No1 Old Trafford
Around 80% of the flats have been sold so far

Completion for £72m No1 Old Trafford  

Dan Whelan

Construction of the 354-apartment scheme off Wharf End near Salford Quays has concluded two months ahead of schedule, according to developer Cole Waterhouse. 

Around 80% of the apartments at No1 Old Trafford have already been sold, the developer said. 

The 214,000 sq ft PRS development, located close to the Wharfside Metrolink stop, is split between two towers of 18 and 15 storeys and was designed by Jon Matthews Architects.  

The blocks are connected at ground level by a central reception area, which houses residential amenities including a cinema room, co-working business lounge, a private dining facility, and laundry rooms. 

A total of 139 apartments have one bedroom each while 211 of the flats provide two bedrooms. Four of the apartments have three bedrooms. 

No1 Old Trafford Podium

A podium with outdoor space connects the two towers

Domis Construction took over from collapsed contractor Forrest Construction in 2019 and the development topped out last summer. 

Loft Interiors is now undertaking the fit-out. 

“To complete a scheme of this scale and ambition two months ahead of programme and to budget, particularly with all of the restrictions the industry has faced this year, is an achievement of which we are very proud,” said Damian Flood, chief executive of Cole Waterhouse. 

Domis has done a superb job and the level of interest in the scheme has been extremely high, from both the local market and investors. We expect the remaining apartments to be rapidly taken up.”  

Nearby, Cole Waterhouse is developing the 290-apartment Anchorage Gateway, next to Anchorage tram stop in Salford Quays. 

No1 Old Trafford Apartment

Loft interiors is undertaking the fit-out

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Looks like a prison

By Reggie

72milion for 354 apartments, it comes to 20339 per apartment :O

By Aron

Another plain, run-of-the-mill development. Building two decidedly average blocks and sticking some amenities in between them does not make a quality development. I really do worry about the number of poor quality developments that are being built in Manchester. Looking at the photos, once again we have no balconies, by the look of things, these apartments don’t even have a hallway….straight from the living space and into the bedrooms.

Absolutely no imagination in these developments, lazy design. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some quality developments where the emphasis was put on building high quality livable spaces……I can only live in hope.

By Manc Man

Looks likely an Airbnb facility, with it being so close to OT?

By Just one night?

It’s a pity the budget didn’t extend to some decent podium landscaping.

By Justsayin

I am genuinely confused by the comments on this project. This development makes use of an underdeveloped site, provides amenity space for tenants, aesthetically the external leaf of each bock responds differently to the internal, with various brick textures and details to soften mass. No, there may not be balconies, but there are large, openable windows which allow light and air into each apartment. This is a thoroughly decent scheme!

By Bradford


By Anonymous

It looks awful.

I agree with the below comments; lazy design that has been cost engineered to the nth degree.

In 30/40 years we will regret all of these terrible schemes as we have come to do with Hulme Crescents/The Arndale etc.

By 1981