Radcliffe SRF
The framework has been drawn up by Deloitte Real Estate and Planit IE

Bury moves to progress Radcliffe regeneration

Dan Whelan

The council’s cabinet has been asked to approve Deloitte Real Estate’s draft masterplan for the Greater Manchester town ahead of final sign-off in September. 

If the framework is approved later today, a six-week period of public consultation would follow. 

Under the framework, Deloitte as planning consultant proposes a civic hub, featuring offices, leisure and retail, as well as further improvements to the existing Radcliffe Piazza and the expansion of the Market Hall.  

Additionally, the Market Chambers building would be repurposed to provide flexible working space.  

An improved car park at the town’s Asda supermarket would aim to move traffic away from the town centre, freeing up sites for development, according to Deloitte. A secondary school is also mooted. 

Landscape architect Planit-IE has been appointed to consult on public realm improvements to the piazza, Blackburn Street and other key routes. 

Several sites have been earmarked for residential development within the Radcliffe area, including the East Lancashire Paper Mill site, which already has outline consent for 400 homes.

A site next to the Millwood Primary Special School has also been earmarked for new housing, with the potential for 90 new homes.

A full housing delivery plan is expected to be drawn up at a later date. 

This latest regeneration strategy follows previous town centre projects in Bury, including the arrival of a Lidl supermarket, the relocation of the bus station and the expansion of the Dunelm Call Centre. 

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Desperately needed. Rip down all the awful 60s precinct and refurbish the Victorian element of the town. It could actually be rather nice.

By Acelius

so when will you get Radcliffe high school!? Also will you build a new road as there’s so tiny road none where for new houses and build up of heavy traffic just because of tiny road. Also Asda entrance is just 1 way in and i out along with McDonalds. You need to see the negative impact on the road which is already heavy traffic and now you want more heavy traffic just to bring more people live in Radcliffe? That’s not need for new houses but need schools!

By Nee

Schools are the issue. Several sites for residential with a population of nearly 40,000 already and no high school to speak of. I believe this regeneration is a code word for building more houses and stealing green belt. No wonder Bury suffers from drug and alcohol problems when they want to turn it into a concrete ghetto

By Neil

A second entrance into the asda carpark would be beneficial, we need a high school back in Radcliffe and the old disused buildings pub needs to be knocked down and the Radcliffe library to be open more to the public and used as a civic centre so communities can come together more promotions for the market and the evening food markets which where becoming very popular and we need a proper swimming pool not the makeshift make do which we have had to use for the last few years Radcliffe people deserve better we also need public input into these plans ask people from radcliffe what they want.

By Anonymous

New Civic Centre and new High School that was promised years ago. The shops do need a face lift.

By Colin

One of the attractive reasons people visit Radcliffe town centre is for free parking. To move the parking out of the centre will serve to further ostracize the public from the local shops.

By Witheld

Desperate place. Anything would be an improvement.

By Elephant

A school was planned to be built on the East Lancs site. With the years of inertia, it is now a wildlife haven, along a corridor that takes in the Ee’s and Close Park. To build houses there would be disastrous to the deer et al. It is now a greenbelt, great for the wildlife & walking, i.e. leisure! The surrounding roads cannot accommodate the traffic now, where it can queue half-way up Cross Lane. With an additional tier on the metrolink car park, it will be even worse. The houses will be disastrous if they are built there. The old Civic Hall was the best in the whole of Bury, before Bury Council systematically destroyed Radcliffe. Before Deloit, they should have asked Radcliffe residents to submit ideas, for Deloit to build on (no pun intended). Radcliffe needs a High School. Proper leisure facilities (as promised). Build houses away from what has become countryside & protect the wildlife corridor, free up the traffic by not building another tier and not building on East Lancs – make that a parkland instead. The little res has been drained hmmm!

By Mary Walsh

No more housing is required, there is enough already. More housing generates more traffic and Radcliffe can’t cope with what it already has. Building homes at the paper mill site will just cause gridlock.
The Asda/McDonalds area can’t cope with the amount of traffic due to the way the car park was set out, one way in and the same way out.
An expansion to the market hall?? what business’ are you going to get to go in there?
The 3 stalls that are currently there working through this crisis deserve medals for what they are doing but how are you going to get other stalls when its been virtually empty for a number of years.
Radcliffe had plenty of top names in the centre when I first moved here years ago but Bury had to have everything and robbed us of our money to build their project. People need somewhere to go especially those that can’t travel far
Start building some common sense first and see where that takes you!!

