Sale West Homes
The homes have been designed by AEW Architects

Trafford to rule on £11m Sale West regeneration

Dan Whelan

Irwell Valley Homes plans to build up to 260 homes across 90 acres of the estate, with a full application for the first 80-unit phase expected to be approved on Thursday. 

The housing provider has also applied for outline consent for subsequent phases, which include 180 homes and improvements to the existing Sale West Community Centre. 

The site, plans for which were lodged in February, is bounded by Firs Way to the north and west and Cherry Lane to the south. Starting later this year, all of the existing homes owned by Irwell Valley will get new kitchens, roofs, fencing, gates and boilers, under Irwell Valley’s plans intended to help it strengthen its presence in the area.

The housing estate, developed in the 1960s and 1970s, comprises around 1,400 dwellings, the majority of which is former council housing stock now managed by the housing provider. 

In addition to its planning applications, Irwell Valley has pledged to invest a further £7m towards upgrading its existing stock. It also wants to make improvements to roads, pedestrian and cycle routes, and open spaces.

There have been some objections to the scheme, including concerns over potential loss of green space and oversubscription of schools and health centres in the local area. 

Nexus Planning, AEW Architects, Exterior Architects, Curtins and CPC are advising Irwell Valley Homes and Trafford Council on the regeneration scheme. 

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Why not make all new homes at least 3 floors high.Why do people have to keep living in little boxes.It disgusts me.

By jack

Are these houses included in the GMSF document as there are already 6600 homes planned on Carrington Moss – where are the numbers to say the area needs this many as it is suggested that only 3200 homes are required by the council in the whole of Trafford. And will they be ……..ahem……..affordable????? What price is affordable as this only seems to be those who can afford to pay the overpriced costs – not the costs that people can ACTUALLY afford.


I live on the estate and these plans include opening up more through roads, doing away with safe pedestrian only areas and increasing traffic flow. We are about to lose all our safe green spaces to vehicle access. The plans propose to build houses on every little piece of green space, what’s left of it once the new roads are built. Schools are already oversubscribed in the area and I don’t think the health centre will cope. I believe permission will be given but I wish they would reconsider the idea of opening up new through roads, not safe.


As a direct beneficiary I’m all for it.

By Ben

Will these homes only be available for 35% ownership or will the buyer be able to buy out the entire home?

By Anthony

If you look at Haydock ave they have destroyed what was a nice ave to congest
More houses you can not move for cars and its through road to lingfield is a bloody race track

By DW Hinds

Traffic, schools aleady congested. Health Centre does its best but….NO, NO, NO

By Carol Jones

I live where they are planning to build and we will loose access to our back gardens. I also agree about the additional parking as irwell valley are planning designated parking, which will not work. You could not get an appointment at Firsway before Covid for 3 weeks, how will local services cope with the additional demand. Lastly the loss of green space and added traffic will ruin the area.

By Sharon