Cert Heatley Stretford Homes 2
A private piece of external landscaping features in the proposal

Cert and Heatley plot 129 flats in Stretford

Sarah Townsend

The developers have submitted plans for four blocks of apartments at the Royal Canal Works site near Stretford Mall, replacing a previous approval.

The application submitted to Trafford Council proposes a low-rise development of four residential blocks ranging in height from three to five storeys and containing a total of 129 flats.

Manchester developer Cert Property and Lymm-based Heatley Developments acquired the Royal Works site in a 50:50 joint venture known as RCW Stretford, and in 2017 secured consent from the council to build 47 homes there.

The site is located off Edge Lane, a narrow 1.7-acre strip of land between the Metrolink line and the Bridgewater Canal on the opposite bank to the Royal Mail sorting office.

The latest proposal, which replaces the previous 47-home scheme, has been designed by Elevate Architects and takes Art Deco influences from the nearby Essoldo cinema, as well as influences from the site’s industrial heritage, according to the developers.

The scheme comprises one- and two-bedroom apartments in the blocks, located adjacent to Stretford Metrolink station and a short walk from Stretford town centre and Stretford Mall, which itself is undergoing a rejuvenation.

The apartments offer views over the canal and private terraces, and the scheme also features a landscaped external space running along the canal, to be used by residents.

Howard Lord, managing director of Cert Property, said: “We are really excited by this project and the design, which delivers a really high-quality contemporary offer for the area.

“It’s a fantastic location for young professionals and families who want to live in a pleasant suburban environment with plenty of green space, facilities and amenities nearby, but still with an easy commute to the city centre and beyond.”

Cert Heatley Stretford Homes 1

The apartment blocks run alongside the Bridgewater Canal

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Looks good, but better if could provide pedestrian/cycle tunnel under Edge Lane to access tram stop.

By Bob

Looks alright this. Could do with a better idea of layout on the plot. I like those archways but I’d be amazed if they make it past value engineering.

By .

Arguably going to be tiniest living space,this side of the Himalayas..

By John Riley

Is Trafford planning for real the amount of further traffic it’s going to create further gridlock the roads/footpaths in the are are a dangerous mess plus the site is to small for the overspill of apartments 20 nice detached houses with nice gardens would nicely fit into the space available with off road parking profit is one thing safety is a must and must be taken to account in your planning department pw

By Peter Walsh

This is a great idea for the community but housing should be affordable to young people and families as first time homes

By Paven Nandhra

They look an eyesore, the exterior looks very similar to the lacy street estate talk about bring an area down

By Trevor

Yet more apartments going up..would much rather have affordable housing for families. Not very fitting with the local housing/ buildings. Traffic on Edge Lane will be a nightmare!

By Shelley

Looks okay but where is the parking, the amenities space and how are they going to resolve the traffic issue on edge lane?


Looks great, more apartments for londoners to move into


I agree with previous post. Provision for bike/e, ~bikes with a tunnel. Fantastic idea. The council should seize this forward looking idea. The apartments look really nice BTW. Bike tunnel makes it stand-out.

By Robert Fuller

No one with a regular income will be able to afford it

By Mark

Stretford deserves better. Here we go with the down trodden adage ‘any development is better than no development’. It isn’t.
They are ugly. 129 of them too! How many vehicles is that?Edge Lane is already, away from present day circumstances, way too over crowded with cars. This will be its tipping point.
Poorly thought through development.

By John Lilley

Good luck if they are using a car for transport, Edge Lane is gridlocked at rush hour time, I think houses would be better, that is far to many flats for the area.

By Lynn

These look really good and form a really attractive backdrop to the canal, much more appropriate than houses. There are already enough houses in Stretford so these flats will provide a bit of diversity and in the housing offer. Get them built.

By Danielle

I used to sleep in that container that was on that piece of land when I was in a bad place. Dya reckon I should have first dibs?

By Danny

Mmm more apartments I agree more affordable houses with young families in mind with gardens or is that a thing of the past also how about development of surrounding spaces good footpaths a really good shopping place mmm would be good then we would not have to drive everywhere

By Stephenson

Agree with Danielle! Loads of houses already in the area – there needs to be some smart modern flats available as an alternative

By Improve Stretford

If they used decent materials I think these would look quite nice

By Anonymous

Yet another over speculative scheme on a very small piece of land and will certainly add more traffic to the already congested Edge Lane .
I would be very surprised if it was to be granted permission and would the developer accept 40% affordable criteria or as per usual the developer will argue the scheme will not be economically viable and get away with paying a small contribution .

By Adam Butler

I also agree with Danielle. Good looking scheme making use of an underutilised site in a highly accessible location. Got my support.

By Stretford Resident

I understand there is a need for flats in the area, but the grey brick work on the end of this block looks really ugly and will spoil the view of the canal from the bridge. Something more attractive ? Some clever design feature on the side to blend in with the canal bank ?

By Anonymous

Money would perhaps be better spent on keeping the pavements free of dog faeces..I visit my son in Highfield Road and the pavements in the surrounding streets are disgusting

By Julia Crawford

Where will the car parking spaces be and how many. Not the best to look at, they look drab. Another concrete city. I would not like to live in one. They need cheap rent for people.

By J Jaston

Fantastic. I can’t wait to see them.

By Pat

Has no-one studied classical history? Has no-one been on holiday to locations with classical architecture? Is this the best Manchester can do. Seriously, what an undemanding species the planners are. Not content with destroying the Northern inheritance in the 1960’s and 70’s, they are trying again. Developers also need an education in beauty. People have to look at their ‘creations’.

By Richard

Ugly set of flats and a gross inflation of the number of properties previously agreed. How will traffic access Edge Lane? It is far too many properties for this limited area you are maximising profit rather than reasonable development.

By B D

Ugly. Would have been better to have something with character. Will add noise and pollution to peaceful canal. Would rather have affordable housing for local people than more flats no doubt for foreign investors.

By Stella Beirne

Looks like the concrete jungle that was Hulme. Horrible.

By Stella Beirne