By andy

I think you need more shops less houses we all have to travel to get items not fair when Radcliffe was / used to be better and didn’t have to go out of Radcliffe for anything? We need schools but we have to travel for them also , we have nothing apart from lots of traffic as they pass by us to get else where

By E may

It’s not more housing we need in Radcliffe, but schools for the children who already live here. The roads are jammed with the traffic now. We lost all our amenities (civic hall, leisure centre) we do not need more homes.

By Anonymous

Would a new high school in radcliffe have a similar reputation to riverside?

By High School

Any Metrolink future proofing included?

By Disgruntled Goat

Why are Bury paying Deloitte for planning ideas for Radcliffe, when they have a planning department, surely this money could be better spent, even if only to get the grounds people to look after the grassed areas properly, i.e trim the edges so that there is enough pavement area for people to walk on.

By L yates

Bury council has ruined radcliffe, took away the high school, swimming baths, civic centre, promising the build a new one when my children were at junior school, never done, put one parent families in old town hall building which is now half boarded up with shutters, expelled kids in only high school, local kids have to go out of radcliffe to school. Radcliffe was a thriving town centre years ago, built the by pass and killed the town centre. Roads terrible, no white lines on roads. New houses not needed, schools, community centre for the community to use, from young to elderly. Where can the elderly go? Bury council don’t listen, they spend all the money in prestwich. I’ve never seen a road sweeper for years!!!
Not a place I’m proud to say I live anymore…..
Radcliffe is grid locked with too much traffic, more housing will add to the problem.

By Kay

Lidl & Asda – the heart of any thriving town centre.

By Don't Bite

Radcliffe has just been left to rot as everything goes to Bury.
The Market sellers stopped coming to Radcliffe after it was closed for far too long while it was being refurbished. You can’t blame them, they found new places to go to earn a living. It used to be a thriving market where you could buy all your fresh produce. The only good thing to come from it, is the new cafe and evening entertainment, well done to the organisers.
The new Lidl is something Radcliffe has needed for a long time. The bus station looks nice.
The shops look dated and in great need of being refurbished without closing them.
Radcliffe needs and deserves it’s own High School, a Civic Hall and a Proper Swimming Baths with proper facilities NOT a make do one, were people manage! this will become a permanent feature if more people dont speak up.
In all my years living in Radcliffe I have never seen anything materialise as fast as the houses built on the ex Radcliffe Civic Hall Site. It was announced that the very busy thriving Civic Hall would be demolished, it was, the site was cleared, the beautiful trees were decimated, all done in record time and the building work started immediately.
The Library needs a facelift.
All the old rotting buildings need pulling down and that land can be re-used to build on. We dont need more houses, our roads are already full of traffic trying to get out. Along with cars parking on the free car parks and surrounding streets while they use the metrolink.
Asda/McDonalds – another entrance/exit is needed, the bottle neck is shocking sometimes. At Christmas, Asda have car parking staff directing you to the nearest space – surely that tells you it needs another entrance/exit. Could a slip road from the bypass be made near the traffic light controlled crossing and an exit installed there too.
Radcliffe people like Green Belt land too, there isn’t much, so leave it alone. Then perhaps people may start visiting Radcliffe again to shop.

By Yvonne

Why do the ruling labour party of BMBC think that Radcliffe should be turned into a massive housing estate with no high school, civic centre knocked down to build more houses, with the promise to build another then went back on that promise, no proper leisure centre.putting another level on our tram station car park allowing another few hundred cars a week to pollute the most polluted roads in the borough,next to a proposed high school is going to create lung problems in our children in years to come,build it in bury were most of the drivers are coming from.

By Eric Thompson

With regard to houses being built next to Millwood Primary school. I was under the impression that all of that land was bequeathed for Education purposes. This was brought to light in a council meeting I was attending when the council wanted to build on the land after proposing to demolish the Radcliffe High School building many years ago. This is the reason Millwood Prinary School was built there.

By Yvonne

Having a plan is the way forward especially where it brings real investment into Radcliffe. However, Bury Council and Labour want to turn Radcliffe into the residential extension of Bury (they are on record for saying this) by removing the Greenbelt around Elton and building 3500 plus houses. This will devastate Radcliffe in terms of Traffic, Pollution and Environment. The air will be cleaner in many 3rd world developing countries that it will be in Radcliffe.

By R Davies