Anderson: Smarter cities will attract jobs

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson wants the city to become the UK's first 'smart city', he told a gathering of business leaders at the Town Hall.

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress legacy event was organised by the GEC's principal sponsors, Scottish Power and Liverpool Vision, the city's economic development company.

Smart cities involve collaborative working to increase capacity and improve efficiency of infrastructure and vital services to prepare for growing urban populations.

Mayor Anderson said: "The concept of being a smart city is one that we must investigate and embrace, if we are to make the most of the giant steps we have taken in recent years.

"I want a smarter and fitter economy with first class transport and communications infrastructure in a smart environment with people enjoying the benefits of smart living – healthier, wealthier and happier.

"It holds the promise of being more competitive, investing in our human and social capital and in our education in which everyone holds an interest, because it is about their continuing well-being and future prosperity.

"Ultimately, smart city is about jobs and it is about economic growth and creating a better future and they are my main priorities as Mayor."

Anderson was joined by Mike Parker, chairman of Liverpool Vision and Liverpool's Smart City board; Luciana Berger, Labour MP for Wavertree and shadow minister for energy and climate change; Frank Mitchell, chief executive of Scottish Power Energy Networks; and Neil Clitheroe, chief executive of Scottish Power, retail and generation; and Volker Buscher, director of Arup's consulting practice.

Parker, told delegates: "Future investment will flow into those cities that can demonstrate they have an innovative, green, adaptive infrastructure and this is why we want to become, a smart city.

"Like our competitor cities Liverpool faces many economic, social and technological challenges but we are in a remarkably good position to meet them.

"Our ambition is matched by our determination and our enterprise is matched by our creativity.

"We have an elected Mayor on the Prime Minister's mayoral cabinet who works closely with Liverpool Vision, an organisation configured for partnership and it is the strength of our relationships with the private sector, the universities, Homes & Communities Agency and other agencies that has enabled us to transform the city and raise our ambition and will continue to do so in the future."

Frank Mitchell, chief executive of Scottish Power Energy Networks, said: "As an integral part of the local community, Scottish Power is committed to supporting Liverpool's smart city ambitions.

"We want to help make Liverpool a city of growth and we will continue to invest in its infrastructure and seek to create and support local employment."

Others who attended the event were Louise Ellman, MP for Liverpool Riverside; Steve Rotherham MP for Walton; Ged Fitzgerald, chief executive of Liverpool City Council; Ian Ayre, Managing Director of Liverpool FC; Cllr Malcolm Kennedy, cabinet member for regeneration and transport, Liverpool City Council; Elaine Bowker, principal of Liverpool Community College; Mike Taylor, executive director for business growth and marketing, Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership; and George Kirk, director of community strategy and market development at Scottish Power.

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So Liverpool is to be a smart city now? Its a case of another day, another soundbyte – Councillor, sorry Mayor Anderson seems determined to fill the void left by the reduction in public spending by meaningless hyperbole alone.

By Not smart

what does “smart” actually mean…anyone explain??

By djd

See here
here here and here

Joe can hardly be accused of sound-biting, as the meeting was directed as business leaders, not the wider public. smart cities is a good business initiative however!

By Andrew

Tjhere is a decent description here:

This is the direction of travel for all major cities around the world so a head start on how to deliver it could be a great selling point for Liverpool…

By Power Hungry

I thought Liverpool was a smart city until it put this out. Now I’m worried. Perhaps it should be a smart-er city. Isn’t there any better news to issue on some real progress?

By jane Harrad-Roberts

Liverpool won’t be smart at all if it’s still a second-class city…! – with no DIRECT MAINLINE connection with London…!! – when the digging starts on the HS2 High Speed Rail Network, in 2016….!!! So far, the only cities mentioned in Parliamentary debate have been Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow – and – OF COURSE…!! – Manchester…!!! It will be diabolical news for Merseyside if Lime Street is left out in the cold…!!! Is ANYONE doing anything about this? – or are Scousers heading for the capital destined to be left to rely on a "Thomas the Tank Engine’ branch-line via Manchester…???

By John Jay