Liverpool City Centre
The funding aims to provide support to local businesses impacted by Covid-19 restrictions

Liverpool to invest £450,000 in outdoor spaces

Dan Whelan

The funds will go towards helping local independent businesses create covered seating areas in a bid to keep them trading and offset the loss of internal space due to the need to social distance. 

Mayor Joe Anderson said he hoped the funding could provide a boost to the local economy and help maintain the “USP” of a city which “thrives on social interaction”.

Liverpool City Council is delivering the funding package in collaboration with Liverpool BID Company, which represents 1,500 businesses in the city centre, and the Chamber of Commerce. 

The council said criteria for the fund were being finalised and the process for being part of the pilot project would be announced in the middle of June once the phased reopening of retail in the city begins.

The easing of restrictions on bars and restaurants is not expected until early July

The funding, separate to the £443,000 allocated to the city from Government from the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund, a £50m national package, is coming from existing budgets, by repurposing capital spending, according to the council.

The move comes after the council announced it would spend £2m on seven temporary cycle routes to boost active travel around the city centre. 

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said: “Liverpool is the most welcoming city in the UK, and bringing people together is what we do best. Big events, sporting fixtures or just a night out. 

“We need to find a way to give local people confidence that they can continue to go out to eat, spend money in the local economy and have a good time safely. This is really important as we know that tourism is going to be badly affected by international travel restrictions.  

“Small, independent traders do not have the financial reserves or the borrowing power of big corporate companies, so it is up to us to come together and find ways to give them a helping hand through what is undoubtedly the biggest challenge of my lifetime.”

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After it’s all over, if it ever is all over, then Joe should be concentrating on office space. For far too long now Liverpool has become reliant on tourism to boost the local economy and it’s just not good enough. We need to break the status quo and be seen as a major player. We need fair competition and people commuting into Liverpool and not just out of it.

By Michael McDonut

Providing office space will not generate demand for office space. If anything, Covid has shown that office space isn’t necessary for economic activity – far better to encourage investment in innovation assets…

By McDoughnah Wrap

I totally agree with Michael Mcdonut

By George

Totally agree Mr donut! We need less anti Liverpool bias and more Liverpool office’s so there are more good local jobs for are youngster’s. We need them now not in 10 years time!!

By Mary Woolley

Well I totally agree with McDoughnah Wrap

By George's Wife

Joe needs to put that money towards supporting existing businesses to expand and create jobs. Hopefully in manufacturing as I’m sure after all this is over there will be opportunities to bring back manufacturing to these shores and Joe needs to wise up and get ahead of the game.

Maybe if Joe stopped chasing the limelight via the press and focussed on bringing well payed jobs back to the city we would all benefit more than low paid Tourism or Service sector jobs…

By Steships

Liverpool thrives on its ambience and cutting edge culture. Use this as an opportunity and turn Bold Street into a continental style street dining area.. get rid of the traffic.. Bold Street has the busiest underground outside London in Central station. It’s very accessible without cars. Ropewalks is like the Latin Quarter in Paris.. this attracts creative people to live work and play.

By Liverpolitana

We want McDonut as our leader. Lets build him an office.

By Anonymous

Yes, it could be a home office in the back garden or somewhere in the woods?

By Cabin in the Woods