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March 2019 start date for £200m Pall Mall

Charlie Schouten

Willmott Dixon is set to be chosen for the £3.5m remediation of Pall Mall and Bixteth Gardens in Liverpool, clearing the way for work to start on the 400,000 sq ft project’s first phase in March next year.

The £200m project, being delivered by CTP and Kier Property, is set to feature three speculatively-developed offices, a hotel, and around 80,200 sq ft of public space including a new square. Overall, there will be around 400,000 sq ft of office space.

Remediation works are expected to take around nine months; this will be supported by a £3.5m grant from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’s Single Investment Fund. Works include a £1.5m scheme to relocate a substation on Bixteth Street, and around £1m towards earthworks.

Willmott Dixon is to be appointed via the Scape framework to manage the remediation, which will clear the site for future development. Enabling works and remediation will run between January and September next year with the relocated substation required to be fully operational by October. The SIF funding is set to be approved by the end of this month and will be drawn down from next year to support the remediation works.

Under the timeline set out by Liverpool City Council, a planning application for phase one is expected to be submitted this month, with a start on site in March next year and completion on a phased basis from October 2021 onwards. A main contractor is yet to be appointed.

The council said Kier Property and CTP were making “significant progress” on securing occupiers for the site, which is being developed speculatively, with “a number of commercial organisations and a recognised hotel brand” in “detailed discussions” to sign up to phase one.

Two further office buildings are planned, and in total, Pall Mall will deliver 400,000 sq ft of offices. One of these blocks will be circa nine storeys, while the other will likely be taller at around 12 storeys. Beyond the initial three-phase development, there are also options to expand the site further down the line, although no timescale for this part has been set.

This could feature a mix of residential and a multi-storey car park, with the residential stepping up in height towards Leeds Street, where Elliot Group is set to deliver its three-tower Infinity development, which tops out at 39 storeys.

The professional team on the project includes architect Allies & Morrison alongside landscape architect Re-Form.

  • Hear from CTP and Kier Property, the developers behind Pall Mall, at our Merseyside Development Update on 15 November. Click here to buy tickets.

Pall Mall Aerial November 2018

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Excellent news and Ihope this will encourage more investment in the Pall Mall/Leeds Street area.

By Liverpolitis

Should not be getting built on the gardens. All for development of new office space but should start on the existing gravel car park that is a mess.

By Mikes mate

Bring it on! Nick Small should be ashamed of the nimbyism he is promoting on what is currently a poor quality and under utilised space.



By Matt

There are plans to develop the car park too, stop moaning about the green area its being replaced, too many politically motivated objections to schemes in Liverpool, you either serve the City and its future or make it clear of your political alliances and what you really want. Do not burden the City with your antics we’ve had enough of your stupid games which have damaged the City in the past.

By Liverpolitis

the scheme hasn’t gone to planning yet. nick small is representing residents who elected him and a growing number of local businesses who are concerned about noise, disruption and a loss of local space used by their employees and customers.

By jayne clough

Where have you got your information from as there hasn’t even been a proper planning process that has reached a conclusion yet?

It’s massively regressive policy to demolish a rare green space in favour of speculative development. Anyone with any knowledge of what truly great, modern cities are doing these days know that community green space is considered just as important as office space.

We are supposed to be in the middle of a series of consultations with LCC and Kier. Or is that merely a patronising gesture from the council if ithis a done deal?

I would like Liverpool City Council to be transparent about what has been agreed behind closed doors. The public has a right to know!

By Lisa Worth

Place Northwest, you should be ashamed of yourselves for intimating to your readers that this is a done deal. It’s not. This is False News.

Planning Law dictates that Democratic processes and procedures have to be satisfied before any building can begin, or otherwise, as the case may be and they haven’t.

In fact, these processes have hardly begun. The planning Application only went in two weeks ago, large numbers of objections, which all have to be considered, are still rolling in and this Proposal is not likely to even be considered by the Planning Committee until January of 2019.

By Cincerned Resident

Why haven’t you mentioned Bixteth Gardens and the campaign to save this lovely place? Will all our green spaces be concreted over in the end? Shame.

