Lancaster student flats set for approval

A cinema is to be demolished and turned into a four-storey building with 28 apartments for students, under plans recommended for approval next week.

The proposed scheme at 13 Dalton Square in Lancaster will include 24 one-bedroom studios, three two-bedroom apartments and one three-bedroom apartment.

The developer and applicant, a private individual named as Inayat Munshi based in Lancaster, according to Companies House, is understood to have other student housing interests in the city. He has previously advertised student accommodation at 6 Villas Court.

The proposed Dalton Square scheme was subject to two visits last year due to issues raised over noise concerns, which have since been appeased.

A planning application was previously submitted for the site in 2018 and subsequently withdrawn following conversations with planning officers in which the scheme was deemed too tall for the area.

Harrison Pitt Architects designed the project.

The scheme is recommended for approval at Lancaster’s planning committee next week.

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A disgrace. This square is beautiful and modern development would be a blight.

By Acelius

More student flats,just what we need

By Anonymous

For crying out loud how much more student housing does lancaster need ? What about the local people not everyone is a bloody student and lancaster is being transformed to accommodate and provide for students while the locals get pushed out. Enough is enough .

By Kat Sullivan

We have enough student flats 0

By Geoff

It’s an absolute disgrace as if we need anymore students accommodation

By Anonymous

There is a cinema in Dalton Square?

By Old Lancastrian

Why do people want to ruin a lovely city?

By Anthony Pickering

We do not need any more student accommodations in Lancaster as they made a mess of a friend’s dad’s fountain in a families memory and they ended up doing away with it because of badly behaved students in Lancaster and I don’t want the council putting this planning through please think again Lancaster city council

By Nadine hardman

Lancaster already has to many student accommodation buildings blighting the city and surrounding areas why are the elderly citizens who have mobility issues and would benift greatly for being so close to their town centre for doctors, hospital, shops ect not considered? Students are young healthy adults and able to travel to easily to study. This town is losing its identity as it turning into Student City that’s seems to be all this city planning department are concerned about.

By Barbara

Just how many student houses do we need,

By rom

More student accommodation just what we need in Lancaster

By Craig Graham

Student accommodation. more if the same ruining the city of Lancaster

By Anonymous

A disgrace. This square is beautiful and modern development would be a blight.

By John Warner

The last thing Lancaster needs is more God forsaken student accommodation. The city is at saturation point now.

By Carl

Isn’t there enough already of student accommodation?

By Roger Sharples

Sacrilege Totally out of character to historic area.

By Brian

The council need to be ashamed of themselves. What are the trying to turn our historical landscape of a city into. We have the potential to be a mini York. But instead we are becoming a city of high rise student accommodation. It amazes me how they are so narrowed minded. Enough of the student accommodation, what will happen when they are all left empty? We need to protect our city from losing its identity.

By S J Harlow

We have already renamed our railway station to include home of lancaster university. There are 1640 properties not paying council tax already. The council disagreed with me that we have reached saturation point on such accommodation. Death of a historic city.

By Tony l

Generations of town planners have continued to destroy this historic city. Will this ever change?

By Susan l

Why ? Is there a overload of student accommodation in Lancaster all ready .

By Simon rose

The site being developed will not be a blight on Dalton Square. There are no changes to the frontage of the building. The site being developed is actually on Mary Street. These new developments are actually helping the housing stock.

The positives of these developments are previously used housing used for Students frees up homes for local families. Just need to take a drive around Lancaster to realise the houses previously used for Students on the market.

I do, however, think any development should be in keeping with Lancaster’s great heritage. Some of the buildings are just too high and do seem to have changed the landscape.

By Citizen of Lancaster

We should also need to be thankful we have a great University in our City. Employs thousands and creates a massive boom for our local economy.

The City was built for a purpose at the time with some amazing buildings and character. We now need to move on with the needs of the present. We do have laws in place to preserve our listed buildings and conservation areas.

By Citizen of Lancaster

Try building some homeless flats,
Lancaster is over run with students.
There is more land near the uni..leave Lancaster’s history alone.☹️

By Anonymous

Absolutely agree with Kat Sullivan how many more student flats do we need?? What about us locals who have lived here all our lives?? Think we deserve more than this it’s a disgrace!!!

By Anonymous

We do not need any more student accommodation. Especially not a 4 story monstrosity in the centre of town.

By Rosie

They might as well kick all local residents out and let the students take over lancaster

By Trish

So … build modern new properties for students which will release other properties presently occupied by students. These will then become available for local people to occupy. Bloody marvellous, leave all the old, run down ex-student accommodations for the indigenous to live in. It seems that all local people have now become second class citizens.
An absolute scandal which will continue as long as brown envelopes and deep pockets exist.

By Adopted Lancastrian


I’m so sick of our economy being funded by students, leave us to rot in peace!


By Filthy Llama

I thought it was official that there would not be any more student accommodation in Lancaster as we have more than enough already. Give the locals a look in!!!!!

By Denise

What a Joke….
Not a thought for Local People..
Same as building on Green Land. That’s no longer Abided By… Greed the end

By V Baker

Enough ! the city is LANCASTER NOT Lancaster university . Lancaster should be preserved as a city not a campus.

By K Whalley

It’s an open and free market. Stop being negative and let those developers create jobs and be happy for the economy to thrive. Easy to sit behind the screen and just moan. The City planners are learned, and hard-working people of integrity. Stop insulting their intelligence and accuse them of being on the take.

They are working within the framework of national building rules.

By Anonymous

This must be a bad joke..

