Study will assess viability of new homes schemes

Simon Donohue

A major study on the deliverability of schemes to build new homes in areas that are already officially classed as built-up is being undertaken by chartered town planners Hourigan Connolly.

Hourigan Connolly, Manchester, has already begun work on the study which will encompass 115 sites across more than 40 local authorities in England, Wales and Scotland.

Daniel Connolly, director at Hourigan Connolly, said: "Local planning authorities throughout the UK are increasingly reliant on the release of extensions to existing built up areas in order to meet identified housing needs.

"We recognise the inherent benefits that such schemes can deliver for local communities and the purpose of this study is not to evaluate their merits or otherwise but is an exercise in considering deliverability, the factors which affect deliverability, the timescales involved from a site being identified for development to planning permission being granted and thereafter the rates at which housing can realistically be delivered on major residential sites of 500+ dwellings.

"Housing is a key economic driver of the national economy.

"Establishing an understanding of the timescales involved with the delivery of urban extensions and rates of delivery of houses will assist decision makers in assessing the contribution such sites can realistically make to meeting identified housing needs both in the context of development plan making and the development management process."

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Is this photograph from an old article?

By 1976

Great ! More planners commenting on the "deliverability" and "viability" of development schemes. That study should be a cracking read….

By Developer