By Speker

This is not a ‘done deal’.

Planning Law dictates that Democratic processes and procedures have to be satisfied before any building can begin, or otherwise, as the case may be and they haven’t.

In fact, these processes have hardly begun. The planning Application only went in two weeks ago, large numbers of objections, which all have to be considered, are still rolling in and this Proposal is not likely to even be considered by the Planning Committee until January of 2019.

By Concerned Resident

This is a beautiful little green space, one of the few we have in the city centre. Used by many it will be a great loss if this development goes ahead.

By Sophie

Really disappointing, no planning permission has been granted. The green space is amazing, one of the very few left in the city centre. The city centre wildlife will be gone, rabbits, squirrels, bats, birds, hedgehogs etc, light will massively reduce in the area and all to develop more office space to sit empty!


Disgraceful to be building on one of the few green spaces in a densely built up area. Where will people who live there go now? More empty high rise buildings adding more ghost flats to the city.

By Rita T

New decent public greenspace is planned in the dev

By Anonymous

New decent public greenspace is planned in the development better than what’s there now.

Yes petty political point scoring by the likes of Nick Small is one of the things that holds Liverpool back.

By Anonymous

Liverpool and the population need Bixteth Street Gardens. It’s a small paradise in Liverpool. A green space that we have to preserve! Beautiful trees and garden that attract nature. Squirrels, rabbits and birds live in the garden. A place to relax and to share with friends, family and children. Lovely sun trap. Liverpool needs investiments but in the right place. Next to the garden there is a chaotic, ugly and not optimised parking space – that one should be the place for the new investiment, not a classic garden that belongs to the green heritage of the city of Liverpool and their population.

By Anna

This is a tad premature. Huge local opposition to this plan to rip out one of very few green spaces in the heart of our city. This is a presumptive, disrespectful and untimely piece of crass editorial.

By Sandie Johnson

The green space will be improved. Rent a mob on making a lot of noise about nothing, Nick Smalltown causing political friction. We need this development, for jobs and growth, those objecting obviously either have jobs already or don’t need to work, get over it and accept it, Liverpool is growing give other people a chance to earn a living.

By On yer bike.

‘Lovely’. ‘Amazing’. ‘Beautiful.’ ‘Paradise.’

Blimey: these people must have a very limited frame of reference if they think the bog-o Bixteth Gardens in any way merit such florid praise.

Frankly, I’m staggered that any Liverpudlian would swap a couple of bumps of grass – set to be replaced in the masterplan, if they bothered looking – for thousands of new jobs and the rateable income that will flow from a scheme of this type. Joe: stick to your guns and get it built.

By Sceptical

Difficult to know. Depends upon final design. On the basis of existing artist’s impression: scale OK, nice use of appropriate brick, handsome proportions, a bit bland but would nonetheless enhance the area.7/10.

By Moomo

@ConcernedResident. Despite this proposal not being worthy of sitting alongside the historic buildings of your street, and despite it being merely an insignificant and token dent in the city’s real commercial problems (all of which have come about under current leadership), and despite planning laws, it is a sad indictment that I feel this is a done deal.

I would suggest your main focus of opposition ought to be the considerable amount of “leisure” and that hotel, which could change the nature of the area significantly. Liverpool needs jobs, not another Concert or even Queens Square.

It is of great concern to me the number of planning applications in Liverpool that secure permission on the basis of grandiose proposals, only to change their plans significantly. Then relying on already secured permission to argue their plans are in line with those. No one holds them to account, and the people of Liverpool may as well not exist when it comes to city decision making.

I would hope it isn’t the case that these developers have some other unshared plan in mind. I hope that offices do get built somewhere in this area. Offices, not bars.

Also, please can someone take the rabbits in. Much as I would rather they stayed, I would not like for anyone to trust in any promise to re-home them.

By Mike

No thank you. Planning has not yet been granted. There are plenty of empty offices around the city including in the building opposite this proposed build. Getting rid of this beautiful green space for another soulless office building is ridiculous.

