Trafford Place 2
The Accrue scheme as viewed from the road bridge over the Metrolink line

Consultation launched for resi at B&Q Old Trafford

Developer Accrue Capital has launched consultation on Trafford Place, a build-to-rent development of around 430 homes at the former B&Q site on Great Stone Road, Old Trafford.

Working with Manchester firms in planner Indigo and architect O’Connell East, London-based Accrue is undertaking consultation ahead of finalising its proposals for planning consideration.

Accrue hopes to win consent by the middle of this year, start on site within 2018 and complete the project in late 2020. Demolition of the empty B&Q store has been approved by Trafford, which like many local authorities is struggling to establish a five-year housing supply.

The developer’s intention is for the brownfield site to house a mixture of one-bed, two-bed and three-bed properties, stepping up in height away from Great Stone Road.  At its tallest point of 12 storeys, it will provide views over the nearby Test cricket ground, and will include new public realm and complementary uses, such as a gym, local retail, and community uses. Some key worker accommodation is planned within the scheme.

As part of the site’s redevelopment, the aim is to provide a new footpath parallel to the Metrolink tramline.

Stephen Webster, chairman of Accrue Capital, said: “We are very keen to hear from interested members of the public, including those who live and work in the local area, on what they would like to be included in our exciting plans for this derelict site.

“The number of new homes needed in Trafford vastly exceeds the current pipeline of expected new development. Our vision is to help change that, by delivering a scheme which will create around 430 new homes for the area, whilst also delivering considerable economic benefits to the area.

“We urge as many people as possible to participate in the consultation, so that we can consider a wide range of views.”

Residents and other interested parties are invited to view and comment on the proposals online.

Accrue is a well-established developer and asset manager. In 2011, it acquired the Ladybarn House student halls in Fallowfield, which it refurbished and continues to asset manage.

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Would scrap the name Trafford Place.. too boring in my eyes.

The name needs a bit of imagination, an address to make the residents feel proud.

The site has a famous 70s musical past.. I suggest it be re-named, The Hard Rock.

I would love to live at The Hard Rock, Great Stone Road, Stretford, perhaps others would too?

By Phil

Any new homes here will have to have extremely robust acoustic mitigation measures. When concerts take place at Old Trafford you can hear the noise across most of Stretford and Chorlton. Funny how this isn’t one of the limited FAQ’s on the consultation website….

By Anonymous

Please tell me they won’t look like the CGI? That design last seen in Hulme circa 1972

By Brooklands resi

Anonymous. I am told Rihanna could be heard as far away as Bredbury when she played at LCC!

By Unaplanner

I was at Hulme Park when the Radiohead gig was on at LCC last summer and could clearly hear every word! (It was great!)

By Raj

The design has a disgusting circa 1970 concrete feel to it. You can do better than that

By Anonymous

As a long term Stretford resident I like the idea of it being a residential /retail and community sight especially as I’d heard a rumour it was going to be a car park !! How about being innnovative and creating some green walls and roofs

By Mags Branney

Dodie Place would be a great name after Dodie Smith who wrote 101Dalmations.She lived in Old Trafford.I agree with Phil that some of these names for places are boring.There was talk of renaming Piccadilly station Manchester Peterloo.Far more inspiring than after a third rate road junction somewhere down south.

By Elephant

Agree re: sound issues not being mentioned, bad enough for us residents as it is.

Will this be affordable housing too? Personally I always thought a small housing estate (actual houses) would be more suited on the land given the fact a 12 storey block would look a bit odd in my opinion.

A real shame the lack of imagination in the name and the building design itself. 430 ‘homes’ (apartments) is quite a lot to cram into that area, more isn’t always the answer…

By Firswood resident

‘Build to rent’ makes me shudder. New homes should be offered for sale to those who want to own their own home, not exclusively for companies and landlords to profit from. The so called ‘housing crisis’ is in part caused by too many homes being hoarded by landlords.

By Corrado