By Anonymous

When will enough be enough.? This is no longer about providing accommodation for students, it’s about rich people cashing in on student debt whilst at the same time robbing the community of potential housing stock that our young upcoming generation in Lancaster badly need. Why don’t these investors invest in these young people. Oh, that’s right There’s not enough profit is there?

By M W Hamer

What about young people born and bred in Lancaster who can’t get on the housing ladder because they are paying extortionate rents in the private sector

By Rita


By Brian Jefferson

Why does have to be student accommodation have we not got enough what about the people of lancaster

By H wilkinson

Absolutely ridiculous, students have taken over in Lancaster, We don’t need anymore.

By Mr David Helme.

More student flats? Seriously!? What about dwellings for local people? Lancaster city centre is nothing more than a huge university campus already

By Juli Scanla

The city is now filled with student flats that are not even occupied! There is no need to build more!!!!! The ones being built on the Quay haven’t even been finished yet! WHY DO WE NEED MORE??!!??

By Anonymous

I was under the impression that the university had acknowledged that student accommodation had reached saturation point. How come this development is going through? Has the planning department lost the plot?

By Christine Bissell

It’s about time the council thought about the local community for a change. This is our City not a campus. We pay council tax and the council should consider the local community or we need a new council. They are systematically destroying our City.

By D. Whalley

No more student place you are runing are city history are greenery there s gonna be nothing left if this carrys on. how about about people living on streets or young single perants that need affordable housing. We have enough housing for the students.

By Becky Till

The council, the architects and the developer should be ashamed. This 4 storey development is totally out of character for the lovely Dalton Square area of Lancaster. In fact it’s just not needed for students anyway. If the university is expanding so much then the original plans should have taken student accommodation into account and incorporated it into the original plans. The city centre should not be modelled around students. What about ordinary residents and people who need to work in the city . They are gradually getting pushed out. If that happens Lancaster will become a city of cheap tacky bars and fast food joints. Lancaster will lose its economy and it’s character if we over pander to student needs. Please reconsider this monstrous development!

By Karen

I very strongly object to any devopment around Dalton Square, the town will loose its historic identity, money money money is all the developers think about. Absolutely disgraceful.

By Stephen humphreys

We do not need more students flats, we need the people of Lancaster and the city looked after. Streets in the city cleaner and maintenance especially in the inner city.


Just plain stupid!!! Local people are crying out for affordable council accommodation to get them out of these mouldy over priced accommodations they are in but all you can think about is student’s, which over 1/2 leave our beautiful town anyway. Isn’t it time you got off your behind and looked after your own.

By Mrsmops

It just seems that over the last 20 yrs lancaster getting turned into a student town there knocking them up everywhere around here…whens enough enough!!

By Anonymous

There are too many modern high rise blocks and too much student accomodation in the city ready. It’s a blight on the historic centre of the town.

By Anon LA1

Please No! Not a high rise in Dalton Sq. Our crappy city planners are already ruining this town with high rise student accommodation. I’m not saying we don’t need to build something, or that it can’t be modern, but stop letting them dominate our historic skyline. Others towns and cities can manage it without buggering up the landscape.

By Born & bred Lancastrian

It’s no higher than present build its replacing. It will not be visible from Dalton Square. It would help if people looked at plans in clise detail.

By Anonymous

Ridiculous the amount of problems it causes shut bottom of bulk road for a month due to student housing fed up of queuing every morning and night up at university tempory traffic lights all because of new road layout going to be another set of traffic lights up there sod the locals who have lived in Lancaster for years all for students not on young family’s need homes

By Smith

I totally agree that Lancaster doesn’t need further student development. The new flats on Bulk road are far too high for the setting, this project is yet another over development of existing premises in the historic centre of the city. But its fairly pointless everyone commenting on this forum when there are no listed objections at all on the actual planning application. If residents of Lancaster want to make a difference they need to start objecting to these sort of applications.

By Citizen of Lancaster

My suggestion would be to put an objection in to the plans available at

By ClaireP

i dont know what the problem is??Derelict buildings that are an eyesore are being made into nice residences.

By joan

How many more building are to be consigned to student flats. It’s an absolute disgrace that Lancaster town centre has basically been turned into a university campus!!!
What about all the local young people who would like to rent a luxury apartment?

By Gill Hill

Funny they can find money for students which most come from abroad then disappear and never pay nothing back what a waste of money showley there are more urgent things to do with the money as Lancaster City Council gone mad

By Anonymous

We definitely don’t need any more student accommodation!!

By Anonymous

It’s disgusting we don’t need more student accommodation. All the character and history in Lancaster is being ruined and demolished for no reason. The proprietor of these make so much money. The students use all the facilities that the council tax payers of the city use but do not pay a bean the only people to profit is the owners of the property it’s disgusting and something needs to been done to put a stop to this. The people of the town have had enough.

By Kim

1. Leave Dalton Sq alone; it’s got enough of a mix of old and modern as it is.
2. Why doesn’t the developer create affordable housing for all, instead of just one sector, in our town?. Because we all know what it’s about, profit, certainly not to enhance Lancaster’s aesthetics !

By Wendy van Frank

This town is a dormitory village for the university. Flats built all in the town centre adding to the congestion. All that green belt built on for the bypass to cut the congestion in the town centre was environmental vandalism because it has made no difference whatsoever. Let’s face it it’s just more money for the council coffers

By Anon

How much did the councillors that passed this mess, get as a backhander? It looks bloody awful, just like The brown block on Bulk Rd. LCC is turning our city centre into an architectural oasis!

By Alan Graham

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