Carrington Village November 2019

Himor fires starting gun on £100m Carrington Village

Charlie Schouten

The developer has put forward the first set of plans for up to 320 homes, a district centre, and 67 acres of employment land at Carrington Village, although none of the proposed houses will be for affordable tenures.

Himor’s outline application covers the existing Carrington Business Park and brownfield land south of the A1, and is set to include homes set around a local centre of three to four shops, totalling 12,900 sq ft. Uses could be either retail or a health centre, while a community centre and a petrol station are also proposed.

Employment is also a core part of the application, with up to 620,000 sq ft of industrial and logistics space proposed along with 48,000 sq ft of offices.

The estimated £104m investment in the brownfield site also includes the relocation of Carrington Rugby Club; the developer will build the club a new full-sized pitch, training pitch, and a clubhouse.

There are also plans for walking and cycling routes, landscaping and ecology works as well as green open space for public use.

Access to the development will come via Manchester Road and the A1; the housing element is situated north of the A1, with the employment areas to the north west and south.

The proposals border a site which is currently being built out by Wainhomes; this secured consent in 2018 and includes 277 homes, while Himor is also currently on site nearby delivering 219,000 sq ft of employment space across six buildings.

While housing forms a core part of the latest proposals by Himor, the developer is not proposing any of these for affordable tenures, citing viability issues.

According to a viability report put together by Cushman & Wakefield, the scheme has a gross development value of £104m, but will cost £80m to develop. The residual site value is £7.6m, while benchmark land value stands at £18.4m, or £180,000 per acre. Cushman & Wakefield estimates a viability deficit of £10.7m for the scheme, taking into account a 15% developer profit.

As a result, no affordable homes are to be brought forward, with a Section 106 agreement to feature the £825,000 location of the rugby club, £776,000 towards Trafford’s Community Infrastructure Levy, and a combined £350,000 towards improvements on Carrington Lane and Flixton Road.

The submission of a planning application follows two public consultation events last month. Aecom has advised Himor on the latest proposals for the site.

Overall, the wider Future Carrington site is expected to deliver around 6,100 homes and 4.4m sq ft of employment space, having been allocated as Trafford’s largest Green Belt release under the emerging Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Earlier this year, cash from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund was secured at the site to deliver a link road through Carrington. This won a funding package of £8.4m but does not form part of the latest planning application by Himor, with planning consent the responsibility of Trafford Council.

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The road infrastructure is woefully inadequate

By Anonymous

The spur road is already a car park at rush hour, as is the ongoing A6144/Mile Road. £350,000 isn’t going to fix that ! What about doctors, school, shops, etc. ?

By Ashton

There’s NO A1 road in that area. Get a map or go to the opticians (or both).

By Okeefe

Wasn’t this the repository for Manchesters ‘Night Soil’ for a hundred years??

By Blake Carrington

Resident of Carrington, it’s an absolute joke I travel in and out of Carrington on a daily basis going into Partington and also into Sale so both ways. The traffic is at a stand still every day both ways they’ve just put traffic lights on Manchester road where they are working on the warehouse and the traffic is worse. I understand theres going to be delays but its getting ridicules.

By Paula Ryan

All these people complaining about traffic. What you don’t realise is that you are contributing to the problem. Get on your bike or take public transport – be the change you want to see.

By Anonymous

Can you not build outside manchester.about ten miles down the motorway land all around with motorway accse and stop over developing the outskirts of the would cost a lot far you have spent over a million at the traffic lights .we have one lane approaching the lights three lanes at the lights go through the lights and your Bach on one we had no benefit from that.we need someone in planning with a brain.

By Les clayton

The idiot who says we should take public transport doesn’t realise that there is none . I was unfortunate to have my car off the road for a few days last year and there are no buses going to partington in time to get me to work for 8.00am the early buses come from urmston up the mile road and into partington and I live off manor avenue

By David Hodgkinson

The road and infrastructure on the spur are a joke. It takes 30 mins for a 5 minute drive because of the worse traffic light system you’ve ever seen.

By Anonymous

This is the start of attacking the flood plain of the Moss essential not only to drain excess water away but to provide fresh air and respite for the conurbations near it and to protect rural Dunham from changing character altogether. Less roads and less cars around here as we are already very congested. The housing isn’t affordable and the developer is making the most of a disastrous and ill advised policy to release green belt which must be reversed for all our futures.

By Caroline Lord

@Caroline Lord – the development shown in the image is not in the green belt.

By Red Rose

What happened to the affordable housing promised ?