The scheme is aimed at making Stockport the best connected town in GM. Credit: via Stockport Council

£140m Stockport Interchange opens 

The completion of the project, which includes a two-acre public park, has been hailed by the council’s leader as “a landmark day” in the town’s history.

Delivered by Willmott Dixon on behalf of Stockport Council, the GMCA, and TfGM, the £140m interchange project features 18 bus stands that will allow for 164 departures an hour.

The scheme also features Viaduct Park, which sits above the bus interchange, as well as a walking/cycling link connecting the site to the train station.

Stockport Interchange was constructed on the site of the town’s former bus station and is aimed at making Stockport one of the best-connected places in Greater Manchester.

The Bee Network is due to arrive in Stockport early next year and talks to bring the Metrolink to the town are thought to be well-advanced. The interchange has been designed to accommodate the Metrolink in the future.

While the transport hub is now open, a 14-storey residential development with 196 one- and two-bedroom apartments is due to complete this summer. Combined, the regeneration of the former bus station forms the “heartbeat” of Stockport’s £1bn Town Centre West masterplan, according to council Leader Cllr Mark Hunter.

“[The opening of the interchange] is a landmark day in the history of our town,” he said.

“Stockport has always been pioneering and ambitious…and our £1bn town centre regeneration programme – one of the largest nationally – is reinventing and spectacularly transforming the heart of our borough now and for the future.”

Cllr Mark Hunter, Stockport, c Stockport Council

Cllr Mark Hunter said the opening of the interchange was a historic moment. Credit: via Stockport Council

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham described the interchange as “world-class” and said it would improve the lives and prospects of residents.

“Safe, reliable, and affordable public transport and active travel facilities are central to improving life for people and businesses in Greater Manchester. I have no doubt this impressive new interchange will do just that,” he said.

“These new connections will open up more opportunities for people to access jobs, skills and education while supporting the regeneration of the area by attracting increased footfall and investment.”

Burnham added that the regeneration of the former bus station was made possible by the Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation, set up five years ago.

Eamonn Boylan, interim chair of the MDC, said projects like the interchange showcase the success of the MDC.

“It is testament to the expertise and collaboration of our board and partners that we have been able to open a landmark scheme for the region…despite the substantial socio-economic challenges.

“Delivering improved connectivity to employment and leisure experiences in the town and wider region, the interchange is a key milestone in our mission to transform Stockport into the most liveable town in the UK.”

The scheme was designed by BDP and The Harris Partnership was the delivery architect.

Carl Braim, director at The Harris Partnership, said: “Stockport Interchange is a landmark project, marking a once-in-a-generation investment

“We’re pleased to have played a key part in the delivery of one of the biggest single projects outside of London and create an accessible multi-modal transport hub and new town centre park. We hope that this new space will provide an attractive welcome to residents and visitors alike wherever their onwards travels may take them.”

To view the original plans for the interchange project, search for application reference number DC/071417 on Stockport Council’s planning portal.

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It’s hardly a park. I love that cycle ramp though, even if it does take up a huge amount of space.

By Anonymous

Yeah I agree, not big, but looks great. Hopefully the wider extensions and connections will turn this into a regeneration gem

By Anonymous

What about the lack of shops and the POTHOLES in every road. Who would want to live in Stockport?

By Resident of 61 years

Good to see that much of the original BDP design has been delivered.

By Anonymous

@March 19, 2024 at 12:38 pm
By Resident of 61 years

Stockport has lots of shops, it’s just that the shopping scene there is evolving. Old Town for example showing other places how it could be done.

By Anonymous

Why’s the earth to wasted their money for upgrading the bus stations?! Aren’t they lost the minds? Stopped wasting the money right now!

By Asif Ahmad

What a transformation! Brilliant! Now we just need to get rid of the old Debenhams precinct!

By Sue

Glad that it’s open, but it looks nowhere near as good as the CGIs. I can see this ageing really badly.

By Heritage Action

Viaduct Park by name, but no one will be able to remember why its called that once the view is obscured by development of apartment towers on the remaining plots.

By Ram Tailor

Of all the things Stockport needs this isn’t one of them. That money could’ve gone on helping the homeless and dealing with the extreme mental health cases. I won’t ever use it as I’ve got a car.

By Clare

Pity about the derelict buildings surrounding it

By Anonymous

This was budget at £120 m not £140 so way did it go up by £20m

By Dale hart

    Hi Dale. Thanks for commenting. We understand the increase is due to inflation and inclusion of the spiral ramp, which was added in after the original budget had been worked out. Cheers, Dan.

    By Dan Whelan

Total waste of money!! Soon be vandalised with graffiti etc. Stockport is a dump..not like it was in the 70s when it was alive!

By Anonymous

Don’t forget the outlying areas such as Reddish, a little more investment wouldn’t go amiss! Graffiti, scruffy shops with the odd exception, how about a little regeneration here ?

By Anonymous

@ March 19, 2024 at 12:38 pm, By Resident of 61 years
The thing that shops need is customers. You get more customers by having more people living in and visiting the area. You get that by having more homes for people to live in and providing facilities, services and an environment that people want to be in or visit.
You can’t spend money borrowed or granted to spend on specific developments to fix potholes. You could borrow different money to fix potholes but it’d probably be hard to justify on the basis that it would be hard to realise a reasonable financial return on investment.