By 02CHA

Too everyone who is complaining about the ‘green space can you please look at the plans! Mot all of the space is going and if ypu are so concerned about the green space spend more time in your garden and stop trying to make issues that will prevent city wide prosperity. The children of this city will not thank you for it.

By Adrian

It’s well documented that Liverpool has a vast shortage of quality office space which is costing the city dearly in terms of the good jobs it needs. And thus also the tax base it needs to maintain parks!! The pall mall plan will help tackle this AND includes new, better public green space. Fingers crossed sense prevails and all this passes.


This is a great improvement on the current patch of land and with the bonus of badly needed office space, so a big Yes from me!

By Kenny Kerb

For those using the phrase “if you can bother looking” at the plans, I have had a very detailed look at the plans as part of the residents delegation supposedly working alongside the developers.

So, I have as much information as those suggesting we don’t know what we’re talking about, and probably more, as it’s highly unlikely that they have attended any meetings on this. And by the way, you are more than welcome to attend those meetings if you would like to be better informed.

Currently, there is no serious alternative being offered to the green space – unless those suggesting that there is have seen a different plan??

Likewise, there is NO other green space in the area other than St Nicholas gardens – fact!

Progressive cities totally understand the intrinsic value of such green space, fact. And that’s because it’s understood that local residents – communities – LOCAL council tax payers – actually give an area a vibe, atmosphere, life after office hours.

The people suggesting we’re from the privileged elite again illustrate their very scant knowledge of the area and the community, as it is a MIXED community. Not the privileged elite.

We are made up of teachers, nurses, office workers, writers, musicians, accounts clerks, the unwaged, students, those who have retired, stay at home Mums, people working in hospitality, ship workers. Exactly how much more diverse would you like us to be?

We are NOT affiliated to any political party. There are LibDem voters, Green voters, Labour voters, those that don’t vote at all – not that any of that is anyone else’s business or even remotely pertinent.

Sad that that’s the only ammunition, and fake st that, that some use to contest honest and passionate protest against the destruction of an area that we hold dear.

You see, we don’t need glossy, over developed hard landscaping to appreciate the outdoors. Beauty – admittedly – is in the eye of the beholder, but no amount of potted plants will substitute bats, rabbits and birds that have made this inner city park home. Not offer local kids a place to kick a ball around.

So you might call it scruffy. Well, I might call you scruffy.

Your opinion is your opinion – but at least get your facts straight before airing it.

By Lisa Worth

No need to get personal.

By Scruffy

I don’t know what I’m more disgusted by… The fact that this article has been published basically stating it is a “done deal” – Willmott Dixson/ Liverpool City Council, is there something you need to tell us? Because as far as the general public are concerned, only planning for Stage One has been submitted at this stage! – Or, that so many people commenting on here are so ill informed.

This development would be a disaster for the local community (which is vast and growing month on month), the animals that inhabit the space (rabbits/birds/bees/bats/cats and walked dogs) and the health and wellbeing of local workers. Enjoy your future lunch breaks in the concrete jungle… St. Paul’s Square is a shining example of just how sterile and unused this space will become but if depressing wind tunnels are your thing, great!

By V.H - Local Resident (I LIVE HERE)

We have seen the plans thank you. Most people who support this scheme are local and are deeply passionate about sustainable development in Liverpool and the city having a future. Better quality jobs.

The people behind the sceme are proper developers. Not low level sharks. Scare off decent developers like this and you leave the city to be picked over by ‘local’ shady outfits.

The city does not have loads of empty office space. Numerous independent studies have shown Liverpool lacks Grade A space and how this holds back quality job creation. The fact that this has started to be a ‘residental’ area is one of the problems. If this fails, Liverpool gets ever closer to being a commuter suburb of Manchester. Which I guess would suit some of you. If you want more green space, move to the suburbs. You’re n the same class of people who move to Baltic or Ropewalks them complain about noise from the clubs.

Love to know how many people hang out in this space ‘after office hours’ … I know it well and never seen it. You’ll find few ‘progessive’ cities have patches of lawn in their Central Business Districts. Clue is in the title. This area only has this because Exchange Station was demolished and left to go fallow for so long as the city sank.

