Top tips for creating a professional Twitter profile

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Whether you’re trying to join the corporate world or you’re already a fully-fledged member, it’s important for your professional presence to be known – after all, social media dominates.

Become your own brand

Never underestimate the power of YOU. You now have the ability to turn yourself into exactly the type of presence you want to be in your industry, so why wait?

If you’re setting up a professional twitter profile, take this opportunity to highlight your own knowledge and insights on your industry. If you have opinions that are worthy of sharing, then get tweeting. Share blogs you find useful, fun infographics and hopefully some of your own content if you have any. Give yourself a name within the industry you love.

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Oh, and don’t be afraid of bringing your personality to the table. No one wants to go on to a Twitter account that just churns out facts without any thought about what their audience would enjoy. It’s okay to make the odd joke or want to make people laugh – as long as you’re not being offensive and you’re still being credible and relevant, you have nothing to worry about!

Time to connect

There’s little point in sharing all of this valuable knowledge and personality if no one is seeing it. Time to get following people! Using the search bar, find accounts that you want to work with, want to work for, or would just like to connect with and gain some professional friends with similar interests.

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If you’re tweeting helpful content and #hashtagging key words that your audience would be searching for, don’t be surprised when you start getting random followers – consider it a compliment, people are actively signing up to hear your thoughts!

What not to do

People won’t want to work for you, or do business with you, if your social media presence is offensive, disengaged or dated.

Try to send out engaging content that isn’t old or irrelevant – your followers will be connected to you for a reason, so if you change the type of content you’re sending out, you can’t expect to keep your audience.

If you’re not tweeting regularly, people will decide you don’t have any more valuable information to share and unfollow you. Remember to tweet regularly to keep your audience engaged, without going overboard and driving them away – 2 to 3 times a day would be best!

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Need a hand?

Do you need help with your social presence or have any tips for those who are trying to create their own personal online brand? Leave us a comment below or get in contact with Roland Dransfield to see how we can be of service to you or your company.

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