Lacy Street Option B Stretford Bruntwood Works
Apartments could be built on Lacy Street car park opposite the mall connecting to the canal

Stretford JV’s options for ‘revitalising area’

Paul Unger

Canalside residential, greener streets and offices closer to where people live are all being considered by Bruntwood Works and Trafford Council, as plans were unveiled for a latest round of consultation online.

The JV partners said that having considered the feedback from events in November and January, the virtual consultation at showcases possible options for the future of Stretford Mall and Trafford Council’s wider Stretford Masterplan and Area Action Plan, which would enable the council to use land assembly powers where required.

Lacy Street Visual1

The plan stretches across the four neighbourhoods of Victoria, Arndale House and the Mall, St Ann’s and Lacy Street on the Bridgewater Canal.

Masterplan Interactive

Options being considered:

  • Lacy Street – canalside community and park
  • St Ann’s – improve access to town centre and canal
  • Victoria – greener and cleaner streets, safer park
  • Central – bring Essoldo cinema back into use, later opening times, independent shops
  • Arndale House – coworking offices taking advantage of trend for working from home and closer to where people live

Important themes identified from the earlier consultations include a focus on improving pedestrian and cycle links across Stretford, retaining and attracting more independent businesses to the Mall, improvements in leisure and shopping facilities generally, and a need to make the area more accessible in the evenings.

Andrea George, regional director of town centres and consumer brands at Bruntwood Works, said: “We have used the feedback from previous events to inform this latest stage of consultation – these are ideas that have been shaped by the community who want their town centre to satisfy a variety of needs. Our aim is to help revitalise Stretford town centre by making it an even more vibrant place in which to work, live and play. The virtual consultation showcases options for the future of Stretford Mall, including ideas to reinvigorate the retail and leisure offer, alongside commercial and residential opportunities. We are looking forward to hearing what people think of the latest ideas.”

Cllr Andrew Western, Labour leader of Trafford Council, said: “It’s clear that the people of Stretford and town centre visitors care passionately about the future of the area. While it’s disappointing that we are unable to discuss our possible options with the community face-to-face, I am confident that this virtual consultation will give everybody the opportunity to have their say. We are determined that the community should continue to be properly included in the debate about how we continue to reinvigorate Stretford and its town centre.”

Bruntwood Works and Trafford Council bought Stretford Mall from M&M Asset Management in autumn 2019. The joint venture is also planning to redevelop Stamford Quarter and Clarendon House, both in Altrincham.

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For Stretford to truly suceed the horrible roads cutting through the middle of it will have to go. Why should the people of Stretford suffer just because people from Altrincham and further afield are too lazy to take public transport into Manchester? Narrow Chester Road to one lane either side, 20mph speed limit, tree-lined pavements, cycle lanes…. it’ll be a class area in no time. The Cheshire set will have to take their Range Rovers somewhere else.

By Anonymous

Please ensure that we keep our essential shops, grocery, bargain shops and many others such as hairdressers, beauty salons, clothing shoes, and the much missed hardware shop. I Needed a washbasin plug recently i had to go all the way to sale for one. Thank you.

By Mary morgan

Further to the ridiculous comment below. Chester Road is going nowhere, so get used to it. One lane either would cause chaos as is the cones onto edge lanes causing major traffic outside our homes. Stretford spent millions making that right turn into 2 lanes to ease congestion and it worked, now we’re back to 2016 with major congestion, pollution from idling cars and traffic at a Standstill all the way past Longford Park. How about you clean Longford Park up while you’re at rebuilding and do something about cyclists speeding around the park like they own it and have no regard for toddlers and dogs. Stretford at night? Where is there to go?

By Anonymous

Canal towpath looks a bit too narrowed on that artist’s impression.

By Bob

If you build it they will come.

By Voice of reason

Build a bridge over Stretford like they use to have at deasgate. Cars out of the way! Or a tunnel! We could build a tunnel!!

By Bob

This masterplan is a good start, Stretford needs more than listed but this should be supported.

Anonymous number 2, clearly you haven’t been to Stretford recently. There’s 4 good new drinking establishments catering for very different clientele whatever your choice is, 2 of which serve great food. You can go to this part of Stretford and spend the night, but a few more independents moving in would help. Yes it’s not Beech Road, West Dids or Alty but that is what this masterplan would strive to change Stop moaning, start supporting. Get excited about re-invigorating a long forgotten area with clear potential. Promote the reduction in roads and sustainable transport options and you wouldn’t have to live on a traffic choked road as those commuters find another route into the city centre.

