Cornbrook Peel
Peel's proposed hotel/aparthotel, by Leach Rhodes Walker

Peel and Glenbrook reveal Cornbrook hotel and resi plans

The proposed Chester Road development by a joint venture between Peel and Glenbrook is likely to be 14 storeys tall at its highest point.

A public consultation session was held yesterday at nearby Talbot Mill, where the plans for the project were shown ahead of a planning application being submitted by advisor How in December.

Guy Butler, director at Glenbrook, said: “Yesterday’s six-hour consultation event was well attended – over four times the number of people that came to the one we held for our Ellesmere Street scheme a couple of years ago.

“Interest surrounded the active ground floor frontage, the route to Cornbrook station, when we are starting construction and building finishes. A diverse group attended the event, and we have taken away the survey returns and are meeting with our design and construction teams to consider the feedback.

“It was mostly very positive and we are excited about getting the application ready for submission in the weeks ahead.”

Cornbrook Consult

The architects for the scheme are Sheppard Robson and Leach Rhodes Walker. Sheppard Robson is working on the PRS element, which will be delivered by Glenbrook and will feature two blocks at the Trentham Street side of the scheme. These will include 280 apartments and retail at ground floor, likely to be a convenience store.

Leach Rhodes Walker is working for Peel on the hotel and aparthotel building, which will be at the junction of Cornbrook Road and Bridgewater Way as it becomes Dinton Street.

The PRS part of the scheme will be built out first with the hotel to follow, the intention being for it to be a four- or five-star offer. The joint venture developers said that they will be improving the public realm all around the site, including a contribution to improving access to the Cornbrook Metrolink station.

Should planning be secured, the intention is for construction to begin in around eight months’ time, with construction workers moving over from Glenbrook’s Trilogy site at Ellesmere Street as that project reaches completion.

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On come on please! A 4/5star hotel in Cornbrook! Please!

By David

I think the proximity to Old Trafford does actually make this a good location for a decent hotel. The proximity to the tram which would take people to the games will be very appealing. Also good for people visiting Media City.

By Bradford

Don’t forget Peel built the falling down bridge, and then decided not to open it causing chaos for the road networks. Would you buy an apartment from them when they are so cost driven?

By Bridge disaster

What they’ve so far on Pomona is an absolute disgrace. Those beige flats look like they’ve been teleported over from Benidorm

By David

Bridge Disaster – the apartments are PRS so will not be available for private sale

By Bradford

David is right. I am sure if you look hard enough you will see a branch of ‘ Blow and Go’

By Elephant

Oooff!! That is an oppressive lump!!

By .