By Thom Forsyth

When is the metro link going to be up and running from the néw Stockport interchange

By Anonymous

What about all the parking spaces that have been sacrificed? All on Daw Bank have gone and just two disabled parking spots are left on Exchange Street . Where, ironically 4 parking spaces have been replaced with a bus stop!!!?

By Wellington Mill resident

Shame you can’t build another A&E department we needed that more than a new bus station

By James grundy

Personally I don’t use buses, but if the tram arrives I’ll use that.

By Unimpressed

This bus station and park is a complete waste of money. It’s a shame they couldn’t spend the money on a new rocket launcher or chocolate factory, or in fact, anything that will allow me to moan about new investment and positive change in Stockport.

By Miserable Old codger

Why on earth didn’t they get rid of the bus depot altogether and use the space for housing. The overall development is pretty ugly.

By John

As always, the comments are hilarious! Let the moan flow through you.

By Rob

What is there now to attract people to Stockport. Where are all the big name stores. Where is the market that drew people from miles around. Stockport is a dump

By Anonymous

The new bus station is already being trashed by Stockport’s finest
Bike wheel marks along the floors and discarded take away litter already evident as well as the vaping and no enforcement from those in grey uniforms if you can find them or from those hiding away behind the glass screens dressed in yellow bibs
Nothings changed
And a message to Andy
“world class”
You’re having a laugh

By Anonymous

Stockport would be great if Merseyway was levelled and the river brought back into view – lots of potential for a whole new town centre look

By Pete

Money needs to bee considering for more help with mental health not bloody bus station

By Anonymous

Can’t wait to see it.

By Stephen Brierley

The interchange is great but the grade 2 listed Hat Works building behind it is disgraceful the windows are are filthy and in disrepair. Why can’t we look after our heritage

By Anonymous

It’s ok having a new bus station with a roof top garden, now we need a bus service that is reliable and works, the bus I always used doesn’t run on Saturdays anymore and when it does run rarely turns up.

By Groovy

Excellent overall and a great way to encourage people to use public transport. However, with the incredible amount of investment it is such a shame that you have to pay to use the public toilets. That will discourage some people !

By Bob

Embarrassing amount of “I won’t personally use it, so it’s a waste of money” vibes in the comments it. The facility looks great and hopefully the metrolink and get there soon. Look forward to cycling on the mario kart spiral ramp!

By Levelling Up Manager

I used to go to Stockport a lot , but most of the best shops have gone. I liked the old heritage patrs of the town too. Hope I can still see the Mersey when I come to look at the new bus station.

By C.shore Cindere77a.

The mention by Andy B,of creating a Circle line between Bolton and Oldham via Bury and Rochdale,is a smokescreen to keep people quiet about this unnecessary Metrolink extension to Stockport. Why does there need to be a line to East Didsbury when it takes 10 minutes to get to Piccadilly on a fast train. The irony of Burnham going on about the North/South divide in Britain, when a mini version is being created in GM on his watch.

By Elephant

Wow! What’s with all of the negativity? Something positive is happening! This is clearly the first in a string of projects. It will take time, but good things are coming (as long as you open your eyes!)

By Anon

Great to have money thrown at Stockport. The new Interchange looks great.Its such a pity that the listed 2 building ,Wellington Mill,is in dreadful need of new windows and the historic Wellington Inn right opposite needs knocking down. Both are not great views for people moving into the new flats.


It looks amazing, but I believe the walkway to the railway station has no safety rail ? People could easily jump or fall over?

By Anonymous

Why didn’t the council spend the money where it’s needed most? The NHS, mental health, homeless people. Will the homeless get the flats or will they go to illegal immigrants? The state of the roads is chronic get a grip Stockport council.

By Anonymous

If you’d have asked people in Stockport their opinion before the bus station was built, they’d have said there’s more important things we need. Like housing for the homeless. More shops in the town, no descent ones left. The town centre is grubby and filled with coffee and charity shops.

By Anonymous

Elephant – not everyone using the Metrolink from Stockport will be going into town. Eccles, Rochdale, Ashton, Altrincham all have rail and Metrolink stations. Metrolink is more about the places in between. It will be a vital connection for those living in south Manchester to connect to the WCML at Stockport, for instance.

By Anonymous

Why is the ramp not open yet and whot date is it going to open

By Sarah

I agree with Pete. The River would be a great asset to utilise and open back up by to the heart of the town while removing the un-needed and outdated brutalist 60s retail space.

instead, develop new town houses and apartments on either side of the river with coffee shops and restaurants, using red brick to blend into the existing town centre.

Stockport is definitely up and coming, with a lot of potential to attract people looking to move out of Manchester City Centre while still having good transport links. This rooftop garden adds to the town to provide much needed greenspace, and is definite improvement from what was previously there.

By Anonymous

It’s the Tory government not Andy Burnham who is responsible for their being no new tram lines since the one to the Trafford Center and it’s the Tory government who lied about levelling up in North to get votes non of which has happened

By Anonymous

On the third day the new bus station in Stockport was open there was pickpockets about, children and adults riding their push bikes inside the station. Hopefully this will be stopped very soon. Tyre marks on the floor to where children had left there mark on purpose. Is this how things mean to go on at Stockport bus station ?

By Anonymous

A world class bus station says Andy Burnham, the best one can say is ….. it’s a bus station. And how many of the 196 new apartments are affordable, not many.

By Ajw

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