Does your business have kerb appeal?

Though we’d all probably like to pretend otherwise, humans are shallow creatures. We get caught up in appearances, looking to impress those around us. No matter how much we were taught the opposite growing up, we love to judge a book by its cover.

And this isn’t always a bad thing.

Taking pride in ourselves and our businesses is important. In fact, it can be an essential ingredient of success. After all, people don’t want to work with a business that’s started letting themselves go and no longer cares about letting all their bad habits show. Like when you get comfortable in a relationship and realise your partner doesn’t actually like doing the washing up and laundry, well, ever. You know what they say: first impressions count.

Making it count

Across all areas of life, we want to leave good first impressions. It’s why we spend so many hours of our lives contemplating our appearances. Or spend our Saturday afternoons on topiary in our front gardens that never look quite as good as the reference pictures. It’s why show homes are painstakingly decorated. Have you ever seen a half-done show home? We rest our case.

Kerb appeal is a massive factor in property and beyond. We want our houses and offices to look nice. To entice people in with an impressive exterior. We want to look nice ourselves. To give off the right vibe and attract the right crowd. We take pride in maintaining quality appearances and environments.

Even during this extended period of mass working from home, kerb appeal is what led us to reorganise the bookshelves behind our desks for the benefit of our coworkers on the other side of the screen. The cunning dressed-from-the-top-half-up is a part of kerb appeal, too. In short, we like to come across well and give a memorable, positive first impression.

How does this translate to business?

This determined desire to leave a good first impression carries over into our businesses, too. Kerb appeal in business is about taking pride in how you’re presenting yourself. What do your marketing materials say about you? Do they say you’re bold and innovative? Or do they say you’re a little bit lazy and haven’t updated anything since B.C. (Before Covid)?

Kerb appeal in marketing is being eye-catching and standing out from others in the industry. It’s prioritising the quality of your marketing materials over quantity. Caring about the print of your business card and the value of your articles in the same way you would the quality of your suit or the interiors of your offices.

Quality matters. First impressions matter. And the Kerb appeal of your business – from its emails and newsletter, to websites and social channels – will have a direct impact on your profitability and conversions.

If you want to leave a first impression that counts, why not give Luma a call? We’d love to arrange a consultation.

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