The Venue Huyton
The former events space closed in January due to mounting losses

Huyton’s The Venue to be demolished

Dan Whelan

Knowsley Council wants to knock down the former events space on Civic Way and create a 57-space temporary car park with a view to redeveloping the site at a later date. 

The Venue, which the council owns, closed in January due to spiralling financial losses and the need for an expensive programme of refurbishment. 

A contractor to carry out the demolition work is yet to be appointed, but Knowsley Council estimates that the work would take 26 weeks to complete. 

The Venue, previously called the Huyton Suite, is attached to the Huyton Central Library in the town centre. 

The site was identified as a development opportunity in the Huyton Village Masterplan, drawn up in 2017 by the council in conjunction with planner Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners and real estate consultancy GL Hearn. 

Cllr Tony Brennan, cabinet member for regeneration, said: “This is another milestone in our development plans for Huyton. The site offers a fantastic development opportunity in the heart of the village centre and by progressing planning consent, we can ensure the site is construction-ready for any potential developer.” 

“Interest in Huyton remains strong and we are focussed on securing investment and uses that improve the offer in the village centre, support the existing shops and businesses by increasing footfall, and take advantage of our fantastic transport connectivity.” 

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I look forward to it being developed into a permanent car park in future.

By Anon

They couldn’t sustain a municipal venue space but are putting all their eggs in the basket of Shakespeare North in Prescot? A neat summation of Knowsley Council

By John Smith

Cars need a space too?

By Park it here!

Such a shame that this couldn’t be made to work.Is there no prospect of a Community Trust running it for amateur theatre, dances, indoor sports etc.
The Shakespeare theatre will be the Borough’s flagship venue, but surely there is room for a range of spaces for other events?

By Anonymous

Huyton village needs public toilets at the moment you can only use McDonald’s ,Costa or Asda which are meant to be for customers only.i need a toilet whilst shopping as I have a medical condition. Kirkby, Prescot and Belle Vale have them why not Huyton? Incidentally I think there’s ample parking already in Huyton.

By Dell

Ridiculous there is more than enough car park space in village dont need another one

By Anonymous

Affordable housing would be my guess with this shower of carpet baggers

By Twain

knowsley council have destroyed huyton village.there are no attractons in huyton once they get rid of the cricket ground and the civic suite.i think the council has a duty to the people of huyton to provide a facility for functions.can you ask the council to spare an egg and invest in the cricket this could be a fantastic venue for the people of huyton.i am not intrested about prescot it time this council put something decent into are village instead of taking all the character from the area .

By anthony pickup

Knowsley Council sponsored by Aldi

By Kevin the Carrot

Yet another car park that will be lying empty unless it’s free

By Anon

Perhaps Aldi could go there instead of taking green space.

By Ian Ferguson

What is happening about the old indoor market isn’t it about time they sorted that out why can’t Aldi go in there ?

By Linda

We need public toilets in huyton village cause only places to use at present are for customers only Costa McDonald’s asda think there more urgent than another car park we already have two car parks

By Jacinta harris

Another stab in the dark, they haven’t a clue, why don’t they sell the venue as is, save the demolition costs, let a private enterprise make a go of it. A hotel or nightclub, too quick to demolish, so much for recycling in Huyton. They are always quick to spend other peoples money. Brown envelopes in the post.

By Kev f

Kirkby is getting a cinema why not put on there for Huyton

By Anonymous

I think the is already a lot of car park spaces so wtf is really going on? this is sad this place should be getting ivested in for the people of Huyton as the is already not much there thee days why not make better use of this for Huyton people and the kids? the council should be ashamed of themselves as this will be sold at a later date to a big company and the people of Huyton will not get anything out of this its just all for big bucks for the greedy council!

By Rosie G

Terrible the council should invest in this place for the kids at least not knock it down for another car park then sell it off to a big supermarket! such a shame if its running at a loss then that is down to someone who is not doing a good job! So they should be sacked! and please rethink this and make use of the venue as the is not much for the kids around Huyton as it is! so put it to good use for the people! and do not sell it off just for the money! Bad management of this place! Sort it out and do something in here for the kids and please do not turn it in to another car park thats the last thing Huyton Village needs! Terrible management of this place.

By Tina Tina

Yes huyton village needs another car park. Due to the amount of people who are not there … just another way to take something away from the community. To sell to a big company to develop the land . For third own gains

By Frank

Once again another building ripped down becoz of costs.huyton leisure centre..Huyton suite..I no..why don’t you pull Huyton church down or better steam roll Huyton village completely

By Neil

This council truly is DIRE. About time it was abolished entirely.

By Overtaxed resident

Why another car park soon there will be nothing to go to the village for. No shops now

By B .mcardle