Haydock Point road entrance
The project stands to benefit from a £10m package of infrastructure works

Peel L&P fights for £165m Haydock Point

Dan Whelan

The developer will ask that its undetermined plans for a 1.8m sq ft industrial scheme in St Helens be considered alongside four North West logistics projects called in by the Government in May, while also resubmitting plans to the council in the hope of securing local approval. 

Haydock Point Employment Park, plans for which were first lodged in 2017, is being delivered by Peel L&P alongside logistics developer PLP. The scheme is set to benefit from a £10m infrastructure investment for improvement works to Junction 23 of the M6, where the development site is located.

However, as St Helens Council has yet to decide the plans, Peel L&P intends to submit an appeal on the grounds of non-determination, and to lodge a duplicate application in the hope of speeding up the process. 

At the same time, the developer has asked that the plans be considered alongside logistics developments in Bolton, Wigan, Warrington and St Helens, which were called in by the Minister for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick in May. 

The called-in schemes were: 

  • Tritax Symmetry’s 1.44m sq ft warehouse scheme Symmetry Park in Wigan 
  • Langtree’s 1m sq ft redevelopment of Parkside Colliery in St Helens 
  • Harworth Group’s 1 million sq ft Wingates scheme in Bolton 
  • Liberty Properties Developments and Eddie Stobart’s plans for a £75m national distribution centre on land north of  Barleycastle Lane in Warrington 

Peel L&P decided to proactively seek to accelerate the planning process after taking legal advice. 

Richard Knight, director of land and communities at Peel L&P said that while the developer would prefer to be granted approval at a local level, it “needs to ensure that the decision on Haydock Point should be taken alongside the called-in schemes”. 

He added: “At a time of economic uncertainty, we need to be accelerating the delivery of these jobs and multi-million-pound investment.”  

“The decision to call in several logistic schemes means we have had to reconsider our options,” he added. “We have concluded that there is no alternative but to appeal for non-determination and resubmit a fresh application.”  

Once complete, Haydock Point could provide up to 2,500 jobs and generate up to £159m for the economy annually, according to Peel L&P. 

Turley is the planning consultant advising on the project. 

The region’s industrial and logistics property sector saw near-record levels of take-up in the first half of 2020, driven by consumer demand for e-commerce amid the coronavirus lockdown, according to a report by consultancy Savills earlier this month. 

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Why do Peel continue to upset residents all over the North West by encroaching on settled and happy communities, wanting to cram more development into these areas that the people don’t want. They should be built at least 200 yards from any existing housing development also Peel should be made to pay for any feeder or bypass roads around their build. Town Halls, MPs and Councillors beware, you are allowing them to take over. Put common sense before common greed or await the next election.

By John Smith

Why is it that every development that is proposed for haydock comes with the saying it will create 2500 jobs we have been bitten once before with the sheds on Florida farm amazon promised 2500 jobs it created 150.Lets leave haydock alone now we have had enough of warehouses.The east lancs road cannot take anymore traffic neither can haydock island all our green belt land is fast disappearing the air quality is at a record high what peel have not thought about its not only haydock it’s going to affect golborne is going to take the brunt of it too.Lets hope st.helens council and the government take into account the lies the developers told when these plans were passed for Florida farm and the back lash from the residents who have to put up with looking at the sheds not green belt land PEEL YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE leave the people alone ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

By Michael

Peel only think of making millions of pounds for themselves and don’t give a dam about the people of haydock they think they can railroad st Helens council to doing what they want because they think they are such s massive business that what ever they want to build no one can stop them self interest is all they are concerned about

By R Johnson

The problem is,we don’t have a council with the backbone to fight it.

By B. Lester

Parkside Colliery site is in Newton-le-Willows, NOT ST. HELENS.


By Dean Pickersgill

They have picked up lot of Greenland on the periphery right on the edge of St Helens jurisdiction bordering with Warrington in Cheshire and Wigan in Lancashire,

By Brent ward