There is an upward shift in younger families moving to stretford due to unaffordable Chorlton prices, bringing with it vibrancy. Get this masterplan moving!

By Clue

Not another bruntwood Trafford plan knock down ardale build houses í


Start by cleaning up the smaller parks and making these more accessible to the many young families living in the area. Get the place looking fresh and vibrant and promote more events aimed at celebrating and embracing such a multi cultural community and encouraging interaction between households and neighbourhoods in the areas that make up Trafford. Allow changes to cater to the needs and wants of Traffords many residents and not try to simply make Stretford an extension of Chorlton. Spruce up the neglected sections of the city so the introduction and placement of anything new looks in keeping with its surroundings so it blends in and doesn’t look put of place in the centre of a semi neglected area otherwise it just presents as novelty as opose to significant in history!

By Ricky M

These are all my opinions and I respect the opinions of others. I’ve been a resident my entire life, now over 30 years but the reality is that Stretford was once a predominantly working class area. The demographic of the area is changing and moving away from this which inevitably leads to change. Do I agree with the plans? Not entirely sure as I am still sceptical if the regeneration truly benefits everyone or if it will only benefit those with more money. Time will tell but the elephant in the room for me is…knock the Arndale down and create a new town centre! Yes there are new bars and the foodhall but the current building is no longer fit for purpose and also makes Chester Road seem even darker at night in my opinion. My opinions on some other comments are Stretford could soon become unaffordable so Chorlton prices might be not too different! Finally Chester Road should stay in it’s current format, it’s a Roman built road and a major road into Manchester so it’s ridiculous to consider removing it, it’s just sod’s law that Stretford is situated where it is i’m afraid! Find me a street in Stretford not full of cars, not enough people are cycling and walking, nor would there be anywhere near enough if it was re-configured, it is a matter of choice. Let’s see what happens, Viva St. Retford!

By Anonymous

The boarded up shops at the bottom of Edge lane are an ‘eyesore’. The flats above have to leave their dustbin outside on the pavement. Quiet often these dustbin overflow and filthy waste spreads over the pavement which pedestrians have to walk past. The dustbins are not big enough for the resident rubbish and they overflow. These shops should be refurbished and either turned into bed sits or shops. I cannot see the later being economically viable as the shops in the Mall would stop them being a commercial enterprise. There has to be an off pavement place for the dustbins before anything else is done. Recently white paint has been put on the windows but the rest of the buildings are still in decay. At the moment the windows provide a canvas for graffiti. What is needed is investment to get rid of this decaying site.

By Susan Mears

I’ve added my thoughts onto the survey.

As to ‘Longford clean up commentator’ as Clue said, there are a raft of new places that opened for the evenings though not enough. FoodHall is excellent for eating, drinking and groceries. Longford Tap is a great place for real ale and there are other places I haven’t been in yet namely Head, Uplift or The Hive.

Chester Road – I think one lane is a bit mad however, I think it should be no more than two lanes each side. There are no other roads this big that I can think of – Kingsway or Wellington Road spring to mind – both two lanes each way. Chester Road and to some extent, the madness of Kingsway, are killing Stretford and this masterplan won’t work until these two roads are addressed.
There’s an perfect option on the choices for Chester Rd – two lanes each way, dedicated cycle lane and wider pavements for the new businesses..and of course, plenty of greenery. With the proposal of new housing fronting Chester Rd, who in the their right mind would want to live right next to a ‘motorway’ I don’t see six or more lanes in Sale, Timperley or Altrincham so why in Stretford?

This is the one chance to do something radical and make it good for the community. There are a lot of young families moving to Stretford due to the house prices in Chorlton so make it safe, clean and inviting and not just a concrete, road infested ‘place’

By Spanky

Management of traffic flow on Chester Road is the biggest obstacle.

In the last civil engineering works, it is a real shame that traffic was not diverted underground so that more could be made of the area around Stretford Mall.

Rejuvenation is welcome and much needed.

By Stretford resident

They made it a mess getting rid of the subway tunnels. Almost been killed since its now a crossing. More traffic too as it has to wait for pedestrians.

Then they knocked down half the shopping centre

By smith

I appreciate that this consultation is only addressing what was formerly Stretford’s Town Centre but linking Trafford’s future ‘Civic Quarter’ to the Edge Lane/Kingsway-Chester Road junction would be better if discussed now, in conjunction with these plans, not added later on an ad hoc basis.

By Maggie Joan Haggas

Get the cyclists of the canal that think its a race track

By George Thomson