Liverpool John Lennon reveals 2050 vision

The airport has set out its vision for growth through to 2050 in an updated masterplan as it seeks to grow passenger numbers to 11 million a year. The masterplan will be open for consultation for a four-week period from Monday 26 June to Monday 24 July.

LJLA has set 7.8m passengers a year by 2030 as an interim target – it currently records 4.8m passengers per year. The airport has outlined plans for a proposed expansion of the terminal building, car parking and passenger facilities including hotels, retail and food and drink. Although no details have been made available as to potential square footage, the draft document hints at a major increase in size.

The draft also includes a potential extension of the runway would enable Liverpool to accommodate long-haul aircraft. The airport will also look to increase apron space and bring more aircraft closer to the terminal with piers.

Cargo and logistics operations are also to be expanded, potentially using the area south of the runway.

Peel reassumed full control of the airport in 2014, buying up the 65% stake it had previously sold. A 20% stake has since been sold to Liverpool City Council.

Mark Povall, strategy director for Liverpool John Lennon Airport, said: “Our ambitious plans will help LJLA to maximise its contribution to the regeneration and renaissance of Liverpool as an international city and play a key role in the economic growth of the Liverpool city region.

“We aim to be the airport of choice for business and leisure travellers from across the North West and North Wales. Through our growth we also want to continue to be good neighbours.

“We are holding a series of consultation events to explain the physical changes proposed under the Master Plan to 2050, and to reassure communities that noise controls and improvements in airline technology, will ensure an overall reduction in the areas impacted by noise from airport operations.”

As part of this mitigation, the masterplan includes an extension to the existing Speke Garston Coastal Reserve along the Mersey shoreline.

LJLA, which on Monday announced the departure of chief executive Andrew Cornish, said that the investment programme has the potential to increase total annual GVA impact to £625m, and will enable it to support 12,280 jobs across the city region by 2030. The final masterplan will be published later this year.

As part of the consultation, two drop-in sessions will be held:

  • LJLA terminal building on Thursday 29 June 2017, 4pm – 7.30pm
  • Hale Youth Centre, Hale Village Hall on Saturday 8 July, 12.30pm – 4pm

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Great to see Liverpool John Lennon investing and keeping up with the Liverpool City Region .

By Ronnie

A direct train link would improve this airport tenfold. Without one it will end up being quicker to get the train from the city centre to Manchester Airport

By Stating the obvious

@Theobvious Not at all – I and people like myself would rather support our local airport rather than travel to Manchester as we all know recently in the world media and from experience it;s the worlds 5th worst airport

By ken

JLA is great for budget flights to places like Magaluff, You’ll need to go to MAN to fly anywhere good, and MAN is quite clearly a better airport.


All well said by Peel, ……and said before;…….. build it and they will come!
The priority for JLA is
1) Improved road links to M62/M57 just a few miles away;
2) DIRECT rail or tram link to connect City and beyond to JLA; South Parkway is a great facility, but its not at JLA. Liverpool has more public transport passengers (percentage) than any other UK airport outside London; it is a no brainer this link HAS to be improved.
3) Extend the runway (doesnt need that much) to take flights at least 8000km distance.
4) Remember; its NOT a competition with Manchester……….build it and they will come!

I WANT to travel from JLA much more, it is a great airport; but stop talking about it and get on with it.

By Billy

The worlds 5th worst airport from which you can fly to San Francisco and Dubai,as opposed to the Isle of Man.

By Elephant

Don’t shoot the messenger but it was in fact ranked as the 3rd worst. The main metrics used to rate the airports were their on-time performances, quality of services and claim processing records and not on the destinations they may fly to. –

By Flan

You can fly to the IOM from Manchester, wow whatever next?

By Seat by the Window

Liverpool is booming and changes every few months do not believe what they say in Manchester about Liverpool it’s all lies their reality is not ours
Liverpool Airport will expand regardless once we get the world class cruise terminal built next year will be a game changer – transatlantic crossings etc
Still does not change the fact that Man- Cheshire Airport is grim and the 5th worst in the world like the crime rate in Manchester and Salford.

By ken

Personally i believe Liverpool John Lennon is a much more pleasant experience, i understand Manchester Airport has more choice of flights “for now” but the reality is that Liverpool will eventually claw back on this due to demand with the forever growing population of the Liverpool City Region Liverpool is a tourist destination world renowned city Manchester is sadly not it’s on par with the likes of Sheffield , Leeds and Blackpool

By Cath

You wont see this on Granada reports lol

By Jon

What gets me is the snobbish approach from Ringway lovers, is that all of it’s passengers are business class and wear suits. Well it has more than it’s fair share of holiday/family visiting ratio than most, I would guess about 90% of passengers are in the above category and good luck to them, the fake news about it being this and that is seen through by most fair minded people,obviously a sign of anxiety on the”lovers” behalf. I use both airports regularly and wish them good speed for the future, but please lets rejoice we have two and a choice, otherwise who knows what prices would look like?

By Emperor of the North

Very well said elephant and it must be added that Manchester airport is the winner of many and various awards over the past 20 years.

Before Liverpudlians get to giddy , the plan has yet to be approved and if it does your looking at 2050 before completion. Meanwhile Manchester passengers numbers are around 25 million a year with forecasts from the aviation authority and MAG being 35 million by 2025 and hopefully building up to 50 million from 2030 onwards – this is mainly due to the £1 billion ten year expansion plan which started in 2015 but doesn’t include the £800,000 Airport city being presently built.
Pardon the pun , but I’m just bringing you down to earth a little bit.
I hope Liverpool Airport expands and the cruise terminal goes ahead as it gives more options for travel and holidaying, I’m very much looking forward to the latter in particular.
Just remember that from Manchester Airport you can travel to 199 destinations , there’s only 12 airports on the planet that can better that, so try and appreciate what we’ve got and be grateful for the travel options, money and jobs that Manchester Airport brings into the North.

By phildered

Liverpool gets a better airport, Manchester already has a great airport, what’s not to like! With it being next to the Mersey gateway bridge and development I can see a lot more people using Liverpool out of convenience in West Cheshire and North Wales, if they can keep the capacity ahead of demand curve. There’s a non-trivial business presence in that area too (Shop Direct, Jaguar Land Rover) that gets supported by a stronger airport offer.

By Rich

For people who say LJL will never compete with Manchester, no it won’t but you’re missing the point – if more options are available at LJL people will take them so you don’t need to “compete”, just offer alternatives. Also why is it every time Liverpool has a positive article why do people from other cities feel the need to comment so negatively, and always have to bring Manchester into it.

By Flan

@NY @Phildered
Manchester was not mention till someone from Manchester was negative – the post is regarding Liverpool again we repeat not Manchester THANK YOU AND BYE


Crime ridden Salford and Manchester! There is someone shot every day in Liverpool. Sometimes two or three over a weekend.

By Elephant

Think you have missed the point, phildered; this news isnt about Manchester airport, or most certainly any challenge to them.
Moreover I am sure you know about,….. damned lies and statistics when using figures. According to official CAA passenger stats more visitors who land at JLA do so to visit Liverpool than people who land at Ringway go to see Manchester. And before you say, yes, but there are more landing at Manchester than Liverpool, how many land at Manchester to go to Liverpool?
THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION!! between JLA and Manchester.
In my view, very little of this work will get done. Strategic links to the City, rail and road network will not get done and so JLA will always have great potential that will not used.

By Billy

This post is now closed to more comments.

By Paul Unger

Are they going to bolt on another couple of portacabins?

They need to consider cleaning the carpet at the ‘departure gates’ before anything else.

By Tony

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