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GALLERY | Stockport sets out plans for ‘iconic’ interchange

Charlie Schouten

Stockport Council has set out plans for an “aspirational and iconic” transport interchange and residential development, including visualisations which show the potential arrival of the Metrolink to the town.

The redevelopment of the interchange has been in the pipeline since 2015 and the council has now set out detailed designs for the project.

Stockport Council’s proposals for the site are for what it calls “an aspirational and iconic mixed-use development” featuring a 196-home apartment block, a transport interchange covered with a green roof, and public realm opening up on to the river Mersey, alongside improved connectivity to the town’s railway station.

The plans also factor in a route for the Metrolink’s potential arrival to the town, with one of the visualisations showing tram lines and platforms alongside the viaduct.

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The residential block, including 126 two-bed apartments and 70 one-bed apartments, is expected to cost around £39m to build. A joint venture between the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the council will develop the block and will rent the apartments privately for a minimum of five years following its completion.

A temporary bus station is being proposed for the Heaton Lane car park whilst construction work is ongoing.

Setting out its timescale for the proposals, the council said it would start public consultation next month, running from 8 June to 11 July. This will be followed by approval from GMCA, with a planning application submitted in August this year.

Following planning approval later in the year, enabling works are due to start in the third quarter of 2019 with a main contract for the construction works award in the first quarter of 2020.

The transport interchange is set to complete by the end of 2021 and the residential element will complete by summer 2022.

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The council has already secured £41.7m of Growth Fund money to help to deliver the scheme, and has already received a grant of £2.6m from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund to help support the project’s delivery.

The majority of the construction cost of the residential element, earmarked at £39m, will be met by senior debt. The costings of the residential block have been developed by JLL, Deloitte, and GMCA’s core investments team.

Stockport Council admitted the forecast cost of the transport interchange exceeds its potential budget by £1.5m and said that work to explore a range of potential funding options to address the remaining funding gap was “ongoing”.

The council is expected to sign off the plans at a meeting next week. The professional team includes architect BDP alongside consultant WSP.

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The ambitions to deliver an improved town centre has been Stockport’s key focus in recent years. As well as the interchange, the council has worked with CBRE to identify sites for 3,000 homes in the town centre; sites include the existing Stagecoach depot on King Street West, and the Kwik-Fit opposite The Crown pub.

Proposals to come forward so far include a 22-storey tower on the site of the former Greenhale House. The plans, by developer Urbanize Homes, were submitted to the council for consideration last month.

The council has also invested heavily in infrastructure with work under way to build a new bridge over the river Mersey, linking Swaine Street with Astley Street. This will provide buses with a direct link to the new interchange from Heaton Lane.

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Looks really good. Exactly what’s needed. Hopefully it gets approval and funding.


Nearly £200k per unit for a rental apartment in Stockport. Good to see public money can be so liberally spent!

By Unaplanner

Can’t you just fix the pot holes in the roads first

By Michael Bradley

Are Stockport’s renowned conservation officers going to be kept away from inputting to the planning application? Impact on listed road viaduct… views of listed rail viaduct…

By Interested Observer

Very interesting scheme, love the elevated park as a concept, but it is located right next to Wellington Road, with what appears as a low wall as protection, this to me is too weak. Also the landscape scheme needs some work, just appears very weak in the images. The apartment block is very poor and blocks the Hat Works , this elevation should be celebrated not hidden behind such poor quality architecture. The scheme does need to make more of the river and it appears that some activity is positioned by the river, but really more needs to be done to open up the River. However on the whole this has the potential to be a great addition to Stockport.

By an ordinary architect

Better to spend money on bredbury death trap bend on m60 instead of making money on speed camera

By Les

Absolute rubbish! It’s taken nearly three years to widen St Mary’s Way that’s only 1.5 miles long! Stockport should change it’s name to “Stuckport” as you can’t get anywhere fast! Is it an April fool??

By Steve W

Metro link is needed all around Stockport … connecting to Marple, Hazelgrove etc… there is too much traffic on the roads.

