting article in the Sunday Times last week about the relationship between MCC and the owners of MCFC. Some points for reflection may I say and concern over some of the land deals if the article is true? Anybody else see it?

By Just saying

Lets say a couple on a combined salary of £60k can borrow up to 4-5 times their wage, they could afford a £260-300k property in these towers – no car or gym outgoings either. Life choices.

By Anon

Visually, some of the towers being built in Manchester are the most interesting in the UK, including London.
Deansgate South for example might look like big blocky masses from afar (personally I like this anyway and it reminds me of some American cities) but when you get up close i.e. Castlefield you see how well the design works. It’s world class actually.
Whilst I agree that looking forward we need to create more varied designs, Manchester is only just starting and so is the skyline. I’m pretty sure a lot of other great cities started in the same way.

By L

Manchattan but still no Central Park?Its a great city and bold in its outlook although does need more greenspace planned for its growing population of city dwellers.

By Downtown

The city of Manchester reminds me of a council house that’s has had an exstention and then thinks its above every e else in the street , please remove your rose tinted glasses at once, NY London ? Liverpool is a much well thought out city with better more quality high rises , the truth hurts.

By Mancunian

Not the best looking City tbh .

By Daniel

When they use Manvmcheter to film scenes for New York London blockbuster films , then you can compare yourselves to major Cities lol

By Anonymous

Looks like those predictions of boring boxes were a little off the mark.

By Oops

To everyone that this applies to, why the negative comments about development in Manchester? Would you prefer nothing instead of something, albeit requiring some design improvement? Negative outlook usually = negative prospects and outcomes. Optimistic realists get things done by persuade others to believe visions can be accomplished and see opportunities in solving problems. The pessimistic realists just see problems and never leave the couch as it’s easier to rain over others aspirations. The optimists are why Manchester is where it is since 1997. And they are well rewarded for it so please forgive them if they ignore those who think everything was better in the “old days”. If you get rid of those rosy glasses, you may see that very few things were better in the “old days”. This is easily demonstrable but requires a bit of research and thinking, not regurgitating the echo chambers that you may be tempted to inhabit. I am open to looking at it from other perspectives but direct experience shows me that Manchester is a better place than it was 20 years ago. Stockport is now better than Manchester was 20 years ago, for example.

By Not Sarah

When Manchester is used for huge blockbuster films , and world class series such as The Crown , Victoria , War of the worlds and many more being filmed across my world famous city Liverpool then it can compare itself to the likes of NY London and Paris , other than that keep being deluded.

By Jos'e

Manchester has already been used many times for New York Blockbuster Films, Netlfix series’ etc….do your research. Jared Leto in the City filming for a new Spiderman spin-off film is a recent example.

By @thetrolls

Loving all the comments on ‘boring square/rectangular buildings’ despite the fact one is literally called The Cylinder.

Good work there PNW commentators, as ever.

By daveboi

Weren’t they filming Captain America and Peaky Blinders in Manc earlier this year alone?
And why do you think the BBC and ITV are based here?
I take it you were joking, if not try removing the word ‘Liverpool’ from your Google searches and save us all from reading a rubbish comment.

By L

For some cities, being a fill-in for New York is all they can aspire to. I’m glad Manchester aims higher

By Anonymous

“Have i missed an announcement of 3000 jobs paying over £75k a year?
November 26, 2019 at 1:58 pm By Pineapple Chunx”

These towers don’t build themselves!

By Jimbob

Most are unaffordable. No benefit to ordinary people struggling.

By Anonymous

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