Cotton Quay Nov 2019
Royalton Group and Frogmore’s £360m residential scheme features two towers of 48 and 37 storeys

Cotton Quay towers passed

Chloé Vaughan

Royalton Group and Frogmore’s £360m residential scheme has been approved by Salford City Council’s planning committee.

The development, made up of two towers of 48 and 37 storeys, will be split into four quarters, and include up to 1,490 homes, commercial, retail and leisure spaces, two hotels, a lido into the St Francis Basin, a multi-storey car park with a rooftop play area including a climbing wall, floating gardens.

The current tallest tower in Salford is Renaker’s Anaconda Cut at 44-storeys. One Heritage’s eponymous tower, proposed to be finished by 2024, will stand at 55 storeys. Royalton-Frogmore’s Cotton Quay is due to complete in 2028.

The site currently houses two buildings, Laser House and Magnetic House, which will be demolished to make way for the development.

Full approval was granted for 490 homes, 25,000 sq ft of commercial or retail space, one hotel, and the multi-storey car park.

Outline permission was granted for the remaining 1,000 homes, a second hotel and 10,000 sq ft of commercial space.

The developers are set to start on site “as soon as possible,” a spokesperson said.

Two new bridges will be built to link between the phases of development, while the gateway to the site will be improved with better access to Salford Quays Metrolink stop.

A contractor has yet to be appointed.

The 8.3-acre Pier 7 site was acquired by the joint developers from TH Real Estate in May 2016 with outline permission for 800 homes.

The scheme is designed by architects Studio Egret West, Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher and Studio Partington. Lichfields is the planner.

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What a densely packed mess that looks god help those in the apartments on the other quay there set to be dwarfed in a permanent shadow of that lump

By EggManc

Finally some interesting, ambitious designs for Manchester rather than some glass structures by those box bashers over at SimpsonHaugh

By Anonymous


By Anonymous

pahaha, that looks ridiculous next to it’s surroundings.

By .

Tower block in the middle of Europe largest council estate

By Anonymous

Since when has Salford Quays been the largest council estate in Europe? Ha

I live near here. Providing they use decent materials, this could look pretty awesome.

By Anonymous

Some interesting ideas here especially the swimming Lido and leisure offerings, just a shame they are all crammed together

By Jon P

Looks great, imaginative and playful, exactly what cities should be and aspire to!


Thought Wythenshawe was Europes largest council estate

By Anonymous

Lido bit looks fun, the rest of it is a hot mess.

By Acelius

Striking but very clumsy looking…

By North by North-West

What an unholy mess. That is not design

By Amazedred

well done all invovled – looks great, look forward to seeing it built and in the sky line

By good jon

Looks fantastic

By Frank

The council don’t own properties in Wythenshawe anymore although I understand it was once the biggest council housing estate in Western Europe.

By Anonymous

Massively overshadows everything around it, but I and every other resident around knew neither the developers or the council cares 1 fig about the well-being of anyone in the area.

Cant wait to have people peering into my living room.

By Anonymous

Not sure this will happen.
The bubble is about to burst.

By Brian

Europe’s largest council estate is the one in Chester.

By Dan

Please fill and pack the place with skyscrapers. Don’t hesitate at all to destroy the landscape and please, completely ignore the sustainability aspects. Also please ignore the fact that following the coronavirus -economic- crisis Houston might hear of a massive problem. Good earnings then and start digging asap please (coronavirus isn’t true). :)

By Anonymous

Looks decent. And different to alot of the stuff going up.

By Pete

This looks crazy in a good way.

Manchester/Salford is starting to push boundaries.

By Anonymous