We have got our facts straight, we do know the area and we know how important this development is. Sorry to burst your bubble that you speak for anyone but yourselves. The one benefit of all your noise has been to alert the silent majority that this vital development is under threat when it should just sail through planning. Anyone who believes in Liverpool’s progressive economic development should support this scheme via the planning portal and at the meeting if possible.

Your chief political supporter Nick Small was happy to support the sale of the fields by Sefton Park to Redrow amd the poor quality Lime Street development. Tell you about that did he? Why this appiphany from him now? Nothing to do with him falling out with Joe Anderson and wanting Anderson’s job? Petty political point scoring.


Having been past this site every day last week, i must have counted a total of 18 people passing through there the whole week. It’s not some kind of oasis that some people seem to paint it. Beauty may be in the ye of the beholder but this is the commercial district, of which the space will be replaced with based on the plans something id be far more willing to spend time in than the current ‘green paradise’. If you live in a city centre and don’t expect developments to happen around you then you are foolish. Plans looks great, we desperately need office space, get it built.

By L19

I’m suprised anyone doesn’t see how vitally important this scheme is. Chickens coming home to roost over too much office-to-residential development in this area. To be fair to the Council they asked for the same exemption from this law change that Manchester got and were denied. Nothing of course must hold the Govt’s precious Manchester back. Funnily enough independent organisations like RCP, RIBA, Taylor Wessing still invest in Liverpool despite Govt best efforts.

The lack of office space is a huge problem though. Hopefully the planners see sense and how important ths development is to the whole city and indeed city region.

By P Hughes

Business district expansion near Moorfields is essential. Great news! Make sure the green spaces are quality! Need to lead people towards Leeds Street and the expanding Waterfront district so they’ll join up!

By Roscoe

The types voicing opposition to this development are exactly the same as those who created such a song and dance over Liverpool One and the replacement of the scrubby patch of grass there with a properly designed and maintained green open space. Their histrionics turned out to be laughable nonsense then and the same is true now. This development actually has more green space than what it’ll replace.

By Morgan

Liverpool has a lot of disused office space that is just sitting there empty. The last thing Liverpool needs is more offices. This town is becoming like London, and I’m from London!! It will be like any other generic city, losing some of it’s charm. Every other building is now an office, hotel, restaurant or bar. Most of them last 6-12 months before they eventually close down or lie empty. My 12 years of living in the city centre, I’ve notices the rapid turnover of business in the city. This a small oasis of nature, in the middle of current office spaces. It’s a lovely place to relax during the week and at weekends. As a resident, I see squirrels, rabbits and bats in the park. It’s a lovely peaceful place for Residents and office workers. There is a growing problem with pollution in the city due to the lack of trees in the city centre. I have already developed COPD because of the pollution of living in the city centre. There are plenty of other places for developers to build on. Please, please keep this space as it is.

By Pauline

SP. just to let you know. There are over 250 long term, household residents who live between two and ten minutes walk from Bixteth Steeet Gardens. Many who’ve lived there for generations, including myself.

My neighbours, my family, my children and my children’s children have all enjoyed this beautiful local amenity for over thirty five years. We have many memories of happy times spent on Bixteth Street Gardens (also known locally as: Tele Tubby Hills) which we would like future generations to have the opportunity to continue to enjoy and we are prepared to fight to stop the bulldozers flattening Bixteth Street Gardens.

By Concerned Resident

The empty office space are empty because they are out of date and need upgrading, Liverpool needs new A grade offices, other cities are beating us to it. Sorry to say if you want a village green please go and look for a village not in a business area, in dire need of new commercial properties. The sad fact is if we don’t provide this space Liverpool will fall further and further down the employment and skills table is that what you want? This is for the greater good of the City, we all have to make concessions in cities whether its views, smells, noise, or neighbours, we are not in an ideal world, so please accept it. A new improved green space will be provided, please do not become manipulated by politicians who have other agendas remember the old phrase “Beware of politicians bearing gifts”

By Town Hall Tommy

Townhall Tommy. If the City needs Grade A office space, where’s the evidence? Exactly how many and who are these businesses who have actually said: We will definitely move to Liverpool and create thousands of jobs if you build Grade A offices for us in Pall Mall?

