Another year without MIPIM…


How we’ve been filling the MIPIM shaped hole in our diaries  

It’s Friday in the middle of March. In a normal year, I’d be putting another MIPIM to bed, taking some time to walk around Cannes, thanking the venues who have supported us and our clients, and making bookings for next year. I might have even found some time to put my feet up for some quiet time in the Riviera sun before heading home.  

As with many things over the last year, the pandemic put paid to those plans. The disruption and carnage caused during the pandemic has affected every aspect of our society, assaulting our healthcare system, killing thousands and ravaging business. In the face of these things, the cancellation of MIPIM is small fish. Disappointing? Yes. But let’s be honest, our priorities have changed since Coronavirus descended on us.  

In light of all this, we’re feeling reflective on how we’ve made use of the time that would’ve otherwise been spent in Cannes . 

The boons of MIPIM  

Historically, MIPIM has been the land of opportunity for many of us in the property sector. That injection of new ideas, new connections and (yes) new business that keeps us fuelled for the rest of the year has been missed. But MIPIM doesn’t come without its stresses: let’s be honest, doing it well is hard work.  

Overall, MIPIM has been a great opportunity for growth and development over the years, both for our business and others. And while its absence has been felt, we’ve made good use of the time we’d usually spend schmoozing on the French Riviera.   

Making the best of it  

In the MIPIM vacuum, other good things have crept in.    

  • Luma has made three new hires this year. We’ve brought two new copywriters and an operations executive into the team and I’ve been able to give those new team members my full attention. A welcome change from the mad dash that usually occurs every March.   
  • We’ve been nurturing relationships with potential clients and have accepted several new ones on to our books. While MIPIM is great format for starting new relationships, it’s good to know that we’re capable of going back to basics and getting new clients through other means.   
  • From a personal perspective, I’ve enjoyed watching spring burst into life and made the most of the great outdoors I’ve got here on my doorstep. Like many of us during the pandemic, I’ve adapted and found new ways to thrive.  

Life without MIPIM  

Despite MIPIM’s absence on the yearly calendar, Luma has grown in every direction this year. New team members, new clients, and new markets. Would we have achieved this if we’d been distracted by restaurant bookings, guest lists, BD campaigns and event programmes? Good question. The gap in the diary usually taken up by MIPIM has certainly enabled us to reprioritise and to give attention to other areas that are just as important.   

While MIPIM has been sorely missed this year, its absence has given us a good opportunity to turn our attention to other aspects of the business, to consolidate the work we already have, and to go back to the basics of relationship building and client acquisition.   

We look forward to the next MIPIM in September. But it’s good to know we’re not dependent on it.

Some of our memories of MIPIM over the years


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