The quiet times

The news feeds this week have been full of announcements and commentary on people working from home.

We wrote something earlier in the week about how to do this well, whether you’re running a business, delivering great service or simply trying to stay sane.

Something else is happening as a result of this adjustment to working life.  People are finding themselves with time on their hands, peace and quiet*, room to think.

How can we make use of the quiet times to build stronger businesses, ready to spring back into life when circumstances improve?

Stay alive!

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Technology is your friend here.

As a business, you should be increasing your use of social media, email marketing, video. If you can’t connect with your market in person you can do so digitally.

Check yourself

Now is the time to get on top of all those things that have been on the back burner for so long. Clean up your data, update your CRM, do your filing, read that book, sharpen up your business infrastructure, refresh your website, seek client feedback…

And take a look the core elements of your brand.  How are your values and core messages serving you under pressure?  Has your business evolved since you last thought about them?  Your business is certainly going to evolve over the next few months.  What kind of business do you want to be when you step back into public life?

Nurture your relationships

Stay in touch with people. Your pipeline might have slowed down but the need is still there. Communities – whether work, interest or neighbourhood – will grow, albeit differently and in a different place. Network dynamics will shift. Trust and reliability will become ever more important: those who stick together in the tough times will win together in the good times.

Seek out new opportunities

Things are certainly different at the moment. Empty offices, streets, schools.  Have those spaces been waiting for refurbishment or condition surveys? Restaurants and bars are pivoting and delivering to homes instead. Fitness and school classes are being delivered online. Planning inquiries are happening through video conferencing. Those traditionally resistant to flexible or home working are learning fast how powerful it can be. Technology is being used in new ways.

What could you do differently?

Count your blessings

Philosophical moment. Many of us in property and professional services are very fortunate. We are able to work from home and continue to earn, in a decent home with space for a desk. Many of us have a garden for our children to play in and a tablet or laptop through which they can access learning while they’re not in school. There are others nearby who care for our physical and mental wellbeing. Our homes are safe, warm, dry and connected to the internet. Many others in the UK are not so fortunate.

Take a look at COVID Mutual Aid to see what’s happening in your area and how you can help those near you to weather the next few months.

And a plea. Some of the events we have had to cancel this year would have raised thousands of pounds for Shelter. That money you’re not spending on coffee and commuting could be put to use.

What are you doing to make the most of the quiet time?


*unless trying to work and home school their children from the kitchen table at the same time.

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