Downtown McGoff
McGoff said Downtown has completed more than a year ahead of schedule

McGoff completes £85m Salford flats

The McGoff Group has completed Downtown, its £85m apartment development on the banks of the River Irwell in Salford.

The 374 flats are located on Woden Street, which sits on the border of Salford and Castlefield, across six blocks designed by Leach Rhodes Walker Architects.

The project was built by McGoff Construction, part of the McGoff Group. Partners during the build programme included Heyrod Construction and HE Simm.

All the properties were sold off-plan, to a mix of owner-occupiers and overseas buyers after being marketed in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai through Alliance Investments.

The first phase of Downtown, totalling 164 apartments, completed in April 2019.  Phase two totals 210 flats, with Manchester law firms Fieldfisher and Beyond Corporate advising on the sales.

Paul Danks, group sales director at McGoff Group, said: “Downtown has been an incredible success story for the group, both in terms sales and the faster than anticipated build programme, which meant the development was completed approximately 14 months ahead of schedule.

“Following the completion of phase two, we are very much looking forward to our continued involvement in the residential asset management of this exciting building, ensuring our residents truly enjoy their stay at Downtown.”

The development includes a 24-hour concierge, gym, thermal suite, media room, postal room, private dining and business centre. It also has undercroft parking, landscaped gardens, residents’ roof garden and terraces.

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Why do we continue to spoil our world famous skyline? haven’t Manchester suffered enough , we need more social housing and jobs that actually local people can do to pay for this , Media City employees at least 2 local people and they are janitors the rest are outsourced .

By Oasis

Early 2000’s architecture completing in 2020..shame.

By Anon

Amazing brownfield redevelopment and great addition to the City.

By JohnC

The build quality and specs. as expected are poor to say the least… student accommodation at best in my view.

By Investor

New York Sydney wished they were us kid

By Anonymous

Really bad finish on this. Hate the cladding.

By Steve

The architecture is a shocker but well done to McGoff great delivery.

By Mcr resident

I pass this development everyday on the tram, looks fantastic!

By Manc Fan

What a surprise, more accommodation in Salford for the people who have got the money and the ones who can’t afford to pay. wouldn’t it make a big change for someone to build some new houses in Salford like those with the same facilities for people who would like to live in rented accommodation so the local people in the community can afford accommodation instead of pricing people out of the situation. it will be very interesting to know what class of people will be living there: business people private people etc and if they say money doesn’t talk you must be joking. I would also like to know have many jobs it created in the local community or was it big outside contractors from all over the country. you never know we might get a invite to the big opening with a glass of Champagne and a 5 course meal or will it be Tea or Coffee with a few Biscuits on a plate

By Glynn Coppock

This actually looks decent when you’re on the met. Provides some splashes of colour which works well with the surroundings.

By Anonymous

@ Glynn Coppock… I worked on this site which is 5 mins from my home off Ordsall Lane. The workforce on site was predominately Mancunian with some Contractors from the outskirts of Greater Manchester/Lancashire/Cheshire… effectively all from inside the Northwest. The sales team reported a sizeable interest expressed by young aspiring locals.. note the word ‘aspiring’.. i.e. not expecting the state to provide them with social housing…

By Tony C

Reminds me of the Crescents in Hulme – probably end up the same way

By Psychobanana

World famous skyline?

By Anon

Glynn…see the articles on Salix Homes’ Seedley and Blackfriars Road developments.

By Anon

We are London Sydney Vancouver Auckland Shanghai rolled into one are Kid

By Anonymous

Deluded to the highest

By Anonymous

Re, World famous skyline…I have a feeling Oasis’ on a wind up

By @Anon

Really low grade student accommodation…cheap materials inside and outside.
Illiterate design as well. It sold like hot cakes though. Why couldn’t it have been better quality design and execution…easy, it would have eaten into the developers profit. Can’t have that can we. This will be around for the next 100 years; just imagine what it will look like and who will pay for the reclad.

By anonymous

@Psychobanana…As it is waterside, not white, not a cresent, not in Hulme, doesn’t have ‘streets in the sky’, how is it reminiscent of the Cresents? Other than people live there and it is in Greater Manchester.

By Allotmentdad

Good use of the site and looks much better when your passing by it like some others have said. If Oasis wants to live in an area full of social housing then great but not for me cheers. Also who says, janitors?

By Lroy

More expensive little boxes for people not from Salford. These flats(apartments) will be sold as “downtown Manchester” , but it’s really in ordsall Salford.

By Darren born and bred.

About time Ordsall got gentrified!

By Disgruntled Goat

Most of the working people in inner city Salford left and migrated to the suburbs when the employment base collapsed. This is providing accommodation to allow the young working population to return. That’s all. Blocks like there are being built in Salford, for Salfordians both new and returning. There are too many old NIMBYs in Salford who are dragging the city down, frankly.

I do agree about the need for quality architecture and build quality though…

By Salford Star

Wow, there are some incredible negative comments on here – this whole narrative that highly skilled, well paid jobs are not for local people is quite depressing. Many highly skilled well paid jobs are done by local people. Is there a need for affordable local housing, absolutely. It’s a problem that needs to be addressed. However what about aspiring to better yourself, improving your standing in life, people who achieve this should not be looked down on.

I was born and raised in Hulme and lived in the crescents, hardly a privileged background. However I managed to get myself (through sheer determination) onto a university degree in the 1980s. I have gone on to build a couple of business and done well for myself. Many people who buy and rent these properties are local people….and they should not be criticised for doing so. Trying to continually improve yourself should be applauded, and something everyone should try to do in one form or another.

By Manc Man

There is thousands on the Salford housing waiting list waiting years and years for a decent place to live. There is hundreds of Salford citizens living in temporary digs like BB’s, hotels and also there is homeless people sleeping on family membeyr front room settee’s and about a thousand homeless people sleeping rough in Manchester city centre every night.. we need more social council properties being built, not these expansive little boxes that charge £800 per month for 1bed, £1000 for 2bed and £1200 per month for a 3bed property.

By Darren born and bred.