W Hotel & Residences St Michaels, Relentless, p Truth PR

A three-bedroom apartment could cost as much as £6m. Credit: via Truth PR

Manchester’s most expensive apartment up for grabs – it costs £6m

Relentless Developments and Salboy are inviting offers for 217 W Residences within the £400m St Michael’s scheme, with prices starting at  £350,000.

At £6m, the most expensive apartment within the 41-storey Manchester development has been given a price tag that is more than double anything else currently on the market in Manchester city centre. 

According to Savills’s website, the next most expensive apartment on the market currently is £2.5m in Renaker’s Deansgate Square.  

The St Michael’s flats are being billed by the developers as “the highest-quality residential space available in Manchester, in the city’s most exclusive postcode”. 

The homes will provide residents with access to facilities within the five-star, 162-room W Hotel, located within the same building. 

St Michaels W Residences, Relentless Salboy, p Truth PR

How a three-bedroom apartment might look. Credit: via Truth PR

W Residences Manchester are the brand’s first in the UK outside London and one of only 20 sites worldwide. 

“W Residences Manchester will massively raise the bar for city-centre home ownership, setting a totally new standard in quality design and architecture,” said Gary Neville, director at Relentless Developments. 

“This is going to be Manchester’s most exclusive postcode and alongside No.1 St Michael’s, will offer a new world-class destination for work, rest, and play.” 

Relentless joined forces with Salboy last year to deliver the residential/hotel phase of the long-awaited Manchester project. 

Simon Ismail, co-founder and managing director at Salboy Group, added: “W Residences Manchester will offer a residential living experience and level of service unlike anything in the city – from a dedicated concierge handling anything you need at any time, to world-class interiors and top specification fixtures and fittings.  

“Not to mention all the benefits of the W Hotel including the restaurants, the gym, pool, spa and relaxing in your own residential lounge or W living room.” 

Savills is marketing the St Michael’s apartments.

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My Piggy bank is not quite that full, but if I start now in 30 yrs I’ll just have enough for a deposit…oh hang on ..inflation…make that 60 yrs. Curse you mortality.

By Lazarus

Nice to compare and contrast with other PNW headline – ‘Manchester gets £3m affordable homes support’.

The concept of mixed communities appears to have been well and truly resigned to the history books in Manchester.

By UnaPlanner

Why would you live in Manchester if you’ve got that kind of money.

By Anonymous

They need to clean up the streets around the area if they want people to start paying that kind of money 😂 The noise and mess that comes from Peter Street below the building would annoy most of the residents I’m guessing.

By Anonymous

For that price you rather buy in London, unless they are offering floor plans twice the space as a London apartment.

By Anonymous

They will have trouble shifting these.

By Anonymous

Perhaps a tax to benefit the local community would be useful for such luxurious apartments? The disparity between ultra wealth and poverty makes Manchester look like an uncaring city in desperate pursuit of investment at any cost. We seem to be losing our identity in an attempt to become a mini London.

By Decrease the disparity

Well Anonymous 2.07 many have and many do. Says rather more about Manchester these days than your comment eh?

By Anonymous

If I had £6m I wouldn’t be living in Manchester.

By Anonymous

tourists who still visit are given a small town vibe by Manchester. We need more instagrammable locations in Manchester that can help attract more people.

By Anonymous

Folk asking who would have 6 million to spend and want to live in Manchester. Well, you might not be aware, but there’s quite a number of successful football teams in the north west, and for many of the players, 6 million is a drop in the ocean.

By Red Rose

Manchester though?

By Anonymous

Considering most footballers based in the north west (outside of the merseyside clubs) are based in either the city centre and or the sticks of cheshire im sure it will sell. there are a few city/utd players on 250K + a week and im sure the wages wont go down any time soon.

By Alan

Typical Mancunian Chutzpah. I love it.

By Elephant

For all those who are saying ‘why Manchester if you have that kind of money’…or ‘if I had £x million I wouldn’t be living in Manchester’…where would you live?

By Mancdev

As has already been pointed out , a huge amount of money in and around Manchester these days, I guess that reflects the Market. It’s kind of sucking in smaller cities and towns as it expands. Don’t know if that was ever a plan but you can definitely see it happening especially with jobs.

By Al

Love the whole development though, it’s really going to add greatly to the civic quarter when the town hall and Albert square finally open again. Needed something of this quality there.

By James

I wish they’d also buy the old Theatre Royal nearby and refurb that but I understand that’s supposed to be owned now by the nearby hotel. This is Classy looking on the many CGI,s , if they deliver on the quality which given the money involved they should, it can only be a good thing.

By Anonymous

I second another comment already made, if I had that sort of money I certainly would not be living in a city.

By Anonymous

Laughable asking price really. I look forward to the price being half this once construction nears completion. As someone else has said if you can afford to spend £6 million on this why would you choose to live in Manchester when you can live in London?

By Wandering Manc

I’m glad we have local developers with ambition and vision. Its the belief there is a market at this level which keeps the spirit of progress going. If you don’t try you’ll never know. Perhaps Fred will give odds on getting it away.

By Alf Done

I think wandering manc (yeah right) if you had that kind of money you’d likely have several places to live. That’s how wealth works. Reiterating the same point over and over doesn’t change the fact that it will sell for whatever the local market sustains. Clearly they believe that the market will sustain that or they reduce it.


Oh boy you are are so excitable. Like anything else it’s worth what someone will pay for it if that’s 6 its 6 and if its 3 then its 3. But why not in Manchester? Surely we want to be a prosperous and wealthy place so let’s hope someone, Pep?, makes the leap!

By Andthere'smore

Looks great, but I’ll never know what it’s like to have that much money, just like everyone else in the comments…and that’s ok.

By Jelus mutch

£6m ??? For that sort of money i’d be buying a luxury mansion in Cheshire, multiple homes abroad in the sunshine with change to spare to maybe buy a rolls royce

By The realist

Anyone remember when the first £1m apartment went on the market in Parsonage Gardens?

By Anonymous

What this comments section demonstrates is that different people have different ambitions for places to live – what a shocker! Personally wouldn’t be seen dead living in the countryside! Why isolate yourself from the real world in such a way? Living in a city with everything within walking distance is the dream for me personally.

If everyone wanted the same thing the world would be boring!

By Anonymous

Now that hybrid and remote working is here permanantly they’ll have to build taller and many more of these to accomodate the millions of people that have already left and those that are still to leave London to come to places like Manchester.

By Dr B

@ anonymous 5:22 pm. For 6 mil of you wanted city life you could get a nice gaff in the West End of London.

By Anonymous

anonymous 10.07 – doubt I could ever afford 6 mill sadly! However I was mostly retorting some of the comments around ‘why would I live in a city if I had 6 mill’.

By Anonymous

Nice tall building 🙂 I imagine all the Accrington players will be looking for somewhere to live, this could be it!

By Giant Skyscraper Fan

Those who complain that you could spend this kind of money to live in London need to realise that Manchester is already a vibrant, ever growing city and investing in properties here seems like a smart choice. Yes it may not be as grand as the capital but it is moving really fast. London does not have a monopoly for attractive city living. Every year Manchester has more and more to offer whether you like it or not. Names like W Hotels showing interest just show you how far this city have come.

By Mike

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