FC United plans new stadium in Moston

The club, set up in 2005 by angry Manchester United FC fans following the take over of the Premier League club by the Glazer family, is set to build a new ground in Moston, Greater Manchester.

FC United of Manchester proposed new and renovated community sports facilities and a multi-function community space on the existing 6.3-acre site of the Ten Acres Lane sports centre in Newton Heath, owned by Manchester City Council, which included a 5,000 capacity stadium.

However, the council could no longer support the plans and pulled funding from the scheme due to the central government funding cuts, but has remained working with the club to find an alternative site.

Andy Walsh, club general manager, told Place: "The council's executive is meeting to consider a paper recommended for development which is subject to a decision at 1pm today.

"We plan to submit a planning application in the summer and look to be on site in the autumn this year. The scheme will be largely similar to the one in Newton Heath but without the sports hall because we haven't got the budget for that. Plans include an artificial pitch as well as the full size grass pitch."

Within the council report, it said: "FC United is a member's owned football club constituted as an Industrial and Provident Society. The club wish to establish a 5,000 capacity stadium and accompanying community facilities, which they had originally intended to develop on an existing leisure site at Ten Acres Lane, Newton Heath.

"This report identifies the Ronald Johnson Playing Field site as the preferred option for the development and authority is sought to enable FC United and officers to undertake detailed site investigation works, consult with the local community and other stakeholders and undertake detailed feasibility on the potential development.

"The site is currently used by Moston Juniors FC and the council executive is being recommended to agree £750,000 towards a joint scheme between FC United and Moston Juniors."

The council said the majority of the site is currently let to trustees of Moston Juniors FC on a 25 year lease expiring in 2032.

The rent is £1,000 a year but may need to be relinquished as part of the proposed surrender and grant of new lease to FC United.

FC United is seeking investment from Manchester City Council to secure community funding originally committed towards its Newton Heath plans.

The club proposes to use a £1.5m community shares scheme towards the development, plus £500,000 from its development fund, an £850,000 grant from Football Foundation, Sport England and other grant bodies.

FC United has raised £1.3m to date from its community shares offer associated with the development of Ten Acres Lane.

The community share scheme involved investors purchasing £1 shares to a value ranging from £200 up to £20,000.

The club intends to keep residents surrounding the Ronald Johnson Playing Field site involved during the feasibility study.

Walsh added: "The council have been fantastic working to find an alternative site and have worked extremely hard over the last four weeks because they recognise the community and regeneration benefits the scheme will bring to the area."

FC United is seeking support from the council to enable them to meet its shareholders at a general meeting on Thursday 7 April to confirm the revised offer.

FC United currently plays its home games at Gigg Lane in Bury and has office space in Ancoats. The club attracts an average crowd in excess of 2,200 and plays in the EvoStik League Premier Division.

To meet the club's requirements, it is intended that the ground will be operational by the start of the 2012/2013 football season.

Broughton Park and Wythenshawe Park were the other sites being considered for development.

FC United is expected to submit a planning application in July this year. The club is holding its general meeting at The Central Methodist Hall in Oldham Street, Manchester, from 6pm.

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fc united will not be getting ronald johnson, moston juniors have worked for over 10 years to build 3 pitches on that site and also hold the lease! andy walsh just come an try and get it! so looks nlike your backstabbing meetings are over

By go away

I welcome FC to Moston, I think their community work will be great for the area and Moston Juniors already have strong links with FC!

By Moston Red

it is madness this, all the money spent on plans at newton heath,also it is costing 100k more to put it in moston. Newton Heath need this investment more.

By Anonymous

Moston residents have made it overwhelmingly obvious that we do not want this stadium built on our public parkland. We have signed a 1,000 plus petition to that effect, names including those of Sidney Jones Court’s elderly residents who’s lives would be totally blighted should these plans go ahead. We don’t want it, and this stadium should not be forced on us against our will by one segment of society stepping over our rights and feelings.

By Shirley Rowarth

I think this will be great news for Moston and North Manchester as a whole, the newton heath site would have been too close to eastlands, and its about time North Manchester had some well needed regeneration and an injection of some finances!! For years the city council has ignored the North of the city, we are the poor relation when it comes to funding and regeneration it is all about South and East Manchester, and Wythenshaw! North Manchester and more importantly Moston needs this!

By farrelly

Not in our public park, thank you!

By Shirley Rowarth

Moston does not need or want this. Go and find a suitable bit of land, to even contemplate building on land that was bequeathed for playing fields is repulsive. Moston resident.

By A Malone

The facility FC United are looking to build will be for the good of the Moston Community. Moston Juniors will still have their pitches and will gain changing facilities. Something that they do not currently have and something that has been denied by the lack of progress on their own proposed clubhouse. The land was bequeathed for community and sporting use. The FC United facility will have a multi-sport and community purpose, fully in keeping with the purpose the land was left for. All residents will be fully consulted – there are two meetings this weekend, one at St. Mary’s Primary School on Saturday, 10am-1pm and then New Moston Library on Sunday, 10am-1pm. Letters are currently being taken to houses in Moston immediately by the site. The ground itself will not be a Eastlands/Old Trafford sized stadium and will only take up one part of the site. The rest will be used for two full sized pitches – one grass, one 3G. The site will be as open and accessible as possible, as apposed to now where the site is fenced off and gated so that normal residents can’t get onto it. I’d urge any residents who are unsure about this development to attend the meetings to see the proposals and learn more about the club and it’s plans. A lot of the information currently being spread around Moston is made up of half-truths and complete fabrications. Any development would not just be for the good of FC United, but for the good of Moston Juniors and the people of Moston. It is written into the club’s constitution that any of the club’s assets must be used for the good of the community.

By Mike

Your stadium will not be built on these fields and MCC have an absolute disregard to the people of Moston for even suggesting this area.

Cars all scratched on St MAry’s Road at weekend, well, cars only outside properties with ‘NO’ posters in their windows.

How sad and pathetic, and these are the type pf minorities that will cause all of the Moston people around this site so much agrivation everytime there is a match on.


By Leave Moston Alone