But even if you did prove the above, why do you need to destroy Bixteth Street Gardens when there’s acres of adjacent land which would serve your purpose just as well. Or maybe even better, build on the derelict directly opposite Exchange Station, next to and at the back or The Railway pub and the now derelict Yatese’s Wine Lodge on Moorfields, which could easily accommodate just as many offices and a hotel and a car park.

And the “new, improved green space” you talk about would be a ‘new, sterile

By Concer Resident

Townhall Tommy. And the “new, improved green space” you talk about would be a ‘new, sunstarved, sterile, block paved, 30% smaller wind tunnel with undernourished, spindly trees. A lifeless, echoing cavern surrounded by featureless, monolithic glass skyscrapers’.

By Concer Resident

People saying ‘there’s loads of empty office space’ ‘Where’s the evidence for new office space?’ 30 seconds of googling will draw your attention to numerous independent reports highlighting the need for new offices, but not that many of you want to check any facts which contradict you.

People saying ‘there’s not much greenspace’ in the Central Business District. Again, the clue is in the title. Don’t live near the city centre if you want parks and greenspace. Property is mostly cheaper and more easily available out of town. Liverpool does have a traditional city centre population, but when did it have greenspace beyond St John’s Gardens or St Nics? Pier Head was a bus station not so long ago…. As for this site being enjoyed for generations, given that Exchange Station, once a bustling transit hub, was only demolished and Mercury Court built at the turn of the decade of 1980s, that’s a bit of a stretch. The only reason offices were not built straightaway was the town was sliding down at the time. Fun to know it’s called telly tubby hills, that programme from the 1990s, hardly a historic site then.

250 residents, sure, and how many thousand of workers? The central business district is important to the whole city and city region, not just the people who moved there, the vast majority in the last 15 years. I recall the people who moved to flats built in Wallasey by the docks, then complained they had to look at industrial ships….

Good point Morgan, Liverpool 1 would have never happened if left to the moaners and screamers. Would we be without it now? The shopping district would be as abandoned as Birkenheads. Similarly Museum of Liverpool, screams of destroying the waterfront… Most popular museum now outside London….norhing would be built round here at all if left to the ‘whatever it is we’re against it’ brigade. It’s time to hear a different story in Liverpool, one about the city having a future beyond residental flats and tourism.

Why not other wasteland near by? I’d live to see offices built by Moorfields as well, but we need something of scale like Pall Mall or to attract the big firms that move into Manchester every week.


@concer(ed) resident, are you not paying attention to the other articles especially about Manchester and the development’s there? We are missing out because of Nimbys such as you?

By Town Hall Tommy

SP/Townhall Tommy. I’m not going to follow your example and descend to name calling, I’ll leave that to you. But how dare you say that inner city communities don’t deserve green space because they’ve never had it in the past. And how dare you try to twist my words to say I claimed gererations have used this green space and that it was an historic site. This is a disingenuous misinterpretation of my posts which I respectfully ask you to detract. And for anyone else who hasn’t yet done so, I’d ask you take the time to read my posts and you’ll see I did neither.

So, now that’s out of the way, where is your evidence that these offices will fill up and thousands of jobs will be created? I’ve tried googling for thirty seconds, as you say, and can find absolutely no businesses queuing to set up shop in Pall Mall. And despite the Council promoting Pall Mall as a ‘Done Deal’ in their glossy brochures and press releases for the past god knows how long, I know for a fact they haven’t had a single expression of interest so far.

So tell me, exactly how many, and what are the names of these imaginary businesses who have actually said: We will definitely move to Liverpool and create thousands of jobs if you build Grade A offices for us in Pall Mall? What is the projected revenue for the City Council from these developments, after costs incurred for the next five, ten and twenty years? And who carries the can if this £200 million speculative gamble all goes t**s up?

By Concerned Resident