By Ja

I am in disbelief as the recent blot on the lanscape ” The Red Rock” is an eyesore. If this new project has been in the pipeline since 2015 then how do the 2 structural designs work with each other. A monstrous multi level car park with a cinema and some 2nd rate fast food restaurants. Stockport Council do not even have the forward thinking mentality that they have the grand opening and the retail units are not even filled ? How can that be allowed and a sign of how others view the building. Not an attractive proposition and a failure, using tax payers money.The whole of Princess street should be levelled flat. Existing business, relocated into the vat number of empty shops in the square. Thus making Mersey Square full and not half empty. Develop Princess Street with seating areas, nice independantly owned restaufants and bars which will attract shoppers and revitalise Stockport. The then ” new iconic interchange” then may have half a chance of being utilised

By Ian

I can’t see the point they closed all the big shops here at one time it was a good place to live

By Angus

Where will all these thousands of new residents shop ? where will they park? how will the roads cope when they can’t cope now?

By Realist

As someone else pointed out £200k per apartment build cost (if on budget). This would make the apartments end sale value (not even allowing for a profit margin) as expensive as Castlefield in Manchester. I know where I’d rather live and you can get a house in Stockport for less than that so who is going to buy these eventually???

By Another interested observer

The interchange serves no purpose. The same can be said about the regeneration team sadly.

By Realist

A transport interchange?….it is not……the land at the railway station,is having more office blocks.The meaning interchange,is to bring together rail,bus,tram services,but this plan is going to be in the same location, and it is still not concrete,that Metrolink will arrive.A true interchange should be have been built alongside the railway station,to integrate rail,bus,tram travel..not office blocks..Whilst I agree, the bus station needs to be improved,it should not be in its present location..


What a complete load of codswallop.

By Stockport resident

If this imaginative scheme, twixt A6 and railway tracks, is to prosper something will have to be done about vehicular air pollution both, road, and rail. Otherwise, potential residents will, if they are wise, hold off.

By Christopher John Green

The term ‘Transport Interchange’ is used to justify the price tag for what is, essentially, a ‘Bus Station’!

By Double Decker

Are you trying to change Stockport into something from the Jetsons…make the new look like the old to keep the character of Stockport

By Maddy

It’s about time more housing is lacking in Stockport and is desporatly needed but to be able to achieve the transport infrastructure at the same will be amazing as long as the cost does not keep increasing. Good luck.

By I

This admirable proposal overlooks the problem of vehicular air pollution. The site lies between the A6 and the railway lines. Unless something is done soon, to address this issue who will be attracted to live there?

By Christopher John Green

Still doesnt show how the rail station is to be linked.Still a long,steep and in certain conditions slippery journey,Not a true interchange but its an improvement

By aardvaark

What happened to the first design which looked great!? Stockport Council you are idiots for not seeing the value in your assets – HERITAGE! You will lose potential new residents and ensure people shop elsewhere.

By elementica

What’s the point Stockport Council? You have allowed private firms to charge for car parking. Stockport town centre is a haven for the pound shop, is virtually ghost time now. I think the council should re-evaluate shop rentals and car parking fees in a bid to win back shoppers to the town centre, The council has allowed Stockport to slowly die this new project will fail to re-energise Stockport. Please stop Stockport Council, address the current dier situation before attempting any of these delusions of the perfect future. Attract people back to the town centre instead of forcing them to the Trafford Centre !!!

By Paul

Well needed, the current bus station arrangement is hideous and has barely changed since i was a kid over 30 yrs ago. A combined interchange is exactly what is needed and this is the only sensible area to develop it. The main arterial roads in and out of Stockport begin at the threshold of this site and shoving it further up near the Stockport exchange makes no logistical or commercial sense. The challenge is to make the slope or route from the higher area of the train station down to the interchange work without it looking like a series of large challenging steps and / or a potential ice trap in the Winter. Should the metrolink come to Stockport (which i think is well overdue and should have been done as part of the East Didsbury works several years ago) then this plot makes perfect sense for access / egress from the town centre for visitors, residents and employees. Things HAVE to improve in stockport, its position to the South of Manchester makes it an ideal base for investment and this can only create more jobs and improve the infrastructure in the surrounding area. Lets just make sure that NCP don’t get there hands on any part of it after the diabolical Multistorey design at red rock!